Sunday, February 19, 2023

Guy Hatchard: Our Politicians Believe They Can Do No Wrong

The pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in people. In order to understand what is going on, we need to refer to history. When dictators empower supporters to persecute, oppress, and blame a segment of the population, things rapidly go from bad to worse as the inflamed followers seek to outdo each other in extreme actions. Once the privileged group is allowed to openly hold outlandish opinions and act upon them without censure or restraint, things rapidly get out of hand. Traditional values of justice, morality, and kindness are readily abandoned.

In 1938 Hitler annexed Austria. The persecution unleashed on the Austrian Jews, horrified even the Jewish population of Germany, who had suffered much as a result of increasingly restrictive legislation during the previous five years. The details are too horrifying to repeat here, but the principle is instructive. Hitler came to be revered as a God-like figure, in whose service extremes of behaviour could be freely ventured in his name.

A professor at Yale University has sparked outrage by suggesting the only way to deal with Japan’s rapidly aging population is a mass suicide or disembowelment. Yusuke Narita, an assistant professor of economics at Yale, defended his views in a New York Times profile last weekend after he made the remarks on a streaming news program in 2021. Narita’s ideas resurrect the “useless eaters” argument advanced by the Nazi state in support of enforced euthanasia. What is remarkable is the fact that he is still a professor at Yale. This gives you insight into the prevalence and acceptability of horrific views, including even mass murder.

The New York Post reports that a woman in Victoria, Australia has been denied a needed heart transplant because she is unvaccinated. The woman has a valid vaccine exemption because vaccination may worsen her heart condition, but the attending physicians have decided that the procedure is too ‘sacred’ to allow an unvaccinated person to participate. I am sure you know that the opposite of sacred is ‘profane’. According to the dictionary: profane persons are not respectful of religious sentiments. So according to the Victorian Department of Health, the unvaccinated are, by definition, irreligious.

Apparently, Covid vaccination has been elevated to the status of a religion in the minds of some extremists. Adherents of this rather strange religion are granted great leeway to ignore counter arguments and factual evidence. Thus the CDC received multiple alerts from concerned doctors and hospitals about elevated incidence of cardiac events following vaccination early in 2021. See here for a range of examples, but even after the alerting emails had been received, the vaccine safety work group for CDC’s advisory panel said:

There are “relatively few reports of myocarditis” after vaccination and that “most cases appear to be mild.” A deliberate attempt to misdirect growing concern.

The CDC eventually had to admit there was a serious problem with myocarditis post Covid vaccination but faced with reports of increased incidence of stroke following Covid vaccination, it has decided to embark on a similar cover up.

Joseph A. Ladapo, Surgeon General of Florida reports that the CDC has said that signals of stroke risk with mRNA vaccination shouldn’t be taken seriously since other countries haven’t “flagged this safety issue.” In fact, they have, as Lapado explains here, ignored high stroke rates in Sweden.

In Florida, they are putting data before dogma. In the UK the NHS has now flagged that it may close the Covid vaccination for all ages and even for so called ‘at risk’ groups. Lapado summarises:

“At this point in the pandemic, it’s likely that these mRNA COVID shots cause more harm than good in most Americans.”

Here in New Zealand, you may not know all this, you need to. mRNA Covid vaccines are killers. Follow Steve Kirsch hashing out key points of evidence here. Increasingly governments are recognising this. You can bet your bottom dollar that our government and the opposition know this (by now it is hard not to realise what is going on), but they are keeping quiet.

The sad truth: Ardern, Hipkins, and Verral opened the floodgates on extreme views. The majority of the population believed them, and now the government can’t do a u-turn without embarrassment and consequent relegation to the political wilderness. It can’t be very long before it all comes out though.

It is hard to imagine why anyone would think it morally acceptable to keep quiet about the cause of unprecedented excess deaths in New Zealand. As PM Hipkins gravely shares his devastation and concern with us on TV about cyclone deaths, he is keeping mum about a tragedy on a scale which dwarfs cyclone Gabrielle.

He is allowed to do that because he is a member of a group of fanatical modernists who have come to treat medical misadventure and consequent death as the price of progress. We are talking about sacred ground here. Thou shalt not say vaccination is wrong, it is always right, no matter how ineffective, painful, or fatal.

The Labour party is not alone. Chris Luxon believes that mRNA vaccines can do no wrong and can’t give a straight answer to concerns raised at hustings. James Shaw is all for modern technology, including the biotechnology of vaccines. David Seymour wishes that our population would make more use of the relaxed euthanasia laws. Rawiri Waititi wants us to thank the indigenous Hawaiians for killing James Cook rather than celebrate Valentine’s Day.

None of these politicians have any more than a superficial knowledge about biotechnology, probably based on biased briefings handed to them as they rush off to meetings, BUT they hold strong views and expect you and I will follow their lead without question. There is a sense of unreality in Parliament as politicians go round and round the Beehive swapping extreme views and egging each other on. Time to get out the history books and brush up on where and what all this can lead to.

Dr Guy Hatchard is a former senior manager at Genetic ID, food testing and certification company. Guy blogs at

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Rob Beechey said...

Well said Guy. You can lay the responsibility at the feet of the MSM who was blatantly paid off by this Marxist Govt. The dumbed down journos write screeds of pro govt propaganda and attack those that challenge their misguided ideology. The independent platforms like Breaking Views, would have been firmly in Ardern’s sights after her infamous condemnation of free speech “as weapons of war” at the UN. Fortunately Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter took place before her returning flight touched down in NZ challenging her “single source of truth”.