Friday, April 30, 2021

Clive Bibby: Judged by Deeds Not Words

Quoting scripture isn’t something l dabble in mainly because l lay myself open to criticism as a religious bigot although l do acknowledge a personal faith that is part of who l am. I try not to impose my beliefs on others but am happy to share them.

Having said that, this article is based on one quote that l believe is appropriate in the circumstances. I must admit that l needed to research the line and just as well because it isn’t the one l thought l knew.

Anyway, it is from Mathew chapter 7, verse 20: “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

Hopefully, at the end of reading the following you will be able to judge the appropriateness of my selection.

I recently watched one of the Australian Sky Network political programmes.

The Aussies do a lot of things better than us and generally speaking, their privately owned media outlets (as apposed to the State run broadcasting channels) produce the best current affairs commentaries on offer both here and across the ditch.

The “Australian” Newspaper is also light years ahead of its rivals (Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian) with its coverage of world events.

The subject under discussion in the programme l am referring to was the Prime Minister (Scott Morrison’s) Pentecostal Christian faith when considered in context of his actions as the county’s leader of a increasingly secular nation.

One (“rationalist”) guest wondered aloud how the PM was able to carry out his duties as the country’s leader while holding such (some would say “extreme”) views privately.

Thankfully, the host of the programme (Andrew Bolt - a self confessed agnostic) reassured this lady and the viewers that, in his opinion, it was perfectly reasonable to expect politicians to operate effectively while keeping personal beliefs separate from the business of State. And it would appear that Morrison is making a pretty job at doing just that.

However, l can’t say the same for a good many of our own politicians, particularly those who appear driven by their personal ideological, if not religious persuasion. And it shows!

Almost on a daily basis, we awake to a new policy announcement that will be given virtually no time in the consultation process.

In fact it could be said that we are being governed by “decree!”

Which is hard to fathom given the government enjoys a unique majority in Parliament that allows it to spend as much time as the Opposition wants in discussion before passing the original draft legislation (literally unaltered) into law.

Is this democracy in action? Not on your Nellie! It is a flagrant abuse of power and is based on the Prime Minister’s broken promise to govern in the interest of all.

Yet we are stuck with this disastrous legacy as a result of believing the words and promises from those who occupy the treasury benches when they touted for our votes last election.

So, what are the common punter’s options leading up to the next time we will have a chance to replace the current mob with those who have a history of “doing what they say”. Fortunately there are politicians from both sides of the political isle with those characteristics and the only way to stop the “Rot” is to make sure they are the ones who get your vote.

To do so only needs an examination of the individual track record of service in order to identify those who can make it happen. Judge them on their deeds - not words and vote accordingly.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.

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