Sunday, October 13, 2019

NZCPR Weekly: Fake History

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

This week we examine concerns that the Government’s proposed compulsory New Zealand history curriculum could be used to indoctrinate children, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Chris Trotter outlines the sinister agenda of Maori nationalists seeking control of New Zealand, and our poll asks whether you share concerns that the new curriculum will be used to teach fake history.

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1 comment:

Ray S said...

A perfect opportunity to indocrinate children, not just with fake history but with whatever is considered to be needed by those have a particular agenda. The rewriting of our history has been happening here for quite some time, it is appalling to see many academics on the side of fake history, universities seem to be a breeding ground for these people. Those of us who might want challenge information presented as "true" history will be in the minority and will be labelled racist. An example of what to expect is what is happens when climate change fanatics are challenged.