Friday, March 26, 2021

Leighton Smith Podcast: Muriel Newman on NZ's political and social landscape

This week Muriel Newman offers a critical analysis of the NZ political and social landscape. She accurately targets where we could be heading. 

We examine the Maori sovereignty movement’s power grab and the forthcoming criminalisation of free speech (based on the Royal Commission’s recommendations for new hate speech laws). 

And more, is democracy under threat in NZ. 

 And we provide some words on Critical Race Theory. Really? Well, yes...
Leighton Smith Podcast: Muriel Newman on NZ's political and social landscape March 17 2021. 

Leighton Smith is an award-winning talkback radio host.


John said...

A great insightful interview. Where have all the impartial journalists gone? We need them to balance the increasing socialism in this country.

Anonymous said...

The problems discussed are the same, or very similar, to what is happening throughout the western world.
Maori "taking back NZ" is a slight misnomer imo. There was no nation state under then existing disparate tribes. It will be interesting to see if all tribes ascribe to the same thinking. I have some optimism that there are Maori who clearly see the very serious potential trouble of walking down this path.

BLM is a Marxist organisation, with leaders who have held to full-blown Marxist ideology for many years . They did not suddenly arise because of the death in hospital of Mr. Floyd. BLM simply leveraged that situation.

One race, the human race. Identity politics and so called intersectionality are tools being wielded to divide us. Lust for power, control over others and wealth have always been factors throughout history; this is another episode. If we value freedom, our generation must face this down, just as our forefathers faced down destructive ideologies in their time.

Anonymous said...

Even if journalists want to be impartial, the Human Rights Commission have seen to it that they can only mention "Maori" in a positive light, otherwise they are guilty of racism. Consequently, there is little or no mention of the Government's rampant & very racist legislation, or the growing governing power of unelected, unaccountable, and unchallegeable "Maori" in our country.

Houston, we have a problem!