Friday, May 17, 2019

NZCPR Weekly: Climate Change Hysteria

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This week we examine the Government’s radical Zero Carbon Bill in the context of the growing rejection of climate change hysteria around the world, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Barry Brill shares his analysis of what he believes is an extremely dangerous Bill, and our poll asks whether you believe National should support or oppose Labour’s Zero Carbon Bill.

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1 comment:

Brian said...

The Labour/Green Coalition has received a dire warning from the result of the Australian election.
Yes Climate Change was one factor, but the Australian Coalition dodged this issue; and pointed out a self evident truth. Labour’s only real policy and answer, was to TAX and TAX more. No costs were available on a Climate Change to Renewable forms of energy.
Judging by the experience of South Australia, such forms of energy are unreliable and need back up with coal generation. A repeat of the situation here in N.Z. is more than likely when we are faced with this issue in the near future. Especially so with a yearly increase in our population, but no increase in either Hydro or available gas generation. The Greens have forbidden nasty coal and evil nuclear.
Now our P.M. reeling from having been beaten hollow on her much vaulted Capital gains Tax now favours a Death Tax to fill a fiscal deficit, a result of excessive and wasteful spending.
Why anger those hard working people? “The silent people”, those citizens who are thrifty and still save for a better retirement, and a future for their children? Is it not enough that the constant acceptance of inflation based economy is robbing them of the value of every dollar saved?
These are the silent people who continue to save for the day when another Stock Market crashes; Banks over lending, and political parties borrowing to win elections.
These are the citizens of this country, who are bombarded daily with monetary and emotional blackmail demands from the Labour/Greens; to help with benefits an ever increasing bottom layer of our society.
As a wise Irishman once remarked “ It’s no sin my Boy to be poor, but it is a hell of a sin to stay poor”.
The Labour/Greens might well realise the example from Australia in regard to increasing Taxation, otherwise the Death Tax will be an Election Grave Tax.