Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wendy Geus: Deathly Silence by our leaders shows NZ's level of wokeness

Tyranny and anarchy rule when free speech dies

Graham Bell, former host of Police Ten 7, recently was bemoaning the demise of the show and the wokeness that did it in and got me thinking, New Zealand is one of the wokest places on earth.

How do I know?

The silence over the government's damaging radical policies, rarely mentioned in the insular mainstream media controlled by the government's PIJF, is deafening. TVNZ is the standard bearer or 'the government's propoganda arm' (quote Peter Dunne)

The media are now almost completely captive of the government's radical agenda.

All of us condemning 'woke' and the loony left are in the 'fringe' media and banned from uttering our so called 'conspiracy theories' or 'hatred" or 'disinformation' to the world at large.

Shutdown. As the left will not be corrected, contradicted or entertain a differing opinion.

New Zealand's state of being is a state of tyranny.

Mike Hosking when interviewing his UK correspondent recently commented how woke Britain is.

But actually, I disagree.

Countries, like the UK whose leaders loudly stand up to the tiny minority who presume to set the benchmark on what is acceptable, are less woke than us, because they talk about it and condemn it.

The UK has a conservative government who see the lunacy of the left for what it is and are not afraid to speak out against their ridiculous assertions and bullying. Their government protect the likes of Posie Parker's right to free speech, ours left her to the feral mob beause ours promotes social justice activism at the expense of people's safety.

That day in Albert Park we saw anarchy rear its ugly head. It was our day of shame.

Boris, when PM, threatened to withdraw funding to Universities banning certain speakers they did not agree with.

Rishi Snak, recently standing up for woman's safety and rights, decrying ridiculous labels like 'pregnant people' was sending a message the majority will not be ruled by the minority over what they consider 'proper' or 'correct'.

Sir Jeffrey Archer did a highly entertaining rant on wokeness in Hosking's recent interview, saying he would not be ruled by a tiny minority as to what is acceptable. (see link) And celebrities like J. K. Rowling and Laurence Fox add to the 'conversation'.

New Zealand has our most left wing radical government ever and is paying the price. Speak up on anything, like Sir Ian Taylor, at your peril. Charismatic and eloquent Winston Peters and Shane Jones are our only 'politically incorrect' voices, condemning and derisive of the government and media; whilst National party strategists agonise over why NZ First are polling well despite not being in government.

Where was the outrage when our PM (as education minister) employed transgender activist Shaneel Lal to 'advise him' on introducing gender studies in our schools three years ago, using our children, as young as five, as guinea pigs to brain wash them with his highly questionable content.

The bought silence of the media sheltering Chris Hipkins from criticism, as he implemented this with barely a whimper from anyone.

Not to forget Hipkins' cancel culture version of our history curriculum, which desparately needs a 'reset' from a new incoming government. I am looking forward to that (pre election) announcement; and also that our country's name 'New Zealand' will be reinserted into all public documents and in particular the history curriculum where it was removed completely.

It came as something of a shock to the media when Luxon bravely told RNZ that he was ruling out working with the Maori Party, then rang Hosking's show and 'officially' announced it. The difference between the two parties is great so no one believed this partnership could work.

However being definitive and decisive should play well for a politician not known for making decisions on the hoof; with Hipkins left to deal with the nightmare of the inevitability of this mercurial coalition partner if he is to retain power.

Referred to as A Coalition of Chaos by the Herald's Thomas Coughlan, the phrase fitted Luxon's narrative perfectly.

The Maori party are the media's heroes, ignoring all the rules and behaving like toddlers. However they completely blotted their copybook, possibly even shocking the adoring media and through their antics, bared their souls, ending their King Maker ambitions. Their disrespectful performance in the House was too much for Luxon, and perfect timing to put future speculation to bed.

Sorry Chippie, you're stuck with them.

Luxon's stand up with the media saw he and Willis calm and unified in explaining their decision, batting away any suggestions from a hostile, fractious media,who had been caught on the back foot, that it could be 'dog whistle politics'. The expression used by Kiri Allen in response to Winston Peters' suggestion ram raiders are 'feral, drop kick losers.'

Luxon's assertion 'you can disagree without being disagreeable' works well in the Air NZ board room, but does not transfer well to the New Zealand election battle field where a desperate government in leagues with a compliant media will fight to the death to win.

Activist politicians like Allan, Jackson, Whaitiri, Mahuta and the Maori party have largely gone unchecked; and have TVNZ's Breakfast journalists strongly advocating for all of government's social justice agenda with no balance in most of their interviews; like (Jacinda's) Disinformation Project, which, as even Bryce Edwards points out, has little or no evidence provided to support the defamatory accusations being made against the right.

Add to that the support cast of many in the press pack eager to promote their radical agendas and National and Act could do with a life line, which has come in the form of the theatrics of the Maori party and defecting politicians. By jumping ship and keeping their jobs, with help from the Speaker of the House, they have revealed their selfishness and arrogance and focused the public's mind on the reality of a potential left wing Coalition of Chaos.

Luxon's announcement also immediately focused the mind of our PM who had a message for the smaller parties, 'Be careful not to ask too much or you risk not being part of a government.'

Jack Tame, online, put it more succinctly, 'If voters are uncomfortable with the prospects of Te Pati Maori in government and it costs Labour a few percentage points, the consequences for Chris Hipkins are potentially dire.'

Unfortunately New Zealand does not have the luxury of right and left wing media like the US and the UK. We have a (mostly) left wing media who magically reveal their investigative journalism skills when faced with a conservative government; and become compliant when royally paid to follow this latest Labour Government's agenda.

It really does seem like a sh*t show in the US, but with at least five key media players on each side of the political divide, it is at least a fairer bun fight.

I see clear evidence of Stuff (and others) protecting the government by not printing incriminating material, ignoring National and Act's press releases and Stuff always leaving out the comment section with contentious commentary like the Maori Party soap opera (predicted to run until 14th October). A bit like the left wing media in the States ignoring the growing storm around Biden's son's dodgy money deals and his laptop, but balanced there by the conservative media covering it chapter and verse.

There was no mention of Debbie Ngarewa-Packer throwing a tantrum when her badly written seabed mining bill, which she mistakedly voted against, failed to pass the first reading, on the evening television news. She completely lost it calling everyone 'amateurs' and warning Labour not to come knocking on her door (presumably come 14th October) which would have made riveting viewing. The New Zealand media protects its own. Had that been National it would have led the news. But we know National party MPs would never have given them the opportunity.

Newshub recently pulled an article revealing National's candidate Emma Chatterton encountering an attempted robbery in a dairy in her Rimutaka electorate, when delivering pamphlets on a law and order meeting! What are the chances? I assumed it would lead TV news, but it vanished from their site within hours and only re-emerged on Kiwiblog. Another example of the media attempting to protect the government from itself.

Thugs ruling the streets at the expense of New Zealanders' safety is anarchy, something National needs to put on a bill board.

I heard an overseas commentator say recently New Zealand must be the only democracy where the media will determine the outcome of the election. We are all a little fearful of that. Government corruption has run deep since Jacinda's blatant $55 million media bribe, a first for any western democracy.

However right on cue enter stage left: the Maori Party, (along with supporting cast, the Greens and Labour) playing their part like performing fleas, better than we could ever have hoped... and the media commentators may have more of a bit part.

I see in my mind's eye National's boat rowing steadily towards the finish line from one of John Key's government's election campaign advertisements, (and Labour's going the wrong way), which would be the perfect image for their campaign this year. They just need to get the copyright of the soundtrack sorted.

I noticed Jack Tame mentioned the same image on Newstalk ZB.

Could it be, despite current polling, Tame has seen the inevitability of the outcome, just like me?

Wendy Geus is a former speechwriter and generalist communications advisor in local government. She now writes for the pure love of it.  This article was originally published by The Platform and is published here with kind permission.


Anonymous said...

Corporatocracy's (including governments and councils) are brought to heel when 'we the people' boycott them. Think Bud light, Target ect.

Robert Arthur said...

The history(s) curriculum is mentioned. The public submissions on this have never been released but no outcry. Yet another topic for Luxon to raise.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with Wendy. My brother lives in the uk and said that during the "pandemic' people in the UK were openly questioniing everything, as wss the media. They never had a sheeple mentality or this worship of their leader, weird thing going on like we did, and would never have tolerated a lockdown 4. Uk media support both left and right over there with different views expressed. The wokeness in nz has not stopped since the pandemic button was pushed. My brother who is a kiwi follows what is going on over here and cannot believe it. He stopped telling fellow brits he was a kiwi as they kept asking him " what is going on over there? Why are kiwis accepting authoritarianism?" The media here is borderline evil in my opinion.

greg d said...

Michael laws of the plaftorm when discussing the difference between australian and new zealand mentalities said new zealand could be discribed as a woke country with a treaty!

Doug Longmire said...

An excellent article, Wendy. You have described the situation very clearly.

Your words:- "I heard an overseas commentator say recently New Zealand must be the only democracy where the media will determine the outcome of the election. We are all a little fearful of that. Government corruption has run deep since Jacinda's blatant $55 million media bribe, a first for any western democracy." are just chilling !!!

The destruction of our once proud, fair and honest nation by a Left wing media, which is blatantly the propaganda wing of the Left wing government, is shockingly unique in Western democracies.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, how are you getting on regarding any formal official statements on the "Principles of the Treaty "

Thanks for the continuing pressure on this so called Government.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant and accurate.

The trio of transformational government agenda ( He Puapua) biased media and apathetic public is a deadly mix.

Very hard to counter effectively.

Anonymous said...

Yes, another bloodless coup (unless we wake up to the agenda at play) where we find ourselves in a gulag and wonder how we got here.

Ross said...

Evil is not solely found in the things we have done, but also in those things we have left undone. Not only in what we have said, but that which we have left unsaid. Context is everything.
There is good reason why the oath in evidence is to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth.
On this count alone the mainstream media would appear to be not merely corrupt, but evil and unrepentant liars.
Satan is referred to as the father of lies.
Indeed a strange choice of bedfellow for those whose proud boast has been to hold the powerful to account.
The true consequence of lying is loss of credibility.
I believe that the ability of the media in NZ to influence elections has been severely damaged by their own mendacity.

Don said...

A quote from an Australian publication that "we live in a time when the intelligent are silenced lest they offend the stupid" Reverberated with me until I realised here in NZ the situation is worse. Stupidity can be excused but bribery leading to corruption of the media cannot. Once I was a prolific writer of Letters to Editors in various publications until the PIJF was made available and my source of fun dried up so that no effort of mine sees the light of day. There must be many of us. Criticism of anything regarding Maorification, Treaty lies, fake history etc. etc. has trickled down to nothing in the general media. For $55 million the government has bought a subservient media. One hopes our democracy is stronger than the elite pushing us towards the pit of oligarchy.