Thursday, February 23, 2023

Derek Mackie: A Tale of Two Chrises

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” 
Actually, it was just the worst of times! 

 Three years of the most extreme, ideologically driven and inept socialist government NZ has ever seen…with a pandemic and cyclone thrown in for good measure. 
Led by a celebrity PM who talked lots and dissembled even more. Aspiration for her was everything, eclipsing achievement every time. And, oh boy, was she good at it! 

 She enabled a group of activists who set about dismantling our democracy in favour of an ethno-nationalist arrangement whereby 17% of the population, claiming to have some Maori ancestry, however tiny, would effectively rule over everyone else. 

 When she realised that people were sick of her kind-and-caring act and her penchant for never answering a question with a straight answer, she exited stage-Left on the pretext of being too drained to carry on. 
Her woke battery was flat and not a fast charger in sight. If only she’d stuck with the petrol version. 

 What we’re left with are the two Chrises - Hipkins and Luxon. 
A comedy act of sorts. The kind to make you cry, but not with laughter. 
Although they belong to different political parties, and should have contrasting views on how to run the country, they’re really very much alike. 

 Chris H is really Left-wing, woke and “progressive” - a term which sounds positive but in practice has come to mean exactly the opposite; authoritarian, divisive, niche minorities at the expense of the majority, ideology over facts, and anti free speech. 
Chris L is also “progressive”, a 21st century “centre-rightist”, so not quite as Left-wing as his buddy, but just as woke. 
They agree so often that you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for members of the same party.

 Chris H has been tasked with steering Labour to a third consecutive term in office, despite his dismal performance as Minister of Education, Health, Police and Covid. 
Before accepting the top job it would be nice to think he pondered why someone with his deplorable record was fit to run the country. On learning he was the only candidate for the job he likely dismissed his moral conscience as a bad case of nerves. 
After all, if his fellow incompetents had complete faith in his ability then that was good enough for him. 

 He’s confident that if he can screw the country up just that little bit less than his predecessor, that will win him the election. 
Cancelling, renaming, or preferably postponing, massively unpopular policies is his ticket to success. While also pretending Labour can solve the cost-of-living crisis, which they created in the first place. 
Honestly, you’d have a higher chance of a successful outcome asking the Russians to broker a peace deal in Ukraine! 
 The ever reliable Labour propaganda machine, masquerading as the mainstream media, will be running interference so he should have an even chance….as long as he doesn’t stuff anything really important up! Like, when has that ever happened? 

 Waiting in the wings, Chris L desperately wants to be PM. It’ll look so good on his CV and he might get a membership at John Key’s golf club. 
His experience as a woke CEO of a woke airline makes him eminently qualified to lead the country…. in his view. 
He can do inclusivity (which is really “exclusivity" if you're not the right colour, sex or gender), minority ethnic discrimination and gender identity pronouns with the best of them. His airline safety videos prove that. Flying wakas, not 737’s! 
Shallow, woke corporate messaging at its best…right up Chris L’s cul-de-sac. 

 His vision for New Zealand is so vague as to be indecipherable and this limits the media’s opportunities to wipe the floor with him. Or, it is so remarkably similar to Labour’s that the MSM, and the public, simply ignore him. 
Chris L thinks this is a winning strategy. After all, what did Napoleon say - “Never interrupt your enemy when they’re about to make a mistake”. 
Or in Chris L’s case, perhaps “Present so little threat to your enemy that they don’t care whether they make mistakes” would be more apt. 

 The problem for Chris L is that all Labour do is make terrible mistakes, yet the parties are still locked neck-and-neck in the opinion polls. 
It seems that even when Labour are next to useless, the untried alternative is more unpalatable to a sizable chunk of the electorate. And, for some bizarre reason, the public has far more faith in Chris H’s leadership than in National’s soggy offering, even though he has a pristine record of incompetence across a wide range of jobs. 

 Looks like Chris L is destined to be the bridesmaid, never the bride. Personally, I wouldn’t even invite him to the wedding! 
Only goes to show that gross ineptitude in government, well above-and-beyond that tolerated for the rest of us mortals, is rewarded with a vote of confidence in NZ. Go figure! 

 Chris L’s strategy team must be getting somewhat concerned. With only 6 months to the election they need to scrutinise National Party policy, if they can find it, and determine what to change to ensure their guy makes it across the line first, even if just by a nose hair - the only hair he has! 

 Here’s a list of major National policies to highlight the “differences” between the two main parties so the public will be clear, when the pen hits the ballot paper, on what’s going to change. 
  • Wholeheartedly support past and future Covid vaccination, lockdowns and draconian restrictions of the unvaccinated - oops, SAME as Labour 
  • Embrace modern interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi and the “partnership” between Maori and the Crown - oops, SAME as Labour 
  • Support co-governance, but only in certain areas and to undefined extents - not quite the same as Labour. But full co-governance is likely once the Maori activists, media, woke academics and celebs all start screaming racist at Chris, who sticks to his guns like a firearms abolitionist 
  • Entirely agree with apocalyptic man-made global warming, current climate change policy and 2050 Net Zero Emissions strategy - oops, SAME as Labour. Who says policy has to be logical or evidence based - just trendy and popular, right? Chris embodies that ethos in his leadership style. 
  •  Repeal Three Waters and replace it with ????? (to be decided in consultation with iwi after the election). May still have to give iwi 50% control, based on the points above but, hey that’s politics - Sounds impressive and opposes Labour, even though National don’t have a viable alternative. 
  • Repeal the Maori Health Authority. Although that’s a shit-load of work so we’ll probably keep it and pretend to make the health system less racist by setting up a weekly Lotto draw for non-Maori which lets you win your operation by buying a ticket. Powerball gives you full Te Aka Whai Ora benefits - standard National practice of keeping bad Labour policies but tweaking them. 
  •  Get tough on crime. Not sure how. Labour are really tackling the gangs by telling them to pull their heads in. By the time we get elected there won’t be any liquor stores left so that should solve the ram-raiding problem and probably reduce family violence as well - just like Labour, there are no firm policies to tackle gangs 
  • TENTATIVE SUGGESTION - change National Leader [***RESTRICTED ACCESS - Don’t show Chris***]. 

 And so the long-suffering, somewhat apathetic and accepting NZ public end up with little choice in 2023. 
Chris or Chris? 

 Of course, there’s also David, Marama & James, Rawiri & Debbie, Winston and a collection of other minor political wannabees. But these guys are just the subs on the bench, used to ensure the first XV get over the try-line in exchange for a place in the reserves. 
The problem is that whoever scores, we end up with pretty much the same result. 
Bad government! 

 If the two Chrises really want to help NZ they should resign, leave politics and do something useful….like open a liquor store! 
Their resignation speeches could start with the immortal words:- 
It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done” 
Ain’t that the truth! 

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Anonymous said...

Can NZ democracy really survive another battering like this?

Or is He Puapua inevitable?

Anonymous said...

Luxon has kept his powder dry, but he really is a complete non-entity, as too are most of his front bench. There is no sensible alternative if we want democracy to prevail and that is to vote ACT. Anything else will result in more of the same nonsense and corruption that we've endured for the last five years and that will only get worse and beyond redemption unless we have a major reset. One person, one vote and equality in the eyes of the law. We are all the Crown's subjects, but we are also it's employer. Let's make that change for the better.

Anonymous said...

Start praying because the conditions are ripe for total Communist takeover.

The economic prosperity of the 1960s onwards was the result of the abandonment of the Christian Faith. God cannot reward the faithless in the next life, but he is perfectly just. So he gives you a naturally good life because he rewards all good, no matter how small it may be.

In his justice he must also punish evil, either in this life or in th next. Some sins cry out for vengeance from heaven. It is no coincidence these disasters are happening within a decade after New Zealand legalized unnatural unions. God will not be mocked and he is giving you the government you deserve.

EP said...

Agree - and there are NO alternatives in Labour. They all signed on the dotted line - all corrupt in unison. National has Nicola Willis and Dr Shane Reti, but they are not a party strong on excitement. ACT it is for me too. Not only Seymour- others have enthusiasm too. Sadly, it is unlikely that Winston will co-operate, but if only other small parties will come together, we could sink both of those useless old parties. Come on NZ.

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

Re: Anon above
>"The economic prosperity of the 1960s onwards was the result of the abandonment of the Christian Faith."
So dumping a Middle Eastern cult based on human sacrifice leads to prosperity....... sounds good to me but might be hard to support given that inter alia Japan and Singapore never abandoned a faith they never professed.
>"So he gives you a naturally good life because he rewards all good."
So your god rewards people for abandoning the Christian faith. Yep, read it again, that's what it says.
>"It is no coincidence these disasters are happening within a decade after New Zealand legalized unnatural unions."
Well, it's a change from anthropogenic global warming but it doesn't explain anything at all about the natural disasters. Zero. Invoking spooks is just another way of saying 'I dunno'.
>"God will not be mocked and he is giving you the government you deserve."
Oh dear, we now have a god rigging elections! Maybe he is taking advice from Donald Trump.

Madame Blavatsky said...

We need a genuinely socially conservative opposition. Nearly all of New Zealand's problems (and the West's generally), when traced back to their ultimate source, can be attributed to liberalism, particularly social liberalism. Social liberalism has destroyed the family unit (or at least, has vastly diminished it), and when the foundation goes, the superstructure follows. In a healthy society, the individual is not the basic social unit, the family is (i.e. Mum and Dad who are married, and, preferably, three or more kids in a stable environment). When the family unit is destroyed, then society follows in only a few decades. No-fault divorce, premarital sex, casual sex, gay marriage, feminism telling women to spend their most fertile years making spreadsheets and writing reports, and so on. All of these ideas and behaviours damage people, no matter how fun they may seem in the short run. Take all of these away, and the family unit would still be intact, and with it, we'd have a coherent and functional society. I guarantee that if we surveyed who are the most troublesome, troubled and dysfunctional members of our society, 9/10 of them will come from unstable family backgrounds and/or have adopted socially liberal lifestyles as if they weren't an inversion of the natural order.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I thought anyone would be better than the Labour Party but I am seriously wondering if National is the best alternative. I am ok with my local National MP but ACT seems to have more drive and is looking to be a serious contender for my party vote.

Peter K Ellis said...

ACT seems to be the answer. If only David Seymour could get a few more strong players they would shine!!! Not place holders; but thinking people.