Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Point of Order: Pulling the plug on Three Waters

PM is going to wash this plan right out of his hair (by sneakily giving it another name)

This update of governmental news gleaned from our Beehive monitoring owes plenty to Stuff and to Kiwiblog, who have highlighted news based on Chris Hipkins’ first speech to Parliament as Prime Minister.

The speech has not been recorded on, the official website of the New Zealand Government. But our readers can find a full record of the speech HERE on Parliament’s website.

Moreover, the news in this case is not about what the speech contained. It is about what the speech did not contain.

David Farrar, on Kiwiblog, learned from Stuff what the PM did not say about the wretchedly unpopular programme known as Three Waters.

His post is reproduced here:

PM’s cunning trick is to rename Three Waters!

Stuff reports:

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has conspicuously dropped the “Three Waters” label from the Government’s contentious water reforms, though he has promised to “get on with the job” of fixing water infrastructure.

Hipkins tabled a 24-page statement outlining his priorities in Parliament on Tuesday, as he delivered his first speech as prime minister in the House. In both the statement and the speech, he did not once mention Three Waters.

Stuff understands Hipkins’ Government has decided to stop talking about Three Waters – a politically charged title for the reform of fresh, waste, and storm water systems – and instead talk of the issues facing cash-strapped councils: unsafe drinking water, broken pipes, and inadequate infrastructure.

So rather than listen to the tens of thousands of New Zealanders who submitted against the Three Waters law, their cunning plan is to simply rename it!

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Anonymous said...

It would be naive to think that this outrageous dossier would be treated in an open manner to respect the concerns of the tax payer/rate payer who will now underwrite the 3 Waters debt.

That these politicians continue in office - given their disgraceful behaviour - indicates that NZers will pay a high price for their apathy.