Sunday, February 18, 2024

Geoff Parker: The News Media role in advancing Maori interests.

New Zealand historian Paul Moon recently stated that 25% of the entire Maori population had been killed in the inter-tribal musket wars of 1806-1845, and that “it’s a bit disappointing that the biggest war in New Zealand’s history, fought in New Zealand, ever, doesn’t get mentioned in the history curriculum”.

Yet Tom Roa, in a recent Stuff article, blames colonisation for all ills, including the decline in use of the Maori language. He claims education conducted in English was part of the Government’s policy to assimilate Māori into Pākehā society, and infers that Maori were driven from their lands with Government troops devastating tangata whenua.

The Unpalatable Truth

Mr Roa is mis-informed, with the facts being: -

1. Most of New Zealand land was sold by tribal chiefs - see Turton’s Deeds. And, after warnings, less than 5% of New Zealand's total land mass was legally confiscated after (not before) the tribal rebellions in the 1860s. Then by 1928, less than 3% remained confiscated.

2. In stark contrast to the devastating inter-tribal Musket Wars (1807-1845), just 2,254 anti-government Maori, out of an approximate Maori population of 60,000, were killed during the 26 years of sporadic rebellions during the so-called ‘NZ Wars’ (1843-1869)

3. It was at the request of forward-thinking Maori elders that the Maori language was forbidden in schools. There was no restriction on speaking it anywhere else or at any other time.

The Media’s Game
The Stuff article got me thinking about the media’s quest to advance Maori and tribal interests over those of all other New Zealanders. The totalitarian adage about ‘repeat a lie often enough and ‘it’ becomes the truth’ is demonstrated daily with the media’s frequent publishing of embellished Maori wonderfulness stories, history and treaty misinformation, and sometimes outright lies.

The Ministry of Education builds on the media’s propaganda by indoctrinating our young with false histories and Maori superiority nonsense. The young and impressionable grow up believing what their teachers say and what the media publishes. Eventually those familiar with the facts are inevitably replaced by those living the lie.

There is no question that our mainstream media is actively controlling any information pertaining to history, ancestry or identity. It’s very rare for ‘letters to the editor’ correcting discrepancies or misinformation to get published. Over the years after many rejected letters to my local newspaper The Northern Advocate, I have come to the conclusion that in my opinion they are very biased and controlling. Similarly, many newspapers have closed their online ‘comments’ section to further prevent the truth, fact or contrary opinions being publicised.

Even paid advertising can be impossible. Trying to advertise a free speech-type event, such as the Stop Co-Governance tour, is frequently a fruitless exercise with the media imposing prohibitive criteria and process.

NZME, the publishers of the NZ Herald, have rejected a full page advertisement worth about $10,000. They have obviously received ample funds from the Public Interest Journalism Fund, thanks to taxpayer-funded subsidies made by the last, spendthrift Labour government.

Meanwhile, there’s no evidence to suggest that the anti-democracy movement meet any such blockades when they want to place advertising.

One only has to watch media interviews by the likes of Mihingarangi Forbes, Jack Tame, Moana Maniapoto, Julian Wilcox or the Maori Affairs Correspondent Te Aniwa Hurihanganui to see in my opinion, how blatantly biased the mainstream media can be.

The media should facilitate the accurate reporting of factual news. Once that is done, it would be only fair and proper if they’d air opinions from both sides of an issue. The public can then think for themselves and form their own conclusions, especially regarding issues essential to our democracy and racial unity and the future welfare of our country.

Geoff Parker is a passionate advocate for equal rights and a colour blind society.


Anonymous said...

With no attempt (as yet) by OUR new coalition government to cease and desist this 'one way propaganda trend' by our taxpayer funded 'one source of truth' outlets, I can only conclude that it is still 'approved' business as usual. The same would go for the removal of our fact based documented early history material from taxpayer funded libraries with the replacement of 'tweaked Waitangi Tribunal' approved versions of our early history.

Martin Hanson said...

As far as I'm aware, no journalist has made the point that since all Maori are part Maori:
1. Tom Roa has some colonist ancestors,
2. Without colonisation, he would not exist.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous...
And this one way messaging has massive influence over shaping the views of gullible people.

Does National want the Coalition to fail? Then it can message uniquely about the economy - never about the race issue.

Peter said...

And as another example of an oft repeated lie, Maori are not the 'tangata whenua', and that was readily acknowledged prior to recent revisionism. Even Te Tiriti records them as "tangata maori", but no, we cant have that, especially now that the patently false indigenous narrative is now being peddled.

Even if they could claim indigeneity, which they honestly can't, with the majority of Maori now having a preponderance of other genetic make-up, of what significance and difference should that hold?

The fact is we've moved on, or should have, and apart from a very few outstanding treaty claims, Te Tiriti and the Waitangi Tribunal should be consigned to history as they are no longer relevant in a modern multi-cultural NZ.

Robert Arthur said...

On the RNZ Media Watch programme the presenters still insist that the PIJFunded progrmmes were not significantly pro government and pro maori. One wonders if they ever read the blatant conditions. With the likes of Forbes and Wilcox and a myriad trace amori maori presenters RNZ is totally captured by the pro maori move. Much of what the Fund acheived was commendable but the bias was overwheming. A similar Fund but with objectivity a condition might save the legacy media and NZ.
I can vouch for the Letters to Editor observvtions. Yet, as I recently observed, whenever anything faintly critical of maori is published within a day or two a very predictable counter propoganda letter appears, near always under a European name. With so many pro maori based business'(such as Forbes') and the maori studies propoganda "education" industry one wonders just who churns out the stock resposnses.

Anonymous said...

Geoff good piece thanks. I watch very minimal news now days due the the biased racist left agenda.

One evening , late last year, I decided to watch tv1 news while I was having an early dinner. I lasted about 15 mins. While I watched, tv1 attacked Trump, praised Biden, attacked Israel, praised the opposition, attacked luxon and Seymour ( unsure how Winston avoided any criticism) and then praised labour and did a massive piece on labours Fran wilde and how great she was and her promotion of gay rights.

That dear people tells you everything you need to know about what is happening in this poor little country. I have complained to my mp about this and given evidence of media bias also. I have no idea as to why this govt is not culling the toxic racist cancer from the media.

I think the screws are tightening however. Unsure how they, the biased media sleep at night tho!!

Don said...

Much of the silence surrounding the Musket Wars springs from the desire not to speak of the holocaust that the losers endured at the hands of the victors. It was accepted that surviving warriors and their children would be enslaved, the women would suffer wholesale rape ("taken to wife" as our schoolbooks quaintly recorded it) and the crowning horror was that the corpses of the dead were butchered and eaten. Indeed if more meat was required ("the finest flesh you can eat" according to Te Rauparaha) slaves were killed as needed. This was the normal custom of the time. Truly some features of Maori culture are best forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on the Northern Advocate. My solution is to start at the back. Read the sports, do the crosswords then throw the rest of the Maori biased news away.