Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mike Hosking: Just what is the government's plan?

The unions are telling the government they need to move faster on infrastructure. When the unions are telling Labour to hurry up, you know this is not a government of action. And isn't that their real reputation? The government of announcements.

We've got $15 billion for shovel ready projects, and the crickets are chirping.

The Prime Minister's own handpicked advisory board in their final letter before being disbanded for the election are telling her Australia is beating us, and they're doing it better than us.

It is one thing to write cheques having borrowed or printed the money, but that is not delivery, and it's not a plan. Announcing the spending of other peoples money isn't even a skill. So just what is it we are doing? And is any one actually asking?

What we have to this point are band aids. Necessary and, in most cases, largely effective band aids. Money for wages, help for debt, aid for mortgages, that was all needed, welcomed, and has mainly been successful.

But now what? We have predictions domestic student numbers will be up by 30 percent. But what's behind that? What does it lead to? And why isn't anyone asking? They're increasing because they're jobless and because they need to rethink their future.

But what are they studying? Do they want to study it? Are they only enrolling because it's free? It isn't, of course, free it's paid for, like everything else, by us for decades to come.

Are they studying reluctantly? What if they don't like it? Don't want to finish? What if they do finish with a bit of paper that leads nowhere? Who is coordinating all of this? Are we plugging gaps? Are we mixing and matching study with work? Are we matching desire with outcomes? Or are just making everything free and thinking it's all good news when we get bums on seats at universities and polytechs?

The shovel ready projects, do they lead to a better economy or merely scratch a "nice to have” itch? What is the plan?

Government's can't buy their way to growth, even less so on borrowed money.

So far this week we have a letter saying Australia is outdoing us, the unions saying we are too slow, and a Prime Minster who's only tangible response is to suggest we work less each week, and have more holidays.

Mike Hosking is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB, who has hosted his number one breakfast show since 2008 - see HERE.


Ray S said...

Its part of our plan, get the populace totally dependent on us, then we can do whatever we what to enshrine our socialist utopia in law.
God help us.

Geoff. said...

Government plans, I don't think there have ever been any. The lockdown wasn't part of a plan, it was a kneejerk reaction. Cinda is the PM, she had to do something, do something impressive to maintain or even boost her media profile. Other countries were going into some level of lockdown so she had to do the same only better, harder, a shame that she took such a long time to get her a into g in doing it. Earlier would have needed less restrictions for less time and have caused less damage to the economy.
The budget, well it wasn't really a budget was it? A budget is a plan to determine where money needs to be spent, what the benefits will be and where the money to pay for it will come from. Grant Robertson just threw billions of dollars in all sorts of directions with little or no knowledge of how it would be used or what, if any benefits there will be. Yes it looks really impressive, but where will all of these billions come from, "a question for another day" , his exact words. Cinda says they will grow the economy, this from a government that cannot get their numbers right on growing trees or building houses. In the cabinet there is Cinda, a few competent MPs and the rest of them are just Muppets. I hope that Todd can convince the electorate that re-electing this coalition of losers will be disasterous.