Friday, December 23, 2022

Denis Hall: I can tell already - this is going to morph into something different.

I just read an essay - in a “Life Magazine” book of essays - - or call it an article if you like - by a very famous American lady Journalist and celebrity from the war years and after. Her name was Clare Booth Luce - and for some reason she was a favorite of my father - Sid Hall - and his mentioning of that name back in the forties somehow resonated in my child’s brain.

Yes - the forties - like last century - some of us really are still alive - but sadly - not for much longer.

But to cut to the chase - Clare Booth Luce, American Journalist extraordinaire - whom I have never heard called anything other than “Clare Booth Luce” - was around of course in 1940 - writing from Paris during that famous “Phony War” - when all the idiot politicians were waiting about - wetting their pants - in a state of total indecision - for Hitler’s next move.

Everyone was sure there was going to be a War - because he had just annexed the Sudetenland - and yeah I know - some politicians today have never heard of that. It is - or was part of Czechoslovakia.

So in 1940 - the mood of the people of Paris - and France - who all knew they would be next on Hitler’s list - after Poland - or the Netherlands - or Belgium ….was that something needed to be done about Hitler - before he made his next move. And our famous American Journalist (Clare Booth Luce) (yeah I know - said that,) talks about a hopeful phrase - a saying - a slogan - simple words of mutual reassurance - that was on the lips of all of the people at every level of society - politicians and journalists - to shop girls and soldiers - and prostitutes and pimps.

It was a French phrase of course - “Il faut en finir” - and it translates to:-> “We must put an end to it” - which as I read this - seems to mean - the War is soon going to be upon us - and we need to do something tangible now - while everyone who might do something - continues to do nothing - because : One - they couldn’t believe something that crazy could be happening to otherwise civilized people:- and Two - because of the astonishing ineptitude and denial of the elected politicians - who couldn’t find an idea anywhere that could be written down - shared around - and acted on - even thought they were looking at the rapid blooming of the greatest disaster in history of humanity.

And here - as I read this Clare Booth Luce article - and stuck as we all are in New Zealand 2022 - two words came into my mind:

Christopher Luxon.

To me he is the potential next Prime Minister - but as things stand today - we all know it will be by default - because New Zealanders in overwhelming numbers will head diligently and enthusiastically (and extatically) - to the polls to vote the Labour/Green lunatics OUT - OUT OUT OUT - rather than Luxon and National/Act in.

(Who is the weakest link? Well - not David Seymour.

So we have a conundrum it seems to me - because in nine months time - we will be voting in great numbers - for a very lackluster opposition - to come in and clean up the most terrible social - financial - and political disaster ever created deliberately by any government in our history - and these lackluster politicians - on the National side - cannot even enunciate what the people of New Zealand are all thinking.

Okay - so we all know the excuse - that the Labour Green Marxist Government - have diligently followed the classic Communist/Marxist dogma - and annexed all the main News Media - (except Newstalk ZB - Mike Hosking and Heather du Plessy Allen) and so they and their leftist friends control the means to send out the message and prevent Christopher Luxon and his invisible team from being heard on the Mainstream Media.

(We all get that Chris - but you have to be more proactive.)

The Government control TV’s one two three and four with that obviously subversive “Responsible Journalism Fund” - and Radio New Zealand who’s listenership has tanked anyway so they don’t really matter any more anyway.

(The only people still listening to them haven't figured out how to change the station on the old fashioned radio.)

But the Creeps running RNZ are being reconstituted as the voice of the Marxists - so we can look out for that in the future. (Remember their names - because they are the enemy.)

(Write the names down - because they are very forgettable people.)

But back to Christopher Luxon. A few words for you and your team of ghosts Chris.

A Youtube channel - I have two of them and I’m just an old bloke fooling around. Not difficult.

Or even a Youtube channel for each of your invisible people.

Make an issue of the fact that that responsible Journalism fund has made you all invisible - because that is a well known deliberate Marxist Communist ploy - and don’t be afraid to call them what they are. Marxist Communists!

People know - and they respect peope with the balls to tell the truth - and the truth is - THIS GOVERNMENT HAS TO GO - WE MUST PUT AN END TO IT!


All you have to do is sit down for a while each day and speak to the computer camera - and then drag and drop the file into youtube. I only started this a few weeks ago - but I’ll come down and teach you if that’s what you need. Simple stuff. Make sure you have a title though and a picture - on every video clip. Give it a thoughtful message.

Then take the file name from Youtube and stick it on your facebook page and you are talking to all your followers.

OR - What about scheduled Zoom Broadcasts - or Podbeam - or even that facebook video function. Lots of people like me will help you - recruit us - inform us - collaborate with us - but for $h*t sake pull finger. We are talking war here - because that’s what Jacinda and the enemy are doing to us. They are removing our freedom and plundering the assets of the Nation!

What’s that if it’s not a bloody war.

Come on Chris Luxon - tell us how you’ll fix the co- governance travesty - and the outright theft of the Three Waters - and the public displays of Nepotism? And if they have managed to seal the Three Waters in place - pass legislation to have them watched at every turn - or taxed at every level at a debilitating rate - and set up serious sanctions to come into force at even a whiff of scandal. No mercy - they have shown none for the rest of the population.

Remember - that is their mantra - there are many ways to skin a cat - you just got to be prepared to know them and use them.

We are ready Chris Luxon. Provided you are.


Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Unknown said...

Gosh, a New Zealander who has 'delved into the past' and printed a synopsis of that time. For those Kiwi's reading this article few will actually have any idea of what you are relating to. I do. At the time in history you mention, to which you allude to Political incompetence, both in England and across Europe, and in reading your article I thought of the words "laissez-faire" which I am sure you will know the definition. At the same time the lack of Military readiness, England particularly under Chamberlain and the French late 1930's.
New Zealand Politically & Military was in a similar position them and a I would think even now.
Also at the time the USofA considered themselves "a nation in isolation" on matters Political for both England & Europe. Amazing what a war can do.

Mr Luxon, well he is a "very good poker player" or he and his current team are more into laissez-faire. Many "need to go to a school to learn how to communicate", it might help them when speaking with the NZ Voter, or even to our MSM, who are going to "bury them"(National & ACT) with every mis-step from now till GE 2023..

*** said...

Great article Denis. However it looks to me that Luxon has no intention of dealing with the issues you highlight. If Luxon intends to reverse the racist legislation he would be shouting from the rooftops right now. Luxon is our Neville Chamberlain. He does not want to communicate directly with the people because then voters will see where he really stands on the issues. He is hoping people like you and me will assume he is against the current racist moves (initiated in secret by John Key) and vote National in. I expect National will do nothing of significance to scrap the racist legislation, the clue is in their current behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The sheer volume of Labour legislation related to co-governance will easily justify blanket repeal.

Voters must make this a condition for support for a specific party.

Last chance so nothing to lose.