Thursday, December 29, 2022

Clive Bibby: You can't fool all of the people all of the time

As an elitist parting shot prior to the Christmas break, the Editor of the Gisborne Herald chose the moment as a good time to establish himself as, not only the true authority on climate change science in our region but also, in the process, to belittle all those intelligent people who just happen to have a dramatically different opinion of what this country needs to do when dealing with the problem.

It is just another example of intellectual snobbery that is arguably the number one limiting factor to finding solutions that will work for everyone.

In this climate of false narratives being promoted for selective audiences, it is no surprise that those who expect only one side to do the heavy lifting are finding it difficult to convince the bulk of kiwis that theirs is the only way to the promised land.

It will also come as no surprise that the government is now experiencing a backlash from other reputable traditional supporters of a world wide reduction in GHG emissions of all tyypes - not just NZ farmers' miniscule contribution to the world total.

This reaction to our government's proposal is being led by respected international humanitarian organizations such as Oxfam who regard the idea as poorly structured, unfair and using figures that " don't add up!"

While those of us who have steadfastly opposed the basic points of the now increasingly discredited government sponsored strategy, mainly because it simply wasn't fair, are pleased to see the possibility of this issue being sent back to the drawing board, it will be some time before we can restore the trust needed in order for a workable solution to be found

And time is something we don't have.

I have said many times before - none of this needed to happen if the smart suits had demonstrated a bit of humility and decided to treat the farmers as men and women of integrity who have ideas that will work and have demonstrated many times that they will do their part in finding a formula that works for every one but it has to be fair.

The most recent proposal was anything but and it will most likely collapse under it's own weight of imbalance because of that one factor.

Every person living in this beautiful country has an equal responsibility to do their bit towards finding a formula but we will not be successful as long as the pointy heads of our society continue to think they are a cut above the rest. We deserve better.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Anonymous said...

We need a few retired lawyers to mount a campaign that opposes planting of pine on farms that were previously grazing land. Attack the resource consents required on environmental grounds (water, wilding pine, bird life etc). The irony is that so called CO2 mitigation is environmentally damaging. Any starters?

Anonymous said...

Regrettably arrogance hostility and superiority are now the NZ way of life. Ipso facto if you don’t like it leave. Dreadful state of affairs for a democracy.

Peter Oliver said...

I can confidently predict that the current woefully misinformed hysteria regarding “planting of pine on farms that were previously grazing land” will find no success should even the most skilled lawyers attempt to mount a campaign against it, as the environmental benefits of modern professionally managed plantations are hugely net positive - water quality, great bird life, avoided erosion, carbon sequestration to name just a few. And by the way, wildings predominantly come from legacy plantings, often farm shelter belts and historical homestead plantings, not modern plantations. Perceptions and prejudice from anonymous commenters are not a substitute for evidence.

Ewan McGregor said...

Perhaps, Clive, it may have been appropriate to have included “You can read the editorial HERE” in your comment so that readers can form their own view. It may well be rather different from yours.