Friday, November 15, 2019

Clive Bibby: The hypocrisy, unreliability and arrogance of the European Community

At least Macron got something right this week. He claimed NATO was a spent force.

I'm not sure whether his message was for European, British, or the American populace or simply for home consumption but whatever, it was a timely comment, albeit long overdue.

For all his failings, Trump has demonstrated a keen eye for identifying where the USA's best interests lie and, as he has been saying for some time, the only alliances that should be retained are those that accept there are obligations associated with membership.

Those with short memories who are rushing to applaud Macron's accurate assessment of the NATO decline may like to reflect on a few facts.

In spite of the supposedly good reasons for establishing the alliance, (many like the Cold War Soviet threat have long since morphed into a threat of a different kind where the modern aggressor doesn't want to have a stoush on the battlefield but would sooner carry on his rape and pillage behind a computer trying to unlawfully acquire your sovereign intellectual property eg China - it is called theft on a grand scale), its inability to mount even a token defence of its member states has been questioned virtually since its inception. And the worst part about this sad scenario is that in almost every field of war since the fifties where they might have jumped at the opportunity to prove their worth, these gutless, pompous bastards have instead turned their guns (figuratively speaking) on the one ally who was making a meaningful contribution on the basis of the agreed terms of establishment. Sadly, in all but one conflict where they could have made a difference or eased the burden from the US, they have been conspicuous by their absence in spite of a clear responsibility to be there.

You can't make this up.

So, don't you think that Trump had every right to promote his own concerns about his colleagues (fair weather friends) who weren't even paying their share let alone sending troops and military hardware to the battle zones when they could so easily have done so.

It isn't as if these member states don't have the arsenal deadly enough to deal with most of the opposition. They skite about their modern individual and collective military capabilities but when it comes to the crunch, they would much prefer parading their killing machines down the main streets of Europe rather than put a single member of their own armed forces in harm's way. At home, that might be regarded as good politics but in the minds of those who think we operate best together and those who are dependent on this alliance for their survival, it is tantamount to betrayal. 

If these jackals were really concerned about the plight of the Kurds following the withdrawal of the relatively small contingent of US troops from the Syrian conflict, here is a golden opportunity for NATO members to step up and fill any void even if it were to be only in a defensive role, stopping the genocide being committed by their old pal Turkey.

No, sorry! - they'd sooner allow the USA to continue policing the world in a most benign fashion, taking the hits in the process, as long as they can continue to dictate when and where the US goes in to battle on behalf of the free world. What hypocrisy, what arrogance, what tragedy!

Can anyone explain why the Europeans and their Mid East Member states are not continually taking the opportunity of thanking Trump for his country's long term commitment to the alliance and begging him to remain, especially when those who can read and remember are confronted with the facts of America's sacrifice in the millions on their behalf during two world wars and in virtually every major skirmish since then.

Remember those of you who are selective in your acknowledgement of facts, Trump is only doing what he promised to do - mainly to keep his people safe - surely a priority responsibility for leaders in this country and in every other branch of western civilisation.

Why isn't that seen as an admirable quality in a leader?

Yet we are continually bombarded by the left wing media in New Zealand and by their counterparts in every other democracy, spewing this vile hatred of the man that should be reserved for those who really want and have the ability to make our lives miserable. By any measure, that attitude is a shameful blot on the record our own current leadership who apparently haven't the wit to realise that our best interests are in dealing with a stable, friendly partner like the USA who is much more likely to value our friendship and loyalty while at the same time agreeing to trade deals that will have huge benefits for both countries - especially us!

I suspect that Boris Johnson has already woken up to that one and realises that in fact Britain's own interests are best served doing deals with the one nation who has almost always honoured its commitment to its friends. Doesn't that just make so much sense!

All power to those leaders who understand what is required when adding their signature to an agreement that has as its main objective - the protection of the well being of all citizens.

Why is that so hard to do?

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

I'm no left winger, but I regard NATO as a liability (even wrote an article on that on this website).
NATO became redundant in the early 90s after the demise of the Soviet Union. It then began its own expansion, making the Russians jumpy and spurring them to create buffer 'states' recognised by them and nobody else.
Turkey is a NATO member so other NATO members could not possibly have turned against it. The farcical nature of the NATO 'alliance' (in inverted commas because it seems to be hardly worth the paper it's written on now) was amply demonstrated by American soldiers having to seek shelter when a Turkish artillery barrage came their way.
Leave us in Europe to deal with Russia - we've been doing so for over a thousand years. The looming enemy is further east and we need Russia on side when things get nasty, which they assuredly will in years to come.

paul scott said...

Just following up on Barend's comments about Russia. >"We need Russia on side when things get nasty"<. I agree I can not imagine why anyone would not see Russia as an ally. If you consider that Russia died and was reborn in difficult circumstances you could say that Russia is a highly developed Nation. They look across to the West and wonder if anyone has ever read about the red terror of socialism. About this time 100 years ago the White Russians were fighting the long struggle to obliteration. Now Europe and the West wish to add vibrancy and diversity to Socialism for the great last final fix. We in the West embrace insanity, we are an insane culture, so insane that people still see Russia as an enemy.