Sunday, January 16, 2022

Clive Bibby: Climate emergency or moral fraud - you be the judge!

Two significant local events here on the East Coast - one in the last days of 2021 and the other planned for January 2022 - will be watched by a populace eager for relief from years of restricted activity.

One will have serious consequences for the nation’s long term economic well-being while the other, will be of only passing interest.

The irony is that both involve the Prime Minister in one shape or form.

The sale last month of 6000 hectares of prime East Coast grazing land potentially to forestry interests who will make no commitment to this country’s future other than to take advantage of the carbon credits attached to the purchase - while technically legal is nonetheless a moral fraud committed by this Prime Minister’s government against the people of New Zealand.

It could have and should have been avoided and unless the PM has been spending too much time planning her nuptials (the second event), she would have been fully aware that her actions would trigger a violent reaction from all but the most sycophantic of her supporters.

You see, it doesn’t require a professor of law digging into the statutes that control the legitimate operations of government to expose the activities of those who currently occupy the treasury benches as being at the very least - morally fraudulent. A quick look at the dictionary should be enough to find the definition of “fraud” and to match that with those sales sanctioned by our political leaders. The key word in my dictionary’s definition is “deception” which, when used in this context, suggests the government knew that its promotion of these high quality land sales as “being in the nation’s best interests” couldn’t stand even the smallest scrutiny. More over, it knew or should have known that these sales were avoidable. But instead, they tried to justify this regrettable policy by claiming it to be necessary due to the “Climate Emergency”.

Here are the facts.

Any case brought against the government related to this issue would have to show that there were alternatives to these sales as a means of achieving their targets for reducing carbon emissions. I have repeatedly pointed out that there is more than enough unused land suitable for increased forestry plantings without touching any of the high-quality arable variety that should be used to improve our economy - through significant increases in red meat sales to a world market with insatiable demand for this product at record prices.

In the past this type of land has been classified as “class 7”. Thousands of hectares of under-utilised class 7 land still remains un planted throughout the country.

Why then did the government choose to deliberately deceive the people of this country that these particular sales were necessary? It must have known that what it was telling the nation was a bunch of lies.

I suppose you could look back in history and ask the same question of politicians who seemed destined to cut their own throats rather than admit they made a mistake and move quickly to address the problem before they are overwhelmed by their own misjudgements. It would appear they become “deluded with grandeur.” And just can’t bring themselves to say sorry. It happens to them all.

We are a forgiving lot although l doubt the voters will tolerate this bout of insanity.

Perhaps the Prime Minister will hire the Christchurch Wizard as MC at her wedding.

I see he is currently looking for a job but this one would require all his considerable skills and more.

Also, l’m not sure whether miracles are something he can bring to the table but anything would be better than waiting for the notices to be served - and l gather we’re not talking about the “marriage bands”.

Time is running out.

Oh well. A honeymoon in Mt Eden would be a rather novel experience - surely less taxing than those horrible daily press conferences. At least you can expect breakfast in bed. Nothing else to do during the day.

Watch this space.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 

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terry handcock said...

as an aside the govt converted 14,000 hectares of forest to dairy farms near taupo.this started under helen clarks reign and was still being finished off when the current labour govt got in. i have heard nothing from the govt or the green party of this being reversed