Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Mike's Minute: The record on Grant Robertson

There are several questions you can ask about Grant Robertson bailing now.

1) Why not on the night, or shortly afterwards?

He seemed to give some indication post-election he would hang around for a while to see how things were travelling.

But the clue was there last year when he pretended that you couldn’t be a Finance Minister and an electorate MP at the same time, despite having been a Finance Minister and an electorate MP at the same time.

I've watched him this year at question time. He has fired a couple of probing inquiries to Nicola Willis but the gusto, the wit, the energy, and the joie de vivre is well and truly gone.

In fact, the air has gone out of the tyres of the whole party. They look flat, bored, bewildered and with eight press releases so far and a poll that has Chris Hipkins dropping 10% in preferred Prime Minister.

Some of which is to be expected. They got hammered, they got rejected, and they got a message over an approach to life I suspect came as a genuine shock to some of the more idealistic of them.

2) Who wrecked the economy the most? Muldoon or Robertson?

As much as National are playing to the crowd over what they have been left with, it's actually real. In some cases, it's dangerous.

This country is in a number of fiscal areas in a shocking state and that is on the former Finance Minister.

His co-conspirator, Ms Ardern, you will note is long gone, never to be questioned again. So, in that respect I suppose you could say he deserves an element of credit for hanging around the place to watch the outworkings of the vote.

But politicians are measured in legacy and records.

The ultimate aim is to leave the place better off than when you found it. The reality for Grant Robertson is so far from that it is tragic.

He will defend at least some of it because some of it is ideological. But whether it's pipes, trains, ferries or debt welfare the numbers don’t lie and the numbers are desperate.

He softened it with his wit, humour, and personality. As I have said many times, I always liked him, and I enjoyed talking to him.

But let the record show the Grant Robertson era was as ruinous as any you will ever see.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings - where this article was sourced.


LNF said...

Finance Minister and Reserve Bank Governor. What could possibly go wrong

Anonymous said...

"I always liked him, and I enjoyed talking to him".

Well that says more about you than him then Mike.

Anonymous said...

Yes and we all get to pay the price of that while he crawls off to his cushy new job without a care in the world.

Robert Arthur said...

Presuambly the VC offer, and especially the associated salary, crystallised his thinking. Apparently their Press secretaries did not adequately scan websites such as this one and report thinking. When at the election given the chance to respond outside of cancellation, the huge public reaction to the pro maori policy should not have come as such a surprise. It still has not sunk into Chippy and others.