Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Clive Bibby: The casualties of freedom

Apart from the thrilling last session of the Third Ashes Test (and that only because of my son’s ability to connect his iPad reception to our holiday batch TV screen), l watched no television of any kind during the Christmas break.

I must say it was as enjoyable and therapeutic as the few days away from the pressures of normal life under Covid, enabling a brief respite from the worry watching our beloved homeland descend into an unrecognisable autocracy that is not of our choosing.

I guess we have only ourselves to blame.

There is no question that it could have and should been avoided but the truth is that too few of us have been prepared to challenge this developing monster that is in fact (like the Frankenstein version), a product of our own making.

We should have seen it coming.

Unfortunately, we have ignored the emerging signs that characterise minority groups seeking a greater say in the way their particular fields of influence are accommodated.

While that in itself is of little concern and is in fact a sign of maturing nationhood, it can become problematic if handled by those with ulterior motives to the mainstream. For them it becomes a once in a lifetime chance to push their own political agenda.

History shows that, at least in this country, those who have valid claims to compensation for either past injustices or under-resourcing can expect to be rewarded for their persistence. There are constitutional pathways that make it possible for these claims of discrimination to be dealt with in a manner that finally ensures justice is served. But to be effective, they must operate within the law at all stages until the courts decide the totality of the outcome from the, at times, lengthy but necessary process.

The most famous and perhaps the busiest of the procedures available to all is the Waitangi Tribunal but, even it can only recommend changes in favour of those who are deemed to have been oppressed.

The final authority rests with the representatives of the people who are themselves called upon to act with the wisdom of Solomon in order that justice is seen to be done.

It should be of little surprise that no other country on the planet has come close to replicating this successful system for settling disputes between our racially diverse groups of citizens. Most are immersed in racial disputes that are destroying their democracies faster than any invasion by a foreign power with no allegiance to civil or human rights. It is an incurable cancer destroying the nation from within.

Until now we have been like a beacon of hope in a world aflame.

And yet we are in danger of allowing this hard gained utopian vision to slip from our grasp just when we are on the verge of establishing ourselves as arguably the most egalitarian society on earth.

How has it happened?

Complacency! Yes, but there is a much more sinister reason.

We have dropped the ball at a time when we needed to execute the final moves that would have ensured the final victory.

In our case, our mistake has been to trust those who would abuse that trust and use the associated opportunities to establish an elite form of governance that benefits only a select few. If not stopped, it will have dramatic consequences for the democratic structures that determine the daily lives of all citizens - irrespective of race, religious or sexual preference or position on the social ladder.

We must act in unison before it is too late. Time is of the essence.

Just how serious is our current situation - can it be overstated?

I think not!


There is legislation being planned that is only the tip of the iceberg representing a society that has little resemblance to the one our forebears have fought and died to protect. We insult their memory and their sacrifices if we fail to respond to the modern challenge in a similar manner to the one that they so heroically presented in their respective hour of need.

One of the most subtle methods used by these usurpers of legitimate authority is the systematic dismantling of free speech.

This government recognises that it will not be able to proceed in the manner it chooses unless it controls the media in all its forms.

You would have to be lacking in basic observation skills if you do not see that this first objective has actually already been achieved.

Almost the entire MSM are merely pawns in the hands of the Government propaganda machine. The majority have sold their soul for less than 30 pieces of silver.

But the real irony is that we will need the media to return to their normal operating capacity as an independent group in a democratic society in order for this monstrous betrayal to be defeated at the ballot box.

It would be hard to change things without resort to violence if that were not to happen.

Sadly, these are the choices that confront us all.

The society we bequeath to future generations will depend on the manner in which we respond to this ultimate of challenges.

Our time has come.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


DeeM said...

It would be nice to think that Labour's current agenda can be reversed in the near future but I fear that is a forlorn hope.

As Clive says, the media are key in this. Most of the public receive virtually all their information and opinion through our TV news and newspapers.
I don't believe that the media have just sold out for money. I think it goes much deeper than that. Just like academia, the media is now filled with willing social justice crusaders who are in it because they truly believe. They're not going away any time soon.
In fact their job is to ensure that when National et al finally get in they are not much different to Labour and the signs are that they're doing a pretty good job.

Ultimately, the only way things can change peacefully is if the public has a clear political alternative. ACT tick many of the boxes but it would appear they will be a minority party for the foreseeable future, at least.
Which means all our hopes rest on National. Hard to know what they think about the separatist agenda. I suspect Mr Luxon and many of their MPs agree with significant chunks of it.

And therein lies the problem. What happens if ALL your main political parties are woke and follow the same identity and race-based political agenda, with a bit of tweaking here and there.
I suspect that's where we've got to in NZ.
So even if we get a National/ACT government in 2023, the best we can expect is some token policy reversals and steady as she goes.

That's the way of the developed world at present and NZ always follows the rest.
The only other option is widespread public protest and I don't see any signs of that. Kiwis are famous for being stoic and that can be good when you have no choice but to tough it out. In this case, stoicism combined with public apathy, may well be our undoing. Time will tell.

Janine said...

A couple of points:
1. It needs to be clarified that there are no laws in New Zealand that discriminate on the basis of skin colour. Therefore, we are all born with equal opportunity. Education is the key to success and the parents have that responsibility not the government. Many people born into low economic status achieve greatness. It's the attitude that counts.

2. 80 % of non - Maori are not necessarily the " wealthy" as claimed by this government. This is the excuse to give largesse to a few of darker skin tone. Also, millions of dollars to establish their own healthcare. Maori should be ashamed to even accept this.

3. None of our younger family members watch the news or read newspapers so we cannot blame the MSM entirely. We need to steer them onto sites like these.

4. As I have said before why should we fight Chris Luxon or David Seymours battles? They should at least meet us half way. They obviously want the top job and top salary or they wouldn't be in politics.

Terry Morrissey said...

“We must act in unison before it is too late. Time is of the essence.
Just how serious is our current situation - can it be overstated?
I think not!”
The problem was initiated with the passing of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. It has all been downhill since then. That act should be repealed.
It was compounded, more recently, when Winston mistakenly put the present PM in the position she now holds. However, I don’t think he can be held responsible for all the corruption and deceit that has been introduced since he left. He did at least hold them in check while still there.
The leader of the opposition wants to introduce even stronger mandates.
He wants to remove benefits from the unvaccinated including mothers with unvaccinated children (with an experimental drug), and even wishes to investigate the removal of benefits to working families.
Now David Seymour has come out on his face book deriding those who have a different opinion to him on mandates and vaccine safety. His polling is about to take a dive.
So out of the frying pan into the fire if you want to replace Labour with National/ACT. I do not see anywhere either of those two parties state that they will halt the slide of democracy into the sewer of tribal rule and apartheid.
The best hope for us is the rise of a truly conservative party to override all this woke rubbish and get us back to sanity with some adults running the country. The New Conservative Party policies look quite sensible but need to be a bit more detailed on their plans for a colourblind democracy and repealing of ALL racist legislation. They also need to get away from this crazy idea of needing both a male and female co-leader. It is a political party not a family. They do not need a father and mother. They need a leader, but not a dictator.
Any incoming government must pass legislation introducing Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda to allow voters the ability to keep a rein on legislation on the hoof, corruption, nepotism, and blindly following the corrupt UN ideology

Doug Longmire said...

Well Clive - you have summed up the situation clearly and accurately.
And - No. I do not think you are overstating it.
It is clear to me and many of my colleagues that the great Socialist demolition/restructure of New Zealand is well under way.
The media has been bought, and is now the craven Pravda.
The destruction of Western democracy, clearly described in He Puapua, is under way.
The bombardment of Maori words, names and terms is becoming a deluge. All opinion polls have shown that the public are 70 - 85% opposed.
Our school history curriculum has been well and truly done over by the revisionists.
Our government plans to spend $82,000,000,000 (Yes - that is 82 BILLION) per year in the future to stop New Zealand's CO2 emission, which are currently about 1/600 of total global emissions. This is quite simply economic suicide.

John Mellars said...

The semi liberal wasp needs to learn that she has a sting, albeit in the form of a future election or an occupation of parliament, achieved by a simple majority of numbers.
Certainly we have been surprised as events unfold, legislation enacted in the dead of night emerges and we see the colours of an enemy of democracy exposed.
However, my relatives and friends, many with enviously attractive golden skin, are as surprised by this turn of events as the commentators above.
There may well be a scrap, it will not involve us normal fruit salad folk, as long as we are careful who we vote for.