Thursday, February 22, 2024

David Farrar: The Salvation Army State of the Nation report

An excellent data driven report from the Salvation Army on key social indicators in NZ, for 2023.

The summary of their findings is:

* Child Poverty

* Youth Mental Health

* Employment

* Incomes

* Recidivism

* Alcohol abuse

* Illicit drugs

No change

* Children at risk

Getting worse

* Violence against children

* Youth offending

* Early childhood education participation

* Education achievment

* Teenage pregnancy
* Unemployment

* Income support

* Hardship and food security

* Housing availability

* Housing affordability

* Household housing debt

* Overall crime

* Violent crime

* Family violence

* Sentencing & Imprisonment

* Gambling Harm

* Problem Debt

Boy that 80% increase in state spending really paid off!

David Farrar runs Curia Market Research, a specialist opinion polling and research agency, and the popular Kiwiblog where this article was sourced. He previously worked in the Parliament for eight years, serving two National Party Prime Ministers and three Opposition Leaders.


robert Arthur said...

To the Getting Worse they might add Obesity, despite the claimed inability to afford food.And also Constructive Effort, now very disincentivised.
Also Artful Deceipt to con food parcels, benefits, and other handouts.

Anonymous said...

Where is the critical subject- education about and promotion of using birth control?

It should be right up there.

Erica said...

There are overarching words for much of this -licentiousness, lawlessness,dishonesty, deceitfulness, immorality, cruelty and so om . Ridicule and abandon God and traditional values what else can you expect in a society ?