Saturday, February 25, 2023

Breaking Views Update: Week of 19.02.23

Saturday February 25, 2023 

Law lecturer wins scholarship for Māori financial independence research

University of Canterbury (UC) law lecturer, Rachael Evans, has been awarded an $80,000 scholarship for PhD research investigating how iwi can exercise rangatiratanga (sovereignty or autonomy) through the development of fiscal authority.

“Before colonisation, iwi and hapū with tino rangatiratanga were active political and economic entities making their own decisions according to their tikanga (law) and kawa (rules). They engaged in different forms of economic activity including agriculture, trade and warfare, but were economically self-sustainable,” said Ms Evans.

Colonisation imposed new systems and intergenerational poverty, which 35 years of Treaty Settlements has had mixed success in alleviating, she says......
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Taranaki Maunga talks close to result
Talks over the future of Taranaki Maunga are active and close to conclusion, says an iwi negotiator.

The settlement talks stretch back seven years, and the Crown and the eight iwi of Taranaki agreed in 2017 to share responsibility for the mountain, which would become a legal person Te Kāhui Tupua.

The maunga agreement as outlined last June would see iwi have equal say with the Crown in governing Taranaki Maunga and the national park, Te Papakura o Taranaki.....
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Specialist Family Violence MOU Boosts Māori Support Services In Waikato Rohe
Whānau facing family violence problems living in the Waikato region are set to benefit from a new collaborative approach between two well-established Māori service providers anchored in kaupapa Māori and Te Ao Māori.....
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$20,000 Rocket Lab Scholarship Awarded To Aspiring Young Māori Doctor
Rocket Lab USA Inc, (Nasdaq: RKLB), a leading launch and space systems company, has today awarded its $20,000 Rocket Lab Scholarship to a student determined to make a difference in health for Māori.....
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Friday February 24, 2023 

Majority of Whakatōhea iwi agree to push on with Treaty settlement 
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Andrew Little has confirmed the recent Whakatōhea ratification vote demonstrated enough support to enter into a settlement with the Crown.

Members of Whakatōhea voted to accept the Crown's offer, marking an end to nearly 30 years of negotiations.

The Crown offered $100 million, 5000 hectares of marine space, and the return of 6000 hectares of land, as well as cultural and commercial redress.....
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Rotorua Council vote puts an end to wards bill
Rotorua Lakes Council has voted to withdraw its support for a “very controversial” move to increase Maori representation. It had spent more than $146,000 pursuing the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill, which would have changed local electoral rules and allow an equal number of Maori ward and general ward seats on the council.

Yesterday, all councillors voted to withdraw support for the bill — with the exception of Maori ward councillor Rawiri Waru, who voted in favour of continuing with the bill.....
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Hipkins says treaty approach needed for recovery effort
Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says solutions for Māori in the wake of recent weather events might go beyond co-governance.

While the idea of co-governance has become a political flash point, he says the concept over-simplifies what is a complex area.

Government needs to remember treaty principles.....
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Kaitohu Matua Treaty Partner Relationships
At Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai we express our spirit of service and serve Aotearoa through our purpose, Papatūānuku Thrives. Our organisational strategy, Te Kaupapa a Te Papa Atawhai, puts nature and people at the heart of everything we do. It is anchored by te reo Māori and te ao Māori, recognising that Te Tiriti o Waitangi and our whānau, hapū and iwi are central to all our mahi.....
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Maori Leaders Meet With US Secretary For The Interior
During the meeting, Maori climate leaders Mike Smith and Hinekaa Mako shared their experiences of the impacts of climate change on their communities, including rising sea levels, increased frequency and intensity of storms, and changes in traditional food sources. They also emphasised the importance of protecting indigenous knowledge and traditional practices in addressing climate change.....
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Truancy officers wrong answer says Māori Party
Te Pāti Māori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer says tamariki-rangatahi disengaged from kura need more pastoral care, not more truancy officers......
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Morgan Godfery: 'The modest reclamation of Māori is an undeniably good thing'  

Thursday February 23, 2023 

Māori hate Conservation Department, ex-DOC minister tells MPs 
Māori hate the Department of Conservation, MPs on the Māori affairs select committee were told this morning by former Conservation Minister Poto Williams.

She said that was what she had been told by Māori Crown Relations Minister Kelvin Davis last year when she was first appointed minister in charge of the Department of Conservation (DOC).

“One of the first things that minister Davis said to me was that Māori hate DOC,” she told the committee.

“‘They have a really poor relationship with the department so good luck to you sister,” he had said.

He said DOC was very important in Treaty of Waitangi settlements with iwi because so many rivers, mountains and sacred sites were in Crown ownership as part of the Conservation estate.....
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'Fascinating' site containing thousands of historic artefacts to be returned to iwi
A significant archaeological site containing artefacts from New Zealand’s first people will be returned to iwi on the West Coast.

The Buller District Council is selling a piece of land at Carters Beach, near Westport, for $200,000 to the Department of Conservation (DOC), which will hand it over to Te Runanga o Ngāti Waewae and Ngāti Apa Ki Te Ra To.

The land contains a significant and well-preserved historic archaeological site dating back to 1330AD and contains rare examples of an early Polynesian settlement in Buller......
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Kaipara mayor Craig Jepson takes issue with karakia said by member of public at council meeting
Kaipara mayor Craig Jepson has today taken issue with a karakia said during the opening of the council’s first meeting of the year.

A member of the public, Pere Huriwai-Seger, stood and opened the meeting with a karakia, a traditional - but non-religious - prayer.

Jepson, who last year created controversy when he announced a ban on karakia during his council meetings and then back-tracked a week later, told Huriwai-Seger: “Sit down, please, sit down. You are out of order.”....
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She says the vitriol about co-governance is coming from people who don’t know what it means in practice. 

Wednesday February 22, 2023 

Calls for marae to have Civil Defence funding for disasters 
Isolated Māori aren’t getting enough resources to survive amid fears they may be forgotten days after Cyclone Gabrielle smashed some regions, according to a national Māori housing advocate organisation.

Te Matapihi is calling on the government to provide funding to Māori "first responders" such as marae.

“There is a reliance that our marae are a part of the response but it’s unfair and unjust when they’re not funded to support the response.”

Dehar said funding was needed before a disaster occurs so marae could be first responders and support their people....
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Mana Whenua – Treaty partners
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency recognises and respects Te Tiriti o Waitangi and works with Māori to build strong, meaningful and enduring relationships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Waka Kotahi is committed to working in partnership with mana whenua to deliver the Waihoehoe Road upgrade project following the principles of Te Ara Kotahi, our strategy for partnering with Māori, which recognises and provides for cultural heritage, identity and Mātauranga Māori.....
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Remuneration for iwi reps changed
Iwi representatives who sit on Waipā District Council Committees will be paid per Committee meeting for the coming term.

Four iwi representatives, known as Te Kanohi, currently sit on Council’s Strategic Planning and Policy Committee), Service Delivery Committee, Finance and Corporate Committee and Regulatory Committee and are a voice for mana whenua across the district. Representatives have voting rights on those committees.

In the last term Te Kanohi were paid between $1,500 and $4,500 per annum. For this triennium they will be paid between $450 - $550 per meeting, the latter when the meeting lasts at least four hours. Any mileage expenses will be paid on the same basis as elected members and the fee will include all preparatory work outside the meetings......
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Ian Bradford: Using a fake treaty has got Maori to where they are now. Here is the truth about the treaty.

Mike Hosking: The Waitangi Tribunal has been taken over by activism

Idea of Maori privilege maintains power imbalances, historian says 

Tuesday February 21, 2023 

Air New Zealand flies first journey dedicated to te reo Māori 
This afternoon, Araraurangi Air New Zealand operated its first flight fully dedicated to te reo Māori.

Other than Civil Aviation Authority-prescribed announcements, the only language spoken by pilots and cabin crew was te reo Māori. Te reo was also centred at the check-in kiosks, gate and in-flight announcements and in-flight service.....
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Anaru Eketone: Racism and prejudice can often be as innocuous as a general feeling of pride and superiority

Top US politician tears up after pōwhiri at Beehive 

Monday February 20, 2023 

Te Pāti Māori calls for $100m fund for marae flood-relief 
e Pāti Māori are calling for an immediate focus on rebuilding and cleaning up marae, urupā and papakāinga impacted by environmental disasters, as part of a $100m Māori Taiao Relief Fund it wants set up by government.

It is also pushing for an additional $100m fund for a 'Māori National Service Defence framework', as well as an 'equity-based adaptation' fund for uninsured people.....
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Iwi to take lead role in $3m upgrade of Taranaki visitor centre
Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa is to underwrite the construction of a new visitor centre on Mt Taranaki.

A $3 million upgrade of the North Egmont site was previously announced as part of the $13m Taranaki Crossing project.

Now the iwi - which is partnering with the Department of Conservation and the regional development agency Kānoa - will take the lead roll.....
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Thomas Cranmer: Tūhoe ~ co-governance is not our word

Stuart Smith: The Basics of the Treaty

How Māori are changing the public service from within

The Pākehā allergy to sharing

One hundred cups of tea

Rangiaowhia: Voices from the embers 

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Anonymous said...

Aren't air new zealamd being hypocrites keeping the colonist name new zealand though? Surely the name will be changed to Air Aotearoa?

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 20th hopefully the flight computer programmers, pilots, mechanics, service crew, traffic controllers, fire crews etc stuck to quaint old gloriously specific English.

Mudbayripper said...

Chances are the pilot and co pilot are maori. Glad I didn't book a seat.

Robert Arthur said...

re the 22nd, curious where Waihoehoe Rd is.
I am not an advocate for paying maori for contrived consultation, but at the rates for committee attenders would seem to encourage only traditonal maori obstructiveness. They presumably see their role as creating necessity for more lucrative paid maori consulatation outside of the committees.

Robert Arthur said...

The making available of maraem(plural; these stone ge languages are limiting) in emergencies seems not entirely altruistic. I think it was $50 million recently allocated to marae (plural) but much more would alwys be accepted somewhat ungraciously as a right not a gift.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 23rd and Kaipara mayor, yet another example of maori "hoatu he koromatua tango te waewae" These people seem to have endless time to devise yet more try ons, whilst others are fully occupied caring for by family and by work.

Robert Arthur said...

re 24th. The obstinacy of one maori Rotorua councillor in voting against dropping of the patently non democratic and potentially extremely divisive equal wards proposal is characteristic of the unreasoning, unbending one eyed maori before all else attitude of maori which makes co governance (effectively maori control) such a huge threat generally.

DeeM said...

re 25th
“Before colonisation, iwi and hapū with tino rangatiratanga were active political and economic entities making their own decisions according to their tikanga (law) and kawa (rules). They engaged in different forms of economic activity including agriculture, trade and warfare, but were economically self-sustainable,”

Political and economic entities? They were tribes! That involved ensuring you were strong enough to protect yourself from other iwi or take what you wanted, including them.
Is that politics or economics? Funny, before woke academia this was defined as defence or invasion.

Is warfare an economic activity? Maybe Grant Robertson, with support from the Reserve Bank, who are committed to embrace Maori tikanga, will budget for us to attack someone to improve our bottom line.

What a load of woke crap. Another $80k down the wharepaku!

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 25th, statements about self sufficency of the old maori "economy" are absurd. The living standard of the most unfortunate now exceeds that of pre European (not chiefly) maori.If maori had continued to practise pre Treaty infanticide or alternative control their numbers would be much reduced, the drain on resources reduced and their fortunes improved accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree DeeM - what a load of woke crap. I think and think - how can it be that apparently functioning people can be so STUPID? I read somewhere that it is a basic human survival trait to be agreeable - bonding, solidarity. Yeah right. Thank God for the disagreeable amongst us.

Ray S said...

Re 25th
Just about heard it all now, what a load of crap, no other word suffices.
Surely this person is winding us up, no other explanation for it.
Where did she get her info, ah, of course, from talking to ancestors, reading teacups and maybe a Taniwha or two.
Spare me.