Sunday, February 18, 2024

Clive Bibby: We won’t achieve what the main players don’t want.

Recent reports of progress towards a solution in the Middle East appears to be based on the “two state” model imposed by all the world governing bodies except the two warring factions who don’t want a bar of it. 

On the one hand, the Palestinians appear fixated on eliminating Israel from all the land it currently occupies either legally or illegally - “from the river to the sea” while, for its part, Israel is committed to destroying Hamas’s ability to launch unprovoked attacks from Gaza and the West Bank - in other words, a Palestinian enclave that never again threatens Israel’s sovereign territory or its people. 

While one might argue that the UN led “two state” solution is already dead in the water, and current attempts to negotiate a peaceful settlement suggest it is, then what should we expect in the months or years ahead - more of the same until this conflict evolves into the unthinkable “war to end all wars” that wiser heads  have been predicting since the State of Israel was established in 1947. 

My guess is that Israel will not agree to any compromise solution that weakens its ability to exist with or without the support of just about every government that claims membership of the UN - you know, that bloated body including some of the world’s most corrupt dictatorships. 

Israel will do what it has to do because it has no choice - for them it is simply a matter of survival. 

Meanwhile, back here in Godzone, our own warring factions have just wrapped up the annual talk fest that masquerades as serious discussions aimed at finding a way for the peoples of this country to live in peace. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that nothing will change and  disputes around what the Treaty was intended to mean will continue until the Maori leadership decide they have drained the coffers of all the funds they can legitimately claim. In other words, the farcical settlement process including the “top up” clause will remain as a useful tool until the final large Iwi (Nga Puhi) decides it is time to settle. 

Only then will we be able to move on as a unified multicultural society. 

Any suggestion that the Crown is unwilling to settle is just so much hot air - the key to the final settlement is and has always been totally in the hands of those who pretend to be peoples who are still suffering the negative effects of colonialism. 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Ray S said...

Full and final is a myth.
If there any legitimate claims outstanding, settle them before the people say "enough"

That day is coming. Not least from those Maori who have not benefited from settlements and never will.

As for top ups, who dreamed that up? Findlayson no doubt. that's deserved of a year in the stocks methinks.

Anonymous said...

1. Hamas was established by Mossad in the first instance.
2. Israel's heavily fortified borders couldn't have been attack in the manner they did in 2023 had Israel not stood its own forces down and moved them away from the planned area of attack.

Questions for Mr Bibby:
1. What is the purpose of the United Nations and all Freemasonic organisations? (Hint, the kind of peace and unity being promoted isn't for all men, but rather some men are more equal than others).
2. If this war is so "unthinkable" why are you writing about it and effectively promoting it claiming it be an act of self-defence?
3. If Israel was so interested in peace why not neutralise the 2023 attack before it happened rather than purposefully leave itself undefended?

Clive Bibby said...

Sounds as if you have bought the theory promoted by the anti Netanyahu brigade that the Israeli government deliberately allowed the Hamas to occur in order to provide the moral justification for the retaliation that has evolved in response to that massacre.
I prefer to accept that the Israeli intelligence service was caught napping in a rare display of incompetence.
The alternative you promote suggests the Israeli leadership was able to convince their world class intelligent service to be wilfully complicit in the murder of over 1200 of it’s own innocent citizens.
Given that there has been no whistle blower in the months since October 7 2023, l find your suggestion an absurd allegation..
But l guess we must expect these wild conspiracy theories to be part of the anti-semitic propaganda that is supported by most of the free world governments.
It is an outrage.
But it will not prevail.

Anonymous said...

You said Israel is committed to destroying Hamas’s ability to launch unprovoked attacks from Gaza and the West Bank - in other words, a Palestinian enclave that never again threatens Israel’s sovereign territory or its people. That is an extremely generous view of Israeli intentions. Netanyahu paid off Hamas for at least a decade - and they controlled Palestinians. Listen to Israeli politicians they are saying it - they want Palestinians out - they want the West Bank and Gaza for Israelis and that is what they are seeking and working for. Look at their actions in Gaza - bombs, closing access to water, food, electricity, basically war crimes on civilains (not on soldiers or combattants). Their actions in the West Bank also show there is no justice for Palestinian civilians in Israel.