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Lushington D Brady: So Much for ‘Safe and Effective

Two court wins against vax mandates

One of the big problems with medical and scientific malpractice is that it’s a lot easier to commit than expose or remedy. Thalidomide, for example: it took years and tens of thousands of deformed babies before the drug was taken off the market. By the time the Wakefield paper was retracted, the idea that ‘vaccines cause autism’ was firmly cemented in a great many heads.

Similarly, the monomania that Covid vaccines were the miracle cure of the age, and completely free from harmful side-effects, gripped the Covidian class hard and early – and they’re still clinging to it, despite the evidence that the Covid vaccines, rushed to market without meaningful testing, carry considerable risk of harm.

But admitting this would be a mortal blow to the Covidians’ worldview, so they studiously ignore stories like this:

An Australian court has ordered an employer to pay weekly compensation and medical expenses to an employee after ruling that a vaccine injury that occurred from a workplace directive is compensable under the law.

Daniel Shepherd, 44, worked as a child and youth support worker with South Australia’s Department of Child Protection when he developed pericarditis after receiving his third Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in February 2022.

Pericarditis is inflammation of the pericardium, a thin sac that surrounds the heart. The condition is reported to be more common in males aged 18 to 49, with an estimated 27 cases per 100,000 doses.

While most cases of vaccine injury from Covid vaccines are transient and minor, an unacceptably high number are quite serious and persistent.

The problem was that the Covidian class was so wedded to its worldview that it doggedly forced millions of people to submit to a medical procedure they neither wanted nor needed.

In Shepherd’s case, he experienced ominous reactions – including chest pain – to the first two doses. But, this being the apex of the Covidian Cult, his government employer demanded he submit to a third.

Third time unlucky.

The following day, Mr Shepherd experienced severe chest pain, which worsened over the next two weeks.

On March 11, 2022, the chest pain was so unbearable that he felt “like someone was kneeling on his chest.” Having thought he was experiencing a heart attack, Mr Shepherd was taken by ambulance to the Ashford Hospital, where cardiologists diagnosed him with pericarditis.

The 44-year-old husband and father of a 5-year-old boy noted some improvement four to five months after the chest pain; however, further episodes of severe chest pain followed and symptoms returned.

Mr Shepherd has not worked since March 2022, except for two months when he worked part-time in an administrative role.

Shepherd’s initial claim for compensation was met with denial and obfuscation. Even after the state accepted that the vaccine caused his injuries, it resorted to legal shenanigans to try and avoid accountability.

The state argued that the injury didn’t arise from his employment under the Return to Work Act, and that the injury was linked to the Emergency Management Act.

The state argued that if criteria under the Return to Work Act are met, they are exempt from liability in relation to the broader management of the pandemic under the Emergency Management Act.

But Tribunal deputy president Judge Mark Calligeros rejected those arguments.

“The injury was a direct consequence of an Emergency Management Act vaccination direction and of Mr Shepherd’s employment,” Judge Calligeros said.

Another legal victory against the Covidian cult has been chalked up on the other side of the Tasman.

A New Zealand truck driver who was fired from his job for refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccination has been awarded nearly $29,000 (US$17,700) by the Employment Relations Authority for unjustified dismissal.

Wayne Basher was formerly a linehaul driver with Big Chill Distribution Limited based in Hastings in Hawkes Bay. Mr Basher had worked for the company since 2011 and has been recognised by the company for his efforts as a driver.

But then the Covidian Cult reared its ugly head. Suddenly, he wasn’t them.

Mr Basher decided not to receive a Covid jab. He was terminated on Jan 24, 2022, the same day New Zealand was elevated to the Red Alert Covid response setting which specified the disease, in this case, the Omicron variant, had penetrated the community with widespread outbreaks.

It begs the question, of course, how someone sitting alone in a truck cab and only getting out in vast, nearly empty depots, was any sort of ‘risk’. But, with the Covid Cult in the ascendant, such questions were given shorter shrift than mediaeval heresy.

Adjudicator Natasha Szeto ruled Big Chill had ignored Mr Basher’s request for an in-depth health and safety assessment that would determine whether said risk existed.

Ms Szeto ruled that ignoring the request was “not a step that a fair and reasonable employer could take,” commenting that an individual risk assessment should have been taken out […]

“I have found that Big Chill did not follow a fair and reasonable process in terms of the risk assessment…”

The same could be said for the whole of Australia and New Zealand’s political, bureaucratic, and media class.

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