Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Mike Hosking: Finally an admittance from the Government on crime

Did we have a breakthrough of sorts on the programme with the Prime Minister, or was it more gaslighting?

Ginny Andersen, who is so out of her depth it's embarrassing, has insisted for weeks now that crime isn't up and it's just being reported more. We all feel safer because of the 1800 police they have delivered.

Chris Hipkins, who is clearly at the more retail end of the political spectrum, knows that that level of BS could not continue and so he acquiesced and said what we are seeing is unacceptable.

No kidding, Chris.

His problem is what to do about it.

The magic bullet of 1800 more cops isn't magic, or a bullet. It's clearly not enough.

Where it has all come unstuck for them is in their ideology that has driven six years of soft-on-crime theory

By emptying the prisons, by appointing Poto Williams, by appointing Andrew Coster, by not arresting kids, by not getting people in court, by the courts not throwing books at them, you have emboldened the thugs.

And the thugs are running rampant.

For the first few years they could debate all of this. They could run that Ardern programme of kumbaya and keep telling us that being nice would lead to better people taking new pathways in life.

It was, of course, all idealistic crap as Police Minister after Police Minister came and went. The only one left to stick their hand up was Ginny Andersen as no one else would touch the portfolio, because they knew they had blown it and the reputational damage was too great.

By being soft on crime and by treating the police portfolio the way they have they have sown their own crisis. By believing that thugs are decent people who just need a hug, they have blown it.

Crime now is the number two concern, only because the cost-of-living crisis is so astonishingly bad.

If we weren't all so broke, crime would be the election issue.

What Hipkins might just be starting to understand, is that when people close businesses because the thugs have won, that's not the New Zealand we want. When the beatings and the violence and the wanton criminality is affecting every single one of us, either through theft or aggression or fear, that is not the New Zealand we want.

And to make it worse by gaslighting us the way Andersen does, treating us like idiots with falsity and lies, is the reason you lose elections.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings


Anonymous said...

If the government can lock us down & mandate us out of our jobs, schools & sports, order police to attack innocent New Zealanders exercising their human right to assemble, protest & refuse medical treatment, all over a cold, then I am sure they could easily sort out those who are actually breaking real laws & causing real harm. How is it police could enter our homes without a warrant if they suspected we had more than 10 people, monitor, warn & even prosecute those who went driving down the hill to take their kids for a bike ride on the flat, or God forbid swimming, biking or buying toothpaste, but couldn’t arrest Clark’s illegal bike riding & house moving, Wiles getting herself deliberately beached, Ashley & Jacinda for their ‘illegal’ selfies, or arrest known criminals, even when they have clear evidence - such as the recent violent assaults on the main street of Palmerston North & the burglary of Johnny Singh‘s home? The media can try & hide this stuff as much as they like, but irrespective of their propaganda, it is rare to come across anyone in NZ that genuinely thinks the government & the police are doing a good job. There’s a reason why police are no longer respected: They started to lose it when they prioritised things like traffic violations over actual crime & then lost it completely when they became this government’s ‘ Jessie, Bluebell & Pincher’. What they did on 10 February 2022 & 2 March 2022 was criminal. So start prosecuting those thugs then the other thugs might start believing we have more than just paper policemen protecting us.

Robert Arthur said...

Shane Jones as Minister of Police is a hope. I maintain the imagine (enact) decolonisation mantra is much to blame.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with anonymous @12:19
Paper policemen manipulated by Ardern.
It’s funny how the police are so keen to bash people protesting for their rights but not so keen to put the boot into motorcycle gangs or young toe rags ram raiding shops.
Time to get the priorities straight. Get tough on crime and start protecting the rights of law abiding citizens.

CXH said...

Anon - 'Wiles getting herself deliberately beached, - I don't think this was deliberate. After a couple of vinos she didn't realise the ride was going out until it was to late. Then there she was -beached as.