Friday, May 26, 2023

Guy Hatchard: What Can Be Done to Fix the Future? Who Will We Vote for Now?

It seems to have become a trend for politicians to hint that there might just have been some mistakes in the formulation of pandemic policy, but then they add something to the effect: it doesn’t really matter now, because we did our best.

Former PM Jacinda Ardern, speaking yesterday at the World Health Organisation assembly, said

“Mistakes we made, things we got right, not all of it will be relevant here but much of it was….All I can reflect is just how accurate your prescribed approach is building a healthy future, science, solutions, solidarity.”

She continued there was “so much to learn from the experience” and concluded,

”Jacinda Adern 22 May 2023

Meanwhile, Funding for Biotech Research Into New mRNA Vaccines Continues

But did she or her government learn from the experience? Have they done enough or much at all for those who lost their jobs or the thousands who lost their health and in some cases their lives? Has there been any genuine assessment of the impact of their huge miscalculations and misdirections?

It might just be possible to run with some sort of apology if it wasn’t for the fact that governments around the world including ours are still encouraging, not to say coercing, more ineffective, harmful booster uptake. They are also funding biotech research into new mRNA vaccines, and even risky gain of function research—the arch villain of pandemic origins. There is no evidence of reflective assessment of what went wrong, just more politicking and self-promotion.

Politicians have missed the mark by failing to realise or acknowledge that health outcomes declined and excess deaths rose. These statistics involve individual people who are struggling with their health but are being denied access to information.

The level of denial and gaslighting is astounding. As a friend’s doctor admitted recently:


Pandemic Policy Ran Roughshod Over Employment Rights and Health Choices

It pushed genuine science aside in a rush to facilitate a global biotechnology experiment. It forgot the wisdom of the ages embodied in the Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm”. It abandoned caution and ignored risks. It not just misled the population, but brain washed them with unsubstantiated claims of safety and efficacy. It divided nations and families.

In many cases, governments ignored the advice of cautious experts. They lauded those of a fawning disposition. They engaged advisors and cronies at exorbitant rates and ignored their poor performance. They amassed mountains of debt on our behalf with little thought for the economic future of the nation. They paid the media to sing their praises

In truth, lessons have not been learned. To this day, governments around the world are hiding and obfuscating pandemic data, failing to distinguish the different outcomes of the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Preventing genuine scientific debate and limiting access to fact. Reaching agreements with social media giants to cancel questioning voices. In doing so, they are seeking to overturn science as it has been practised for 400 years.

Science has progressed through open dialogue and access to experimental data. It is now missing in action.

No apology has been made for any of this. The discriminatory and punitive laws they passed are still on the statute books. The leading characters in the charade have not been subject to cross examination in public forums or in the courts. The myths of biotechnology are still the subject of fanciful puff pieces in the media claiming a disease-free future, all paid for by those in the pharmaceutical industry who stand to profit greatly from the deception.

When was the last time we saw a politician consenting to a genuine dialogue with the electorate? Locked safely in their castles, they pronounce from the throne with their eyes firmly fixed on the glittering global stage.

The rich and famous, including our elected politicians and public servants are, like Ardern, preening their feathers on the international circuit far from the madding crowd as if they engineered a miracle pandemic escape, but it is all just a mirage of their self-congratulatory imagination. The world has changed but not for the better. Hospitals are overflowing. Excess deaths have reached record levels. Crime has surged. Poverty is rearing its ugly head.

What Happens When Truth, Fact, Tradition, and Caution Are Ignored

It is hard to distinguish who is fooling who and what their ultimate aims might be. In the unregulated global space, billionaires, political leaders, big pharma CEOs, and the heads of intergovernmental agencies are vying for control and wealth. They are talking as if real people are just pawns in a game.

This is what happens when truth, fact, tradition, and caution are ignored. The only way to turn the tide of destruction is for a genuine apology to be issued and processes of restitution embarked upon. National sovereignty must be restored. Our Bill of Rights granted entrenched constitutional status.

As we prepare to vote, we should ask ourselves which of the candidates is prepared to listen to us. To whom could you ask questions? Who among them has looked deeper into the facts? Are they prepared to rationally and openly address the issues that matter?

Place Chris Hipkins, David Seymour, Chris Luxon, and Marama Davidson side by side with Winston Peters and Matt King and ask yourself who is listening or even looking your way. Trust yourself not the paid media.

Dr Guy Hatchard is a former senior manager at Genetic ID, food testing and certification company. This article was first published HERE


Rob Beechey said...

Unfortunately the corrupt media is determined to protect this lie “Safe and Effective” and would most certainly unleash an avalanche of venom into any politician that demonstrates courage to challenge this coverup.

Kiwi kid said...

Guy, we now have who we have, to vote for.
With less than 5 months to the election we cannot magic up the ideal candidate.
This election is about individual rights vs collectivism ( aka Woke Marxism).
Firstly, we need to ensure we don’t place a wasted vote with a party that has no real hope of getting in, having impact, and effecting change.
Secondly we need to recognise that while, for the purposes of the election, a party’s leader is important, what is more important longer term is the Zeitgeist of the members of the party itself.
Thirdly, we devoted New Zealanders need to become more political; the time for believing that civilized society is an always and forever state that we are owed by virtue of our birth is over. That brief and magical era now firmly in the rear view mirror was but a wrinkle in the fabric of time.
The election itself is only the first salvo in the fight of our lives. We must get behind the party whose constitution most resonates with us and we must make our needs and our feelings known within that group. We must speak up and debate. We must not expect or demand perfection but come together as a (imperfect) force for good.
Our eyes must be firmly on not just this election, but the one following. We must prepare ourselves to work, when this election is over, harder than ever.
If ‘the right’ gets in this election, right as the world’s economy tanks and dangerous instability escalates they will be punished for the ensuing carnage at the following election no matter what they do.
Repiling an old and busted house takes time and it takes money. And you see nothing for your effort. But when the Big One hits, yours is the house most likely to remain standing.
We must help New Zealanders understand that although it may not have the best insulation or the latest in home decorating, a repiled house is an invaluable asset in an earth shattering emergency.
I’m getting away on myself. I love New Zealand. I so want us to survive and thrive.
Please, think pragmatically, and become the change you wish to see (as they say). Join the party that resonates most with you. But don’t just join. Become an active member.
Act now.
We have too little time as it is.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not voting for any of the current treasonous politicians who have allowed our national and personal sovereignty to become null and void.

Anonymous said...

Matt King of DemocracyNZ is aware of the need to restore Freedom, Rights and Democracyvti NZ. Winston Peters put Jacinda in power betraying NZ and although he is saying the right things now he cannot be trusted.