Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Derek Mackie: Dear Chris.....

Dear Chris 

 Starting on a positive note, belated congratulations on becoming our 42nd Prime Minister. I wasn’t sure you had it in you, and I’m still far from convinced, but we’re stuck with you so let’s endeavour to make the best of it, shall we.
You weren't my first choice…or my second to be honest, but you are a damn sight better than the two ludicrous ideological incompetents who came before you. 

 You’ve been in office for three months now and your honeymoon period is definitely over. Well, it never really started, did it? Not in the mainstream media. 
Man, those guys hate you with a passion. Which means you must be doing something right, so keep it up. But as old school reports sometimes say, “must try harder”. In your case, a lot harder. 

 I know it’s difficult to share when you’ve won. Power, especially. But you’re in a three-way coalition and there’s no changing that for the next three years. 
Even though, vote-wise, you’re the biggest, fattest sea lion on the beach, there are two smaller but wilier, quicker, far more experienced sea lions running rings around you, corralling potential mates and staking their electoral claims. 

 Remember those coalition agreements you signed with ACT and NZFirst? All those policies and actions you agreed to in good faith? 
I certainly hope so, because we, the voters who got you in, expect those to be honoured or, in the case of the Treaty Principles Bill, at least given a full and fair hearing at its first reading with due account taken of public opinion on this matter
That’s something your two predecessors gave short shrift to, while pretending otherwise. I caution you not to take a page out of their playbook. The average right-wing voter has wised up to that kind of disingenuous authoritarian crap and won’t tolerate it. 

 You see, recent comments you made around Waitangi Day when the Maori activists and media wolfpack were chewing the arse out of your pants over this, strongly suggest that you’ve already made your mind up about it. And, regardless of the arguments and justifications, you’re going to drop it faster than a red hot potato covered in bubbling melted cheese as soon as the last debater’s rear-end hits their seat in the Commons. 
This smacks of insincerity and bad faith to me. These may well be admirable traits in a moderately successful corporate CEO but not in a good PM. 

 If you don’t mind me saying Chris, one of your big problems is that you buckle under media pressure and play to the press gallery, not the public. You’ve done it ever since you became National Party leader.  I had hoped that you’d toughen up a bit with all the extra responsibility you’ve been given but I’m seeing little sign of that. 
I realise you politicians live in a bit of a bubble, cut off from the real world. But remember, come 2026 us voters can burst that bubble and consign you to the back benches or woke corporate land again. It’s your choice. 

 And that brings me to another of your big problems. You’re far too woke and PC for my liking, mate. You’ve made the terrible mistake of believing all the bullshit the media pushes about modern-day NZ. You’ve swallowed the inclusivity, gender-diverse, Maori-wonderful narrative embraced by Labour and the Greens. 
This inevitably puts you at odds with most ordinary Kiwis who just want everyone to be treated fairly, have access to the same opportunities, be appointed on merit and not be fixated by skin colour, ancestry, or the bits between your legs, whether natural or constructed. 

 I know the average National voter can be a bit wet, timid, scared of change and confrontation, and they are your first concern, but remember, without the rest of the centre-right bloc who are made of sterner stuff you wouldn’t be in charge now. It’s your job to inspire your own herd of sheep and lead the charge from the front. 

 So, it’s still early days but you’re a definite cause for concern. Deep down I knew this was going to happen but I gave you the benefit of the doubt after such a positive outcome from the coalition negotiations. 
But it’s easy to agree to things on paper that can be wriggled out of or watered down later, isn’t it? Much harder to make them a reality. Especially when all the loudmouth Lefties start yapping at you. 

 Up to now you’ve been a blow-in-the-breeze paper man, Chris, in my book. 
It’s time to find your backbone, stand up straight, show some resolve and do what you were elected to do. Enact the will of the majority of voters who made you Prime Minister. That’s what you’re in parliament for and don't forget it. 
In the words of a recently departed PM, now specialising in misinformation at Harvard…..
Let’s do this! 

Yours in hope but not expectation 
Derek Mackie a former geologist with a keen interest in current affairs and a penchant for satire.


Anonymous said...

You, and many others, Derek - except those lost souls that MSM (TV) must have spent sometime searching out, giving the thumbs up to Grant Robertson. It's enough to make one puke, along with it being a sad indictment of many NZrs understanding of what's been going on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Derek Mackie.

Sir, wow, to the point, a blow to the chin, a kick in the- err kneecaps,
a smack to the cheeks (on the face, not the other cheeks), a poke in the eye!

I for one Sir, agree with you, and from reading the "tea leaves" on other blog sites, the comments that are "pinned under article on said current PM", is not 'heartwarming' and before the vote counting had been completed, the 3 way agreement signed - the NZ 'bookmakers'(aka the Public) were giving 'odds on ..'that Mr C Luxon would be a three year PM, and if he did not 'step down' toward the end of his first term (potentially his only term) then those National party MP's who sit alongside or behind in the House, will do a Simon Bridges on him.

A question I would ask of you, whilst Scott Morrison was PM/Australia, did you ever look at his background prior to becoming a MP, and what his tenure
as PM was like? It was Morrison's 'PC approach' that cost him his job and the Party he lead, as Govt, allowing to Labour to take that honour - under whimpy Anthony Albanese.

Great article Derek.

Anonymous said...


As a now accepted cultural matter, where are your balls?

Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother.

Anonymous said...

Time is ticking for the PM on this issue.......

Tom Logan said...

I noted a few days ago the very, very impressive list of accomplishments of this Government in its first 80 days in office.

And if I was even a little bit Maori I would be very concerned. Three waters , Maori Health , compulsory seats on local councils ,all gone. Co governance definitely gone.

Warfare on gangs, gang patches banned, jails to be filled up.

And that was just a few of the things on the list.

And yesterday we are told those on a benefit that are able to work are going to have to try a lot harder to get a job.

And there's 20 more days to go in the "first 100". So there'll be plenty added to the list.

And Mr Luxon went to the Gay day in Auckland . It's almost compulsory for the PM to do that. Think what the press would have done he had not fronted. But what was the outcome ? A bunch of those in attendance screamed and abused him. In the eyes of most of the public they made arseholes of themselves.
So Mr Luxon left. And most of the public supported him. for doing so. Luxon came out the winner that day.

I think your comment about Mr Luxon's background is just foolish. His appointments in industry were very senior and highly contested. And he was highly successful in those jobs. And his performance to date has been top rate . I don't believe any PM in living memory has covered so much ground , got so much work done so quickly. And certainly most of them wouldn't be vaguely aware of some of the concepts Mr Luxon proposes.

And I think the numerous currently untaxed Maori business interests might have bit of a surprise in the next budget

What more did you expect Mr Mackie . How openly aggressive and antagonistic did you want things to be.

hughvane said...

You’re right Mr Mackie, only it’s been 4+ months, and we’ve yet to see even a mere glimpse of steel spine and tungsten goolies from our PM.

He needs to take lessons from his co-deputy Peters on how to handle the irksome and meddlesome media; and he is yet to show the public who voted his Party et al into government that he is genuine Prime Minister material. ‘Can and Must do better’, his report card currently states.

Anonymous said...

To Tom Logan

Co Gov may seem to have gone given the repeal of several Labour laws.

But.... new Hamilton MP Potaka is now busy re-branding Co Gov as "co -management" to soften the message. No reference to keeping or cutting the veto for Maori only which was the key feature of co-governance.

So still necessary to monitor this issue.....

Derek Mackie said...

Well Tom. I'm delighted you're so happy. You do seem to be very much in a minority of one though based on all the other comments and those across other articles I've read. NZ does love a minority, though.

"Openly aggressive and antagonistic" you say. As opposed to standing up for everyone's rights rather than one particular ethnic minority, which is the modus operandi of our Left-wing parties and the intent of the current principles which have wormed their way into just about every piece of government policy and legislation.
Chris has pretty much ruled out the Treaty Principles Bill for no good reason. What can he possibly have against everyone being treated equally?

That's exactly the reason many of us voted to kick out the Labour government. And now our new PM is happy to keep things as they are.
His apathy and disinterest in strengthening our democracy and ensuring equal rights for all is deeply concerning and asks some serious questions about his political motivations in my view.

Anonymous said...

Endorse Derek's last remark totally - and this matter will also reveal his "Maorification -without-consultation " fellow travellers inside National.

National is a divided party - very obvious to all. It arrogantly expected support at the Election - and continue to ignore the clear message from voters.

National (Minister Lee) has done nothing to sanction the MSM which is doing such deliberate damage to the Coalition each day.

ACT has insisted on the Treaty Principles Bill to discuss NZ democracy

It seems amending the 2011 MACA law (Finlayson's damage and 600 claims filed for coastal rights based on Tikanga ) will be proposed by NZ First.

National still thinks constant talk about repairing the economy will satisfy voters. A non-issue if NZ society itself is allowed to move - swiftly - towards an ethnocracy without full consultation with the people.

Tom Logan said...

No Mr Mackie I didn't say I was happy about things. I may or may not be so.
I said I noted that the Governments work load had been impressive, ie substantial , that they had worked hard.

And given that the Governments popularity has remained constant and that of Mr Luxon has very substantially increased, clearly most of those who voted for this Government are happy with the direction and speed of travel. So if I am in that camp I am in good company. So clearly I would not be a minority of one. You are wrong.

Clearly this suggests that neither political analysis nor basic logic is your strong suite Mr Mackie.

I note that you have not refuted my statement that your opinions on Mr Luxon's background were foolish . They were in fact very foolish.

In every statement on race relations Mr Luxon repeats that we are all equal, and that co-governance is dead. What more can he say? Have you spoken to any Maori on these matters/ If not you should do so , a lot of them are very concerned , they are very aware of how Mr Luxon's changes to date effect them.

I did not state that I thought your views were openly aggressive and antagonistic. I was suggesting that our society itself should not become so. Ardern unleashed huge and unreasonable expectations for the benefit of Maori. Mr Luxon needs to diffuse those expectations with great subtlety

Perhaps you should stick to humour Mr Mackie.

Derek Mackie said...

You don't like people disagreeing with you, Tom. Or criticising your opinions. That much is perfectly clear.

In fact words like "aggressive and antagonistic" spring to mind, so thanks for those.

Just to clarify, and I know you're a stickler for accuracy, I said you were a minority of one "based on the comments expressed". So, I have to question your basic logic there, Tom.

And I'm entitled to my opinion of Luxon's corporate achievements just as much as you are. No need to get offensive by calling me, actually very foolish! Tut tut!

As for Luxon being a beacon of equal rights for all, irrespective of race, then why is he so adamant that he won't support a Bill which proposes exactly that, but continues to leave blatantly racist principles in place. It's beyond me...and every other commenter too!

I guess I'll just stick to humour, Tom, and leave all the high-brow political analysis to you.

Tom Logan said...

Mr Mackie, you seem to live in this post truth era where you believe your personal opinion beats well established facts. I certainly don't mind being disagreed with , or proven wrong . But have some facts , your personal opinions don't trump the facts.

Mr Luxon left both Unilever and Air New Zealand on his own terms. His last reported salary at Air New Zealand was $4.4 million plus bonuses. And he probably earned more at Unilever . You are entitled to your own opinion Mr Mackie but on this specific matter perhaps you can figure out what it's worth yourself.

And you don't suggest you have spoken to any Maori on these matters. Perhaps you should.

But we agree on one thing Mr Mackie , you should stick to humour.

DeeM said...

I took your advice Tom and sought out some facts.

In particular about highly paid and "successful" CEO's. Your fact, or is it an inference, is that Chris was a highly successful CEO because he earned $4.4M at AirNZ. But I'm not convinced that someone's salary is a measure of how successful they are.
A US report published in 2013 (during Mr Luxon's term as CEO of AirNZ) showed that 22% of the highest paid CEO's were forced to take government bailouts during the GFC, and in some cases their companies collapsed altogether.
And a further 8% were in charge of companies that paid huge amounts in fraud-related claims.
And another 8% got axed for poor performance, walking away with an average $48M golden handshake. This makes Chris's salary look paltry.

Now Chris didn't do any of those things to my knowledge, and in my article I described him as "a moderately successful corporate CEO". I wouldn't call that an insult but your response said otherwise. I can only imagine your reaction if I'd said he was above average, or God forbid, just average even.
So after careful consideration of the facts I've decided my opinion is worth just as much as yours, Tom.

One last fact. Recent comments made by Chris have made clear that he is adamant he will not support the Treaty Principles Bill past the first reading. A Bill which seeks to enshrine in law that EVERY citizen of NZ, regardless of race and ancestry, has the same rights and privileges. He is happy to keep the current principles in place, which favour one ethnicity over all others.
That seems an extraordinary position for a leader of a democratic country and sends a very disturbing message to the public. He's obviously read the Bill because it was a key ACT negotiation position and formed part of the coalition agreement. His intransigence on this is concerning and perhaps he's counting on our biased MSM to keep the public ignorant, but the truth will out and may ultimately cost Chris his job.

Tom Logan said...

Yes Dee, your opinion is certainly worth as much as mine. No doubt about that. I have not seen your article in which you describe Mr Luxon as " a moderately successful corporate CEO."

I have never seen any criticism of Mr Luxon's performance either at Unilever or Air New Zealand. So no doubt if he wished he could have remained in either post longer and have expected further increases in remuneration . In the corporate world the success and value of a CEO's work is reflected in his remuneration. So those who wrote his pay cheque at Air NZ thought his work was worth $4.4 million plus bonuses . That is one of the highest corporate pay cheques in NZ. Obviously his bosses there thought his work was substantially better than moderately successful. You may chose to differ from them, but I do not. Most certainly though you are entitled to your opinion.

So Mr Mackies comment "This smacks of insincerity and bad faith. These may well be admirable traits in a moderately successful corporate CEO", is just indefensible.

The last election was a very close run thing right till the end. I wonder what the outcome might have been had Mr Luxon campaigned strongly in favour of a Treaty referendum. One thing I am sure of is that had he done so most of Maoridom and the press would have been apoplectic with rage. And I think in all probability he would have lost the election. But that is only my opinion. Do you think he should have played the Treaty card, what do you think the outcome would have been Dee ?

So he's sticking by the position he campaigned on and leaving his Coalition partners to do some of the heavy lifting. How might a conscience vote work out in this matter? Perhaps certain parties are already preparing for a citizens referendum .And considering he has been in office just on 3 months maybe we could give him a bit more time till we pass judgement on him.

The Maori I have spoken with are very concerned with this Government's measures against them so far. Have you taken note of their sentiments Dee?

I'm just very very glad this Government won the election and not the other mob. And I'm sure on that we are in agreement Dee.

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to say your exact words to Mr Luxon for a long time. However you are too busy arguing with Mr Logan at the moment.