Thursday, December 22, 2022

John Porter: Labour’s Court Jester Is Willie Jackson

We all know, only too well, that Jacinda Ardern is spoilt for choice when it comes to blunderers, incompetents and wastrels to staff her cabinet. In fact, you could say, “Her cup runneth over!”

Today is the last broadcast for 2022, I want to take a bit of an irreverent look at one of Ardern’s ministers who seems to go out of his way to confirm his “competence”!

And that’s the one whom I would call Labour’s Court Jester, none other than Willie Jackson!

The role of the jester in medieval times was to distract and amuse. A jester was a person who could freely speak without worrying about the consequences. Jesters were not afraid of causing offence by saying what they thought.

Jesters could also give bad news to the King that no one else would dare deliver. In 1340, when the French fleet was destroyed at the Battle of Sluys by the English, Phillippe VI‘s jester told him the English sailors “don’t even have the guts to jump into the water like our brave French”.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound just like a Willie Jacksonism!

Our Willie is the Minister of Broadcasting, and Jacinda obviously believed Willie’s vast broadcasting experience made him first pick for the role.

Of course, it did!

Remember back in 2013, his employer, Radio Live, following protests from sponsors and the public, told Willie Jackson and co-host John Tamihere that they would not return as talk-back hosts for the rest of 2013. This was following their controversial interview with a teenage girl over the Roast Busters sex scandal.

Since Poto Williams was Police Minister, I don’t think we have ever seen a Labour cabinet minister so obviously and demonstrably display their “talent” as well as Willie did in a recent Q & A interview with Jack Tame!

That interview has attracted a very large, unusually(?) for Willie, critical response. With a number suggesting Willie is in no position to be critiquing Jack Tame’s performance or dispensing tips on interviewing tradecraft. But Willie being Willie, he nevertheless felt himself qualified to do so.

“You’re doing such a negative interview today – I’m very disappointed in you,” Jackson said.

Jackson, thinking his “good ole boy” comic routine would carry him through, appeared unprepared for the interview and his general contention about concerns around the speed, structure and the independence of the new entity amounted to: Trust us, we’re the Government. We will sort it out!

Tui advert, Willie!

He shrugged off the costs of the specialist expertise, saying “… because that’s just the price.”

He even issued a flippant threat to Jack, suggesting he “…could be left to host Treasure Island!”

Willie was obviously getting annoyed with the heat he created and accused the media critics of being “Pearl Clutchers!” Pearl Clutchers are easily offended people.

Adding, “We shouldn’t get hysterical over one interview that didn’t go too well!”

Regarding the TVNZ/RNZ merger, it’s been said that Ardern has “…presented Willie with the Everest of his political career but, to use a mountaineering analogy, his crampons have failed him!”

A Machiavellian move by Ardern, hmmm?

Back in April in another extraordinary interview on Q+A, Willie claimed “Democracy in 2022 is broader and more expansive than just one person, one vote!”

Further stating, “The nature of democracy has changed. This is a democracy now where you take into account the needs of people, the diverse needs, the minority needs. It’s not the tyranny of the majority anymore, that’s what co-management and co-governance is about. It’s nothing to fear!”

I would say that if Willie is involved, then there is plenty to fear!

Back in June 2020, Willie, as Employment Minister, gave himself an uppercut when answering parliamentary questions from Shane Reti.

When asked about programs adults 30 years and older can enrol in to re-train should they lose their job, Willie pompously advocated “Mana in Mahi” and “He Poutama Rangatahi”.

Strangely, both of these programs are designed for individuals under the age of 25!

Gonna make it difficult for a 30-year-old to enrol, Willie.

Now here’s a great example of just how “politically flexible” Willie can be.

Back in 2013, Willie wrote in Waatea News: “Kiwi’s [sic] need to get angry about our water and they need to get angry now. Here’s the solution, and it’s a really simple one, New Zealand water for Kiwi’s first. Simple. I would prefer to listen to the view of former high court judge Eddie Durie who says everyone owns the water and there is a public interest.”

So everyone owns the water Willie?

In August Willie signed a new Indigenous Collaboration Arrangement between New Zealand and Canada. An arrangement designed to formalise work to improve outcomes for indigenous peoples, and enhance indigenous relationships.

Willie said “…the collaboration underpins a shared objective of creating and sustaining better outcomes for indigenous peoples.”

Well, that collaboration came in very handy because Willie flew to Paris last week to speak at the launch of the United Nations International Decade of Indigenous Languages.

Vindicating the trip saying “… it is important that New Zealand supports the revitalisation of indigenous language and culture around the globe.”

I wonder what language they spoke at the Indigenous Languages conference?

I’m picking English!

Willie, you are a living, breathing oxymoron!

Well, tomorrow many listeners will be finishing work for a well-earned Christmas and New Year break. Many will be working through providing essential services so a big thanks to you guys.

Enjoy your break and don’t let the blight that has been visited on our beautiful country by Ardern’s ham-fisted Government spoil your holiday.

Thank you for listening in 2022 and I’m looking forward to talking to you all again, early in 2023!

Merry Christmas everyone.

John Porter is a citizen, deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government. This article was first published HERE


John S said...

Such a great shame that it takes 5 years for clowns like Jackson to be found out by the Labour Party despite his previous antics with the idiotic Alliance Party 20 years ago. Or, are there other things at play here? Just wondering.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Porter. I would assume that you are familiar with the the Family that Willie Jackson emanates from? If you are, then you will know their respective past backgrounds - "in shit stirring", to which I sure (if you agree) that "Dear Willie" has enormous amounts of ability in that area. Did you ever listen to both Willie & John Tamihere when they presented their collaborative radio programme? Their "on air antics" should have been enough to have been removed before the "Roast Busters" episode, but the (then) Station Management thought they where "solid stuff".

I also assume you are aware that "Dear Willie" inveigled himself back into the Labour Party, as an MMP for Labour/ not elected - he was not that stupid, once it was clear that Jacinda would become "Leader" and it was reported by NZ Herald at the Time (when they did reporting) that "certain shenanigan's occurred", that got him "promoted as a List MP's" that would ensure he would certainly get a seat in the House, if Labour won. Thus history "was made" as they say.

Anonymous said...

Quote -- "Willie is a living, breathing oxymoron".
I dunno so much about the 'oxy' part.

ihcpcoro said...

Just perhaps, Willie has some sense of irony. Earlier this year, at a gifting of a large sum to the Chatham Islands, stated that 'we cannot be held responsible for the actions of our ancestors'. It was Willies tribal ancestors who travelled to the Chathams (on a British ship) and carried out mass slaughter of the Moriori residents - almost complete annihilation. No Willie, we can't be held responsible for the actions of our ancestors. Can we have our money back, please? The IQ of a frog.

Anonymous said...

A frog has more intelligence its process of metamorphosis is more complete at least it goes through three procedures to develop to maturity.