Thursday, December 15, 2022

John Porter: It Is Really Simple: One Man One Vote

Today I’m reading an e-mail I was sent recently. These are not my words but seemingly, they represent the feeling of a hell of lot of New Zealanders.

Firstly, we have to start telling the truth to our children and young people.

There has never been “culture” in any stone age society, as they all lived a subsistence lifestyle and usually fought tribe against tribe, for meagre resources.

That was Great Britain and Europe two thousand five hundred years ago.

The Roman Empire started the change and like the Greeks and Pharaoh’s before them, as society grew more ordered and prosperous, “cultural growth” took place. And Britain and Europe prospered.

The New Zealand Tribes, for six hundred years, had no society other than being warring tribes. This factor plus scarcity of food protein encouraged cannibalism and eventually, the genocidal “musket wars” with muskets smuggled in from France.

The availability of muskets encouraged tribes to wage war against each other, killing up to 40% of the population. “Tribal might is right” was the only law!

British protection and laws were requested by the tribes at various times in the 1820-1840 period but were rejected by Britain until ALL TRIBES signed, or agreed to sign, a Treaty ceding all claims of sovereignty over the islands of New Zealand.

In return, the tribes were granted status as “Individual subjects under the Crown, with equal rights and responsibilities under One Law”, the same as citizens of Great Britain.

The benefits accruing to the tribes on signing were the end of the musket wars together with British technology including food, clothing, steel tools, domesticated animals for food and transport and a language that all understood, with – eventually – education of all children equally.

And for one hundred and eighty-three years our nation prospered, and as “a rising tide lifts all ships” so do ALL CITIZENS get lifted, according to their individual effort and dedication.

But in the mid 70s the narrative changed and accelerated into the 2000s as unelected iwi elite began to gain power and money by taking advantage of the society that had lifted them from extinction.

In this, they were aided by academics, media and politicians who accepted the corruption of our democracy for personal advancement and enrichment.

This corruption has been embedded in our society because we the people were too complacent to recognise the increasing trend and take action at the ballot box.

Mahuta must be joking, right: claiming one Maori vote equals six citizen votes and is not a challenge to our democracy!

Many Maori friends and acquaintances share my view of the danger of an unelected tribal iwi elite gaining power over the country’s assets.

They would no doubt put their one Maori vote (worth six citizen votes under Co-governance) into centre-right politics, standing against this separatism, to get rid of the corruption of Labour’s He Puapua policies and objectives, all designed to take over our free, democratic nation.

It’s time for all New Zealanders to “stand up and be counted” against the intent of our dysfunctional government to turn our nation into an apartheid dictatorship run by the unelected iwi tribal elite.

The New Zealand Tribes ceded all claims of sovereignty of these islands of New Zealand in the 1840 treaty, in return for the right of becoming equal subjects under the Crown’s authority.

Here is an overly simple question prime minister. One Person One Vote, One Law and Equality of all citizens under the Crown.
What part of this 183-year democracy don’t you understand?

New Zealand is watching history in the making, a communist-style takeover of our country, by an enemy from within.

The spoilt brats of the middle classes in academia, spawning among the like-minded iwi elite, have been subverting education and the bureaucracy since the mid-sixties.

They started to make their move in the 70s by romanticising the myth of a “noble Maori nation, decimated by colonial settlers”. No doubt to assuage their guilt about the advantages brought about by their parents’ hard work and success.

Marxism started in universities in the early 1900’s, with the objective to build a perfect human society, which then turned into the corruption of the failed communist empires like USSR.

Which, will be the destiny of New Zealand unless all free men and women stand up to be counted at the next election!

“Our government of deceit” has allowed the Treaty elitist out of the closet of secrecy they hid in, to perpetuate their corruption with He Puapua, the secret policy document now being implemented without electoral mandate, to move us into separatism, unelected iwi and treatyist rule, making us all slaves in less than one generation.

17% of this nation who claim they are Maori, are mostly of mixed British and European blood. They see an opportunity to gain power and the country’s assets by ensuring the said 17% have in excess of 50% say and veto power over government into the future.

These iwi and Treaty elitists will be the unelected masters of our country, leaving 85% of the population virtual slaves! Existing in “bondage” and victimhood, just so the 5% elitist can continue to prosper as “the master race” within the mythical Maori utopia of Aotearoa.

Read the treasonous crap named He Puapua: it is based on myth, lies and deceit and is being implemented without electoral mandate by these elitist criminals, right now!

The only right our constitution sets in stone is the right of citizens to participate in the government of their country. Those who seek to remove the power of the people’s representatives to amend or repeal laws, are not our friends – they are our enemies.

Our country is being stolen from us!

Is it treason?

John Porter is a citizen, deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Hell Yes !!!!!

Kiwialan said...

John, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, the majority of whom have been bought off and silenced by the millions thrown at them. Kiwialan.

Mick said...

Well said John.I totally agree.Everyone needs to start telling the real truth.
I have been aware of the brainwashing and indoctrination in our institutions since the eighties.

Anonymous said...

The fact you say the words aren’t yours is irrelevant. It is undoubtedly how many ordinary New Zealanders are feeling, who have grown up alongside these very same, so-called Maori. We even admired their points of difference, never imagining all the benefits of colonialism, (for want of a better word) would be used as a weapon against those of us who are just as indigenous and protective of our country. This piece should be front page news.