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Andrew Bolt: Woke Culture Becomes a Security Threat


Andrew Bolt Transcript: Woke Culture Becomes a Security Threat 

There's a mind rot – this woke culture. In fact, being woke is now a national security threat. And to prove it let me introduce New Zealand’s foreign affairs minister Nania Mahuta – as woke as they come.

And undermining our security.

Now as I’ve said before, New Zealand is selling out Australia and the West to keep sweet with a genocidal Chinese dictatorship, which is their big trade partner.

Its trade minister last year even had the hide to tell Australia to show China more respect. Although its actually China punishing Australia for defending human rights.

But its foreign minister - even worse.

She is now even weakening the Five Eyes partnership, that’s the intelligence sharing relationship between great democracies - the US, Britain, Australia, Canada, as well as New Zealand.     

The other countries in this arrangement know that our greatest threat is China, and they know that if we are divided, we will fall.

China is a very big threat. You can't leave it to one country to resist it, you have to be united.

Yet, when these other countries - the four Australia, the US, Canada, Britain - when we released a statement criticizing China for arresting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, Mahuta refused to sign that, on New Zealand's behalf.

And when the other Five Eyes countries criticised the World Health Organisation’s report that simply whitewashed China's role in spreading the virus – maybe even creating it - Mahuta refused to join that too .

And yesterday she said essentially that the Five Eyes arrangement was now just Four Eyes. She said New Zealand is ‘uncomfortable’ with expanding the remit of the Five Eyes in this way of criticizing China - we would much rather prefer to look for multilateral opportunities to express our interests. She wants a bigger crowd around her before New Zealand puts its hand up. But that is essentially New Zealand leaving it to other democracies to fight for freedom, while it, meanwhile, sucks up rewards from China for being a good boy or girl.

But I think woke culture is also to blame here because let me now play to you some of the speech this foreign minister gave yesterday.

Now first know this Mahuta is actually from a privileged family. She went to an Anglican girls boarding school she studied social anthropology at university. She got her facial tattoos, her moko, only five years ago to show she is a Maori leader. The whole policy of racial identity just oozes from her.

Now, if you ask me, her speech yesterday hinted, at least to me, that New Zealand's foreign minister actually feels that confronting China is a white person's obsession.

For her there are wonderful similarities between the Chinese dragon and the taniwha of Maori mythology, which she cited as an inspiration:

“When I think about this relationship, as referred to earlier, I liken it to the respect a Taniwha would have for a Dragon and vice versa… Taniwha are protectors or guardians, often of water, and hold dominion over rivers, seas, lands and territories. Deeply steeped in culture, they are spiritual and one with nature… I see the Taniwha and the Dragon as symbols of the strength of our particular customs, traditions and values, that aren’t always the same, but need to be maintained and respected.”

What woke Mystic babble.

Respect the Chinese dragon. Except of course we are not really talking about Chinese dragons or Maori taniwha – we are talking about a brutal dictatorship, that has locked up a million Muslims, that has threatened to invade Taiwan, that has got two Australians hostage in its jails.

But New Zealand's foreign minister is so dizzy with her new age earth worship and her old nature gods, that for her China is actually an ally in the fight against global warming, which seems to her far more important than the danger of war.  

The Taniwha and the Dragon know, for example, that their ecosystem is rapidly experiencing change because of climate change. These are areas for further cooperation.”

I mean spare us. New Zealand actually has a foreign minister who is inspired by some mythical monster and citing it as a reason to show respect for a dictatorship.

It shows that woke politics is making the West desperately weak and China would be laughing.

Australia's foreign minister is visiting New Zealand tomorrow - I don't think she'll be laughing as well.

Andrew Bolt is a leading Australian journalist, commentator, and Sky News host.

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DeeM said...

Poor woke Nanaia. If she honestly believes that China is worth praising and cooperating with when it comes to global warming she really has no idea of it's plans to build many more coal-fired power stations as well as really getting their shale gas sector booming, which has been a slow starter up to now. China, and most of the developing world, have no intention of phasing out fossil fuels in the foreseeable future. Something that another woke politician, Joe Biden, is going to learn to the great cost of the US economy.
Personally, I don't care how China generates its power but as someone who swallows whole, exactly what the UN tells her on climate change, Nanaia really shows her ignorance. Oh wait, maybe she's just being a smart politician and keeping China sweet...yeah nah!!!! Taniwhas and Dragons - maybe Nanaia should go and live in Narnia. You can fly there twice a week from Auckland, by dragon.