Monday, January 24, 2022

Ross Meurant: Fools Fool Fools

Over recent weeks, America, NATO and various other tagalongs (Boris in particular stood out), promulgated fear and loathing of Russia, flooding the media with: “Russia is going to invade Ukraine.” (1)

Military Intelligence (now there’s a laugh – how gathering information became “intelligence”?) paraded Russian military manoeuvres within its own territory, as a prelude to invading Ukraine.

Why would Russia invade a country which is bankrupt and is constantly subject to Neo Nazi parades intimidating the majority? (2) 

Why take on the burden of rebuilding what successive Ukraine leaders have been unable to recover from latent oligarch power and control?

Why take on the massive economic burden of salvaging the Ukraine economy and in the process end up in conflict with the hidden power: Oligarchs?

Ukraine has been its own worst enemy. 

Whereas Russia, under President Putin, recovered from the “privatisation model gifts” (similar to that which Fay and Richwhite applied to privatisation of NZ Rail) delivered by President Clinton to President Yeltsin, Ukraine has not.  Result?  Oligarchs have the assets and the power.

Persistently Russia denied any intention of invading Ukraine. (3)

Persistently Russia asserted its right to move its military wherever and whenever, within its own borders.

Persistently the “West” have mounted a quest that Russia is a danger and threatens surrounding states with invasion. (1) (3)

Persistently Russia has pointed out that as NATO creeps closer to Russian borders, Russia has a duty to its sovereignty, to react. (3)

When protest erupted in demonstrations against Belarus President Lukashenko, Russia did not jump the border. 

But as always in politics: “Be careful for what you wish”.  For if the West wanted Belarus to fall into friendly hands, they failed with the result being Belarus and Russia are now significantly more aligned than before the attempted coup.

When another protest erupted in Kazakhstan, Russia did answer the call for assistance from the President, in accord with the recently established Collective Security Treaty Organization – a sort of replication of NATO but on the other side of the fence and perhaps a modern version of Warsaw Pact. (4)

Russian troops have returned home and the Kazakhstan President now cleans out the cupboards of well-placed officials whom he claims were surrogates of western powers. (4)

Meanwhile, BBC in particular, elevate the increasing probability of war with Russia.

Why?  One might ask.

Is this a distraction to emerging economic gloom in the West and/or the pathetic performances of Biden and Boris – both of whom are crashing in the polls?

As the world knows well, Wars fix the Economy. 

Ask the Military Industrial Complex of USA which had the perspicacity to grasp the WW2 Lend Lease deal model and turn it into the core of the American economy today.

And, there’s nothing like a war to provide an opportunity for the resurrection of a pathetic leader.  

But what about Crimea?

Crimea was gifted to Ukraine by president Khrushchev.  Turkey also claims Crimea. Kosovo doctrine delivered Crimea to Russia, 

Ninety five percent of the population in Crimea wanted the region returned to Russia. Applying the KOSOVO Doctrine, Russia obliged. 

As the recently resigned German navy chief said 24/1/2022 (6) “Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 is gone and will never come back".

The same eminent military person also said: “The idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was nonsense. He added that all President Vladimir Putin wanted was respect.”

As a result of speaking sense to fools, Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach was fired 24 January 2022. (6)

Perhaps the answer to this parody will manifest when the West claim that their “support” i.e., more sanctions and supply of weapons but not military engagement, actually scared Russia from invasion.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & V.I.P. security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interest.

Note; I have a reasonable understanding of politics in Russia and China.  Studied both countries at university.  Lived in Russia for 3 months; visited Russia and China several times; have commercial relations with both countries and I speak Russian (but I don’t speak Māori).  I view live – daily – Russian TV. 

All this does not make me an “expert” but it does elevate me above the level of understanding many have about the two emerging Empires- Russia and China - at a time the Empire of America is following the path of pre–WW2 Empires; France and Great Britain.  Vicissitudes of Politics. 




Anonymous said...

Hope you are right!

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

We in the West are fools indeed to force Moscow closer to Beijing. It is with the latter that the imminent threat to world peace lies and we need Moscow on side.

Anonymous said...

Correct of you to suggest that this hype is deflection from troubles back home. Biden is a walking (just ) disaster and the closer Boris gets to being chucked out by colleagues, the harder he will push for distraction in Ukraine.
Afterall, Maggy Thatcher managed a miraculous come back after she committed UK to the Falkands conflict - and the miners strike back home went back to work.

Charles said...

Watching the propaganda spewing forth like lava from a flatulent volcano is so painful. Either those uttering this rubbish about Russia are utterly clueless or have their snouts deep in the trough of the armaments industries. NATO needs to disappear up its own fundamental and take most of the US politicians with it. Ross, you are quite right!

Richard said...

Well this aged incredibly poorly.