Sunday, December 6, 2020

Clive Bibby: Pushing Shit Uphill!

I turned 76 last week.

I brought my young family to live here in Uawa / Tolaga Bay 40 years ago last June.

At the time, l had this unquenchable thirst to have a go farming on my own account before the opportunity would pass me by.  Although, on balance, it was a decision l don’t regret, in retrospect the hardship encountered during those years is something we could have done without.

But that is farming and like most things - there have also been many experiences that have enriched our lives along the way. I don’t know of a better environment to raise kids where they learn to contribute to the family fortunes simply by being important parts of a team that relies on each other for the successes when they come.

As parents, Diana and l regard our greatest achievements in life as being the difficult task of successfully nurturing three children to adulthood - for them to join society as decent human beings with an instinctive attitude of respect for their fellow citizens, especially those less fortunate, irrespective of race, religion or political allegiance.

When we look back on a career battling the odds (adverse climatic events, economic downturns etc) we are greatful that we have been able to achieve most of the things that should be important to all people living on this planet and to have been able to do so without experiencing ill health or family tragedy that is unfortunately commonplace in the lives of others.

The rest pales into insignificance.  

Yet to some extent, my life is somewhat unfulfilled.

Apart from my successes as a farmer, l have been able to contribute to society using my own limited talents as part of a team completing a number of community multi million dollar projects. Although the rewards for that association are not financial, the satisfaction in being part of a job well done is beyond compare to anything that l have ever achieved in the commercial world.

However, l am still left with a feeling that it could have been so much better.

I suspect that many of our readers will have experienced something similar gnawing away in their gut having to accept that we have done all we can and that we must live in hope that others are capable of carrying on where we left off.

That is called progress.

Unfortunately, modern society seems to have adopted value systems that are more about rewriting history and forcing the new debauched version down the throats of our younger, naive generations.

It is no longer enough to acknowledge the sins of our fathers and make restitution for the past misdeeds of our forebears. A whole majority section of society is now being held to ransom by those minority groups who have seized the opportunity to express their “woke” views in a form that is unchallenged by an intimidated Government at all levels.

As we speak, a majority of citizens are seeing our basic human rights that have been enshrined in law extinguished in favour of a new system that is apartheid in reverse.

How could this be happening?

Put simply, it is the result of our own apathy.

We seem to be paying lip service to the value systems established at huge cost on battlefields throughout mankind’s recent history that emphasise equality of opportunity and representation as cornerstones of our heritage.

The radicals who want to introduce a new world order are having a field day in a vacuum that is not conducive to those traditional societal standards we should be defending at every turn.

There is only one way to push back and it will need to involve every free thinking person on the planet. We need to say “Enough” before it is too late.

We must individually and collectively respond to this challenge (our own World War experience) by adding our voices and votes to the opportunities that are available to us before they are taken away.

We need to vote as if our lives depended on it in these referendums aimed at rejecting the separatist polices being introduced in local communities around the country and throughout the world.

Your future is in your hands.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


DeeM said...

Clive has hit the nail on the head when he says that "There is only one way to push back and it will need to involve every free thinking person on the planet." Well Ok, maybe not every person, but certainly a damn sight more than are currently speaking out.
As far as voting in referendums goes, our current government will almost certainly pass a bill to deny people their democratic right to petition their councils and force referendums on the issue of Maori wards.
We've already started down the slippery slope of diminishing democracy in the name of promoting ethnic minorities. Just wait, there will be more of the same! Of course, the mainstream media are useless and complicit in the whole left-wing agenda but I can't believe that our opposition parties haven't been all over this. What's that I hear? Ah, yes, the silence from the other side of the house which has been deafening.
And therein lies the problem - in these woke times pretty much ALL political parties either embrace or tolerate this kind of brazen abuse of power and affront to fairness and democracy. Unless the silent majority start making themselves heard it's going to get worse!!

Anonymous said...

Totally correct Clive. But what is the means to shift this discussion into the mainstream of an apathetic and passive majority. The media are no help as they are fully captured by the woke. The parliamentary opposition are either too scared or semi woke themselves. The judiciary seem to be captured by these ideas too. Is this the sort of country that would take to the streets to protest? It would take some significant triggering event to spark action. Can't think what that might be.

Mary-Ann said...

As a registered nurse I am bound to adhere to the principles of the treaty of waitangi. While I was doing my degree it was rammed down my throat needles to say it was one sided. I failed one assignment as I expressed my believes. I got a resit and I just wrote what they wanted to hear and surprise surprise I passed.
I as a European descendant was subject to discrimination as I was not part Maori. This goes already back 23 years
Now I work to my own standards I treat everyone and I mean everyone with dignity and respect no matter what race sexual orientation or religious believes as long as I get the same respect.
It disgusts me what is going on with the government and Maori pressuring for apartheid as that is how I see it. My emails to the government, Maori party and even the Rotorua boys high school probably never get acknowledged, but I keep firing emails if I read something and or have researched the total opposite of what is stated. Unfortunately I never saw any letters I emailed to the papers but that is to no surprise.

KP said...

You need to admit democracy is a failure. The people who WANT to get into power are exactly those you don't want there! Parliament should be filled with people picked by lottery, you get one chance in your life to do what you can for the country.
No parties, no professional parasites, the laws can be written by bureaucrats like they are now and voted on by a few hundred random Kiwis.
These arrogant parasites with no morals or ethics have been seen to fail for all of my lifetime, & I'm sure it won't change as long as they can bribe us with our own money. They are too easily captured by minorities and are too focused on getting into power again next time.

Wayne Greer said...

Unfortunately, Clive, the Marxist left have been working on these far left narratives for many many years. Their work is only now coming to fruition. They are so confident they are openly dismissive of any dissenting views. Indeed, outright attack of the right by the left is now an every day event.
All MSM are on board with this powerful, if evil, agenda. Almost all 5 eyes Governments are now Socialist in nature, assuming Trump loses. Scomo in Australia is the only possible centre right leader. He is under constant attack by the left. This is not an accident. This is a plan, encapsulated by the "LONG MARCH THROUGH THE INSTITUTIONS". We on the right are too slow, too trusting, to naieve. We are also too late. This battle is lost.
Civil War may ensue in some countries, although I doubt we have the stomach for it. Our own Governments, whether they be right, left or centre, are against us. If its not the covid scam its the climate scam, the racism scam is now also alive and unwell, BLM, ANTIFA. Our cricketers taking a knee! I can see no way out of this morass of evil. Particulalrly as the vast majority consider these evils to be for the good by the good. WE live in a reverse reality.
As Laurens van der Post wrote, The Gods Must Be Crazy.

pdm said...

Excellent Clive.
As always you write a hell of a lot of good sense - it must be that Central Hawkes Bay upringing.

Donald MacDonald