Saturday, January 11, 2020

Breaking Views update: Week of 5.01.20

Saturday January 11, 2020

Decade-long beach access dispute at pā site in Oakura continues with complaint to Heritage NZ
A campaigner who has tried for more than 10 years to stop people accessing a Taranaki beach over a former pā site is hoping a complaint to Heritage NZ will help resolve the issue.

The land is owned by the Department of Conservation and administered by the New Plymouth District Council (NPDC), which is unable to stop people from walking over the site.

"From our perspective, the cultural view is that it's inappropriate," Ure, who is tangata whenua of the site, said.
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Queenstown landowners concerned over proposed cultural consultation rules
A group of Queenstown landowners say they are concerned proposed cultural consultation rules will devalue their properties and create a racial divide.

As part of Queenstown Lakes District Council's proposed district plan process, local iwi identified wāhi tūpuna sites, areas within the district that held specific cultural values, which included 3226 properties.

These landowners received a letter, stating if the rules came into effect they would have to consult iwi if they undertook any development, including almost all earthworks......
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Māori language likely doomed, despite recent uptick in speakers - study
Unless drastic measures are taken the Māori language is doomed to die off with thousands of other languages with few speakers, new research suggests.

"Even if learning rates can be improved to the Welsh values, the language is still on a downward trajectory; learning rates would need to be significantly higher than in Wales to enable long-term revitalization of the language in the New Zealand population as a whole."......
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Person dies on Tongariro Alpine Crossing, rāhui being put in place
A person has died on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing this afternoon, police have confirmed.

Local iwi Ngāti Hikairo ki Tongariro was in the process of placing a rāhui on the crossing with iwi leaders on their way to the mountain now......
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Papakāinga development to help Māori into home ownership
Houses rising out of freshly-graded earth at a Lower Hutt development are destined to help Māori into home ownership.

With Māori home ownership rates below that of the national average, Taranaki Whānui are constructing the first of 89 new dwellings at the Te Puna Wai papakāinga housing project in Wainuiomata.

The homes will be for sale to members of Taranaki Whānui, a group of iwi that settled in the Wellington region in the 1830s.....
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'Not intention to offend': Wattie's pulls Māori place name campaign following complaints
Wattie's has cancelled a major campaign after complaints it was making fun of Māori place names and setting back efforts to promote te reo.
It comes after research this week argued te reo Māori was on a pathway to extinction unless drastic efforts are taken to save it.

The "It's A Kiwi Thing" campaign featured billboards and online ads showing New Zealand towns with Māori names changed to names like Piehia, Frittianga and Wanakebab.

It also featured takes on English-derived names including Blenham and Snaglan.

The campaign has drawn a backlash however, with proponents of te reo Māori saying it is setting back their efforts to promote correct spelling and pronunciation......
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How Māori and English languages mix in the modern world

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Friday January 10, 2020

Taupō District Council strengthens iwi ties with Ngāti TūwharetoaTaupō District Council is strengthening its relationship with local iwi partners by including Māori representatives on five of its council committees.

The decision follows discussions with the district's iwi partners on how to co-design an appropriate and genuine approach to involving Māori in local decision making, after council opted not to include Māori wards.

While that dialogue is continuing, the decision to include Māori representation on council committees was an important step, said Taupō district mayor David Trewavas.......
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Waka stories to be projected over the Waitematā Harbour
An artistic and innovative twist to digital storytelling – in the form of a water screen – will take place on the Waitemata Harbour at the Tāmaki Herenga Waka Festival later this month.

In an exciting new feature for the festival, stories honouring the Māori heritage of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland will be projected onto millions of water droplets propelled into the air, creating an illusion of images floating on water.....
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Giant Ngāwhā swamp kauri log dated to 40,500 years old
A massive swamp kauri log unearthed near Kaikohe is around 40,500 years old and could shed new light on a mysterious global event which may have dramatically influenced the Earth's climate.

The log, which is 16m long and weighs 60 tonnes, was found during excavation for a new geothermal power station near Ngāwhā Springs.

It was delivered to Ngāwhā Marae on Wednesday by power company Top Energy in a major logistical operation.

During the formal welcome and blessing, Top Energy chief executive Russell Shaw told the hapū, Ngati Rangi, it didn't feel like a gift.

''It feels like it's being returned to its rightful owners,'' he said.....
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Ngati Awa steps in to Owairaka row
Bay of Plenty iwi Ngāti Awa has stepped in to the row over the removal of trees from Ōwairaka Mount Albert, aligning itself with the Honour the Maunga protest group and asserting its historic connections to the maunga....
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Restaurant owner boycotting Watties over campaign poking fun at Māori place names
The billboards feature New Zealand towns changed to names like Piehia, Frittianga and Wanakebab.

Watties spokesman Paul Hemsley, a crisis communications expert, said the company did not intent to offend and was pulling Māori place names from its campaign – apart from Piehia, which had attracted hundreds of other plays on te reo names on its Facebook post.

Matthews said it was a "half apology" and Fush would continue to boycott Watties products.

The joke names were ignorant and "certainly not helpful".

He was aware the campaign also featured non-Māori names, such Authurs Pasta, Blenham and Snaglan, but "English can probably take that hit".....
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The largely forgotten history of how early Pākehā mixed with Māori

Thursday January 9, 2020

New iwi representative has eye for futureYesterday Dr Carter and Edward Ellison were confirmed as iwi appointees on the council’s policy committee for this council term.

The representatives sit with regional councillors on the committee and have voting rights to ensure iwi input on its policy decisions.

When the iwi representative roles where created in May last year they were met by controversy among some councillors who rejected the equal footing given to the unelected members.

Dr Carter said there was always controversy with increased iwi consultation.

‘‘We’re the Treaty partners with the ORC and we have a role to play within Otago.....
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Rāhui after death at Whakatāne River
A rāhui has been placed over the Whakatane River after a swimmer died in the water.

Ngāti Awa kaumātua and tōhunga (spiritual leaders) have placed a rāhui over the river, prohibiting fishing, water activities, or the gathering of kaimoana from Turuturu Roimata to Taneatua......
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Whakatāne Rahui ignored after tragic drowning
Fishing boats continue to go out on the water despite the rāhui that Ngāti Awa have placed on the Whakatāne River. The rāhui was imposed after the tragic death of a person in a drowning accident yesterday.

Local iwi urge the public to respect the rāhui that was conducted by kaumātua who attended the scene with the deceased and the whānau pani (bereaved family). Whānau around the district and travellers are advised not to gather kaimoana, fish or swim in the river.

Whakatāne District Council are working with iwi to ensure the rāhui is acknowledged....
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Maori call for Iran war boycott
Teanau Tuiono from Manawatu Peace Action says the US has wanted war with Iran for decades, the erratic actions of President Trump have brought it closer.

Mr Tuiono says New Zealand troops, which include a high percentage of Māori, are better deployed in their own region working on issues such as climate change.

He says it’s time for this country to break with the so-called Anglo alliance with the US, UK and Australia and align itself with countries like Iceland and Finland which share similar values....
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The 5 big political issues for Maori in 2020 election – Martin Bradbury
As we enter the 2020 election, these are the 5 issues I think that might shape the Maori political agenda.

1: Water & Climate Crisis
David Parker will be gently trying to inch his water reforms under the political radar to enact in a second term because he will know how easily National and NZ First can manipulate any suggestion of Māori water rights into a political dog whistle.

The growing environmental degradation caused by the climate crisis will generate a resurgent environmental guardianship amongst Māoridom as western capitalism utterly fails the biosphere.

2: Honour the Treaty don't settle the Treaty movement
The lasting legacy of the Ihumātao protest will be a new generation of activists who will demand the Treaty be honoured not settled. Their desire to unpick the past agreements because the pittance paid for land theft actually compounds the injustice rather than alleviates it will become the new starting point for their decolonisation activism.....
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Te reo Māori on a 'pathway towards extinction'
Te reo Māori is on a "pathway towards extinction" unless resources are put into teaching young Māori, researchers have found.

But while te reo was on a downward trajectory based on 2013 Census data, there were strategies - hopefully some under way already - which could help restore its future.

Making te reo compulsory in schools would help, he said......
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Māori 'deserve more praise' and 2020 is the perfect year for it

Cultural adviser helping locals understand the importance of healthy land and water

Why we need to abandon cultural competency

Tuesday January 7, 2020

Ōhau Playcentre on provisional licence as it works to meet ministry requirementsBenchmarks it still has to reach include providing a consistent early childhood curriculum, an evaluation process; teaching children about the Treaty of Waitangi; and providing an annual budget.

The centre would continue as normal, and Playcentre Aotearoa regional staff were supporting the centre......See full article HERE

Ngati Paoa faction seeks new mandate
Ngāti Paoa Iwi Trust is asking tribe members to give it the mandate to negotiate settlement of all the iwi’s historical claims in Auckland and Hauraki.

It’s seeking to replace the mandate conferred on the Ngāti Paoa Trust Board in 2011......
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Mt Albert: Protest group and iwi set to stage three-day hui over tree felling plan
The hui, which will start on Friday and end on Sunday, will be held in partnership with Bay of Plenty iwi Ngati Awa.

The iwi has ties to the Auckland mountain through ancient ancestor Wairaka, whose name forms the basis of the maunga's Māori name, Ōwairaka.....
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Open your eyes to the future of Māori architecture

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