Friday, April 21, 2017

Muriel Newman: Submissions needed on radical new education code of ethics

Do you have time to send in an urgent submission?

I have just been sent a copy of the 'Draft Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession'. It
 is the most radical race-based document that I have seen for a long time and it would surely be a national disgrace if it was implemented as is. 

Read it for yourself HERE

The introduction states: "The Code and Standards acknowledge our profession’s obligation to recognising Aotearoa New Zealand as a bicultural nation and honour te Tiriti o Waitangi/ the Treaty of Waitangi by paying particular attention to the rights and aspirations of Māori as tangata whenua." 

And the summary at the end states as the primary goal: “Demonstrate commitment to tangata whenuatanga and bicultural partnership and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand”. 

Unfortunately I have only just been made aware of it and submissions close today 21 April 2017.

You can send submissions by email to:

The website submission details can be found HERE

But what do you make of it all – is it as bad as I think?

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Brian said...

It is bad, simply because the hierarchy, bureaucracy and Government failed in their duty to inform us all of this new ideology soon enough, to enable us all to be familiar with the implications of this indoctrination into a new generations of children. It is directly out of the textbook of both Communism and Fascism; and typical of the ideology of the left wing by using indigenous and ethnic methods of power to destroy Western democracy its values, and its civilisation.

The teachers Union is the most powerful union this country has ever had, for a Government to even challenge they are on instantly on the back foot before they commence. This is only to be expected after years of political appeasement, and ignoring the fact that those in charge of this Union are basically opposed to any other system save their own.

They know well that any strike will cause considerable problems to parents if they have to school their children at home not to mention loss of work. Any long term strike would be settled in favour of the teachers due to the inconvenience it causes, and any blame will rest firmly at the Government's door.

De-registration is the only option left, but regretfully that would take a government with the intestinal fortitude to make such a decision. It would involve Government laying all the facts, information, and reversing in this case its "Maori take all policy" before the public and risking an election defeat.

One may rest assured that their spin doctors will take the easy option, to avoid any confrontation no matter what the cost to our democracy.