Sunday, January 9, 2022

Ross Meurant: Rights Denied - Denied By Whom?

Leighton Baker (1), a hard-core Christian, is reported as being opposed to gender theory, prostitution, decriminalisation of abortion, marijuana and euthanasia.

When an MP I voted for gay rights, against hanging, pro-abortion and have made a case to legalize dope. (2)  And I’m a pagan.

Baker had his Twitter page taken down a month out from the last election. NZ Herald no longer publish me.

Eminent historian, former MP, Hon Dr Michael Bassett, who clinically debunks interpretations by some Maori of the Treaty of Waitangi and who condemns the concomitant power grabs by Maori; (3) from water rights to preferential treatment and control of New Zealand’s health industry, is now blacklisted (excuse the pun) from Main Stream Media. (4)

Professor Rata, along with six other University of Auckland Professors and Emeritus Professors published a letter "In Defence of Science" which said indigenous knowledge "falls far short of what can be defined as science itself."

The opinions of these academic experts were vociferously attacked. Main Stream Media lead a charge from peers ostensibly in control of, who retains their employment at universities.  In my view, this reeked of intimidation, bullying, arrogance and vilification. (5)

Point arising. We all have the right to our own opinions. Yet increasingly this is denied.

In another article, Michael Bassett delves into government funding of Main Stream Media and concludes:

“The media who have put out their hands and cheerfully pocketed taxpayer funds they don’t need have only themselves to blame if the public smells a rat and begins to doubt their message.” (6)

Like the spread of untreated leprosy, blocking opinion which challenges, not only the elevation of one culture above all others in New Zealand, (7) but also the integrity of “stuff” being promulgated by Maori as fact and or which does not fit into the “woke” paradigm, is terminal.


One solution has been social media platforms. Without this medium, I would not have been able to respond to claims that Maori:

“were likely the first people to explore Antarctica’s surrounding waters and possibly the continent in the distance” with,

“I say to those who make the claims - Jump in a canoe with a paddle and a grass skirt; no thermal gear, no sextant and no harpoon or spear gun, and see what happens!” (8)

A similar conundrum emerges for the growing mass amongst the populace of New Zealand, who believe their rights are being denied. Their Rights to:

·        Say No to a jab, without being barred, not only from cafes but from their employment.

·        Present empirical data which challenges current government preferences for vaccines available to the public.

·        Present empirical data which challenges the integrity of current government protocols pertaining to COVID.

·        Question the integrity of vaccines for children.

·        Question the integrity of projected endless rollout of “boosts”.

Whether I agree or disagree with Claire Deeks (9) or Liz Gunn (10) or Sue Grey (11) or Leighton Baker, does not alter my opinion that each of these “influencers” (I think that is the current WOKE terminology) should have the right in this wonderful BASTION of DEMOCRACY we call NEW ZEALAND, to present their opinions.

If not on Main Stream Media – which apropos above, Dr Bassett infers are in in the pocket of government thanks to terms of funding, then definitely on social media platforms – and without the lingering concern that Deep State (aka government) will manipulate their demise from participation in public debate and articulating the concerns of a growing mass of Kiwis.

Criminalising comment which challenges government is one option.  Pressure on Facebook etc is another.  Either way, it is DEMOCRACY DENIED.

PS: Conflict of interest disclosure: Be assured, Sue Grey and I do not make it – a legacy of the Scampi Affair.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & V.I.P. security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interests.



Janine said...

"Rights denied by whom?"

I suggest by those who think they "know best" and are the "source of all truth".

Harete Hipango the latest to be reprimanded. I must say, I was quite impressed with her maiden speech in parliament...but who am I to judge? Just a member of the " basket of deplorables" as Hilary Clinton would say.

Honestly, we have certainly reached a crossroads in this country. New Political Party required for the great unwashed. Sooner rather than later.

Anna Mouse said...

Spot on, when and how did the right to question anything become a politically and racially charged issue?

If only we had an organisation that would look into this like a group of people who ask questions, investigate and publish the story for the public to understand.......

Oh, thats right they have all succombed to the PIKF monies....

Kiwialan said...

100% agree Ross. Why has there been no action from the Human Rights commissioner, the Attorney General, even just a police enquiry into the use of public money being paid to corrupt mainstream media. Just so, so sick of Te Reo taking over the main news networks and the Maorificaction of every day life. Libraries with Maori names but they had no written language??? Go figure. Just read John Robinson's He Puapua, Blueprint For Breaking Up New Zealand, frightening! However, more frightening was the difficulty buying the book because nobody stocks it or do no business with the publishers. Total censorship in action. If the sheeple don't wake up to what is happening our Country is down the tubes completely. Kiwialan.

Anonymous said...

What you have ask yourself will Act or National have the fortitude to make the necessary hard the longer it continues the further entrenched this Bs becomes

Don said...

In answer to Anonymous. Not only does National not have the fortitude but their indication is they will carry on a slightly diminished form of Maorification. Anything to get votes!
Act needs to make a clear and firm statement on their policy towards Maorification. Again the crunch is will that lose them votes. See above. Those of us who want to see Maori as 100% New Zealanders and not entitled to special treatment based on tenuous connections to a minority seem to be losing ground to the establishment of an apartheid mind-set.