Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Darkening Clouds of Totalitarianism

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In this week’s NZCPR newsletter, we examine the Government’s radical plan to criminalise free speech and regulate political opinion, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Chris Trotter questions the Government’s implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Christchurch shooting, and our poll asks whether you support Jacinda Ardern’s plan to criminalise free speech.

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Doug Longmire said...

Just on the climate crisis/change the Ardern response to which will impoverish our country, which is becoming clear, is her transformation agenda:-

We are being told repeatedly by many politicians, the P.M., and the media that there is a “climate crisis/emergency” and that New Zealand must reduce it’s “carbon emissions” (C02 emissions) to zero by 2050.

So – what are the facts to support this?
Will NZ really have an impact on Global emissions?

Using published data from authoritive official sites - IPCC and NASA, and NOAA, here are the facts:-

• Globally, current CO2 levels are 400 ppm (= parts per million = 1 ppm = 1 in 1,000,000) (IPCC)

• Globally, the current annual increase of CO2 levels is 2.03 ppm each year. (NOAA)

• New Zealand produces 0.11% of global CO2 levels each year. (IPCC)

• so New Zealand’s contribution to CO2 levels each year is :-

2.03 ppm x 0.11% = 0.002233 ppm,

or approx. one FIVE HUNDREDTH ( 1/500th ) of a ppm, each year.

1/500 ppm each year is a scientifically minute amount and is below any possible scientific detection. This amount cannot have any effect whatsoever on climate. Compared this to what the rest of the globe emits each year, which is a thousand times higher than new Zealand.

so if NZ stopped emitting CO2 completely, it would take FIVE HUNDRED YEARS to reduce New Zealand’s contribution to global CO2 levels by ONE ppm (1/1,000,000).

Over this same time (500 years) the rest of the world, emitting 99.89% of global CO2, would be producing 500 x 2.03ppm = MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND (1,000) ppm while NZ has emitted ONE ppm !

What a great target; New Zealand’s total zero carbon today will achieve ONE Part per Million reduction by 2521 !!! WELL DONE NZ !!!

NZ reducing CO2 emissions so drastically will have a devastating effect on our society, pushing living costs up drastically, making the low income, elderly and poor suffer most.