Monday, March 29, 2021

Sir Bob Jones: Time for a Change


Wellington MP Nicola Willis hit the news this week with her claim of feeling unsafe in Wellington’s CBD. I’ve heard this repeatedly in recent weeks. So what’s occurred to suddenly bring about this state of affairs? Nicola knows but being a typical kick for touch Nat’, wasn’t game to say for fear of the wearying racism charge.

What’s happened is this year the capital’s CBD has suddenly become an attractive destination for maori gangs. And why? Because the bloody unbelievably idiotic Welfare Department is putting them up at taxpayers expense in central city hotels. This is sheer madness.

This filth is now everywhere on our CBD streets, threatening pedestrians. I’ve heard numerous stories including incidents from my own staff.

For example, a prime central city hard working restaurant proprietor in one of our buildings witnessed one of these pieces of garbage, emerge from an adjacent Quest hotel, swagger drunkenly while shouting obscenities, then pick up one of her outside table’s chair and hurl it against a passing car. The driver wisely kept going.

Auckland’s central Queen Street has been unsafe after 8pm for some years now, thanks to a mob of about 20 maoris lurching drunkenly about and accosting anyone game enough to venture out.

Nowhere else in the world would this be tolerated.

Frankly, it produces a wonderful political opportunity for a Party game enough to take a hard line without fear of racism charges. The public, and I have absolutely no doubt the vast majority of maoridom, embarrassed by this appalling carry-on, would be with them 100%.

For starters, ban the new maori industry of degrading begging which not so long ago was illegal and is now today in some European nations.

Second; adopt policies that work, such as pay unemployment benefits for three months only, then accept no further applications for a year and keep building up the Police force and construct more prisons for no-hopers who have thrived as welfare bludgers.

The current soft-soaping approach is simply an incentive for low-lifes to continue their life-wasting practices. That’s their call but the rest of us should not have to endure it.

I say it again. No city CBDs in any western nation, and the majority of other countries for that matter, has unsafe environments to compare with Auckland and Wellington, and increasingly Christchurch.

It’s ludicrous, that for fear of racism charges we’re tolerating this.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Russell said...

Sorry Bob, but nobody in this country has the balls to tell it like it is. My god, talk about the chickens cowering from the Fox. I often think to myself, gosh I am so glad to be 74 and not have to witness this country turn into the South Pacific sh!thole that it is becoming.
Where are the men of integrity that were our Politicians. Sad sad sad.

Tony Orman said...

As a swinging voter, I took an interest in the clash between the Green co-leader Marama Davidson and National MP Nicola Willis. Nicola said she didn’t feel safe walking in central Wellington. Marimba Davidson reacted accusing the National MP off being racist. As far as I could ascertain Willis never referred to any ethnic group or skin colour.
This continues my disappointment - as a rational environmentalist - in the Green Party who have forsaken their environmental fundamentals for a PC brigade approach, often with no relevance to green issues. Does Marama Davidson's’s reaction to Willis’ apprehension indicate the Green Party favours a society rent by division?
Surely "we are one team of 5 million” as the Prime Minister has remonstrated?

Mark W said...

Absolutely right on the button as per usual Bob. On another note I have just heard of an ACC wheelchair-bound client being put up by ACC in a new Auckland sub-penthouse at a cost of $2,500 per WEEK for some four months while the client's apartment is modified to accommodate their wheelchair use.

Veteran44 said...

You hit the nail on the head. Hope you have your snowflake proof flak jacket and tin hat close by!!!

Don said...

Learn to live with it Bob. The gangs are thoroughly infused into "Maori culture" and no government is prepared to question any aspect of that lest they be labelled "racist" and lose their mandate. The Police try to work with iwi to establish some kind of control but the main drive of iwi seems to be to dream up spurious claims to drain as much as possible from the taxpayers. Until we can convince iwi that gangs are as much a problem to them as everybody else not much progress seems likely.

Mary-Ann said...

If police would interfere, and God forbid would actually do their job and get the scum of the streets, they would be labeled as being racist. Recently the program 10/7 has been labeled as being racist as it only showed brown people in trouble or as it was said targeted by police. What a load of crap.
It's a well rounded program and not only Maori but also other ethnicities are clearly part of the program. However nowadays its easier to divert attention away from crime committed by Maori to cry racist

Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to remind you, but last October NZ had a parliamentary election, and NZ voters categorically dumped the Right while giving total control to the Left and their brand of touchy-feely, duplicitous, warped and reverse-racist woke socialism. We all knew what they were like, but we handsomely re-elected them anyway and - worse - in the process annihilated the handbrake on them that were the centre-right parties. What fools we were! True, National did themselves no favours in 2020, but Ardern & co did not for one moment deserve the outright majority they got. As NZ electors, we are now going to have to pay the price for our ineptitude and shortsightedness by biding our time and impotently watching this shambles from the sidelines until 2023. And then let's not repeat the mistake again.

Anonymous said...

It's not just in Wellington. I was riding my bike into Paeroa on the Hauraki Rail Trail yesterday when I noticed a man yelling obscenities at others ahead of me. I moved over to be as far from him as possible but certainly got my own earful. He looked like he'd been in a fight and/or was on something. I was very relieved that I wasn't walking and able to move pass at speed. (And sorry to say, he appeared to be Maori).

Russ said...

Time for change alright Sir Bob.
To this - "Nonpartisan democracy (also no-party democracy) is a system of representative government or organization such that universal and periodic elections take place without reference to political parties - Nonpartisan systems may be de jure, meaning political parties are either outlawed entirely or legally prevented from participating in elections at certain levels of government."
Makes sense to me.

Unknown said...

Ray says
I am a 65 year old white NZer and while I don't have to work (been self employed for most of my working life and done alright), I still get up at 5AM every morning and usually still working until at least 6PM six days a week. Its not for the money, but more a sense of always needing to be doing something positive. It's the way I was bought up. My father and his four brothers all served five years active service in the second world war, which I am sure will be on the " woke" movements mandate to have obliterated or at least changed to be a bit more PC. Growing up in this environment I learnt there is no free ride and the only way to get ahead is get up in the morning and do some work. Worked for me and all my siblings.
I follow the political debate and generally have a conservative view, but this whole new PC and WOKE bullsh!t, is really stirring me up. I am almost afraid to use the word Maori for fear of it being taken out of context and me being labelled a racist. Funny, because some of my closest friends and colleagues are probably more Maori than 95% of the wannabes, my son in law and his family are all Maori and we all get on and share the same views.
So my question... who are these people that are the PC brigade and the word police that tell what words we are allowed to use and which words are offensive. I know people with dogs named, but now its almost death penalty to use that word, yet I hate and am offended by the word Pakeha. I guess because I am a white, heterosexual male New Zealander who believes we are all equal, my view doesn't count.
I just wish that Sir Bob's and other contributors views could be aired in a forum these WOKE's would have to listen and possibly see that there are some very intelligent well informed people outside of their narrow minded, self serving cocoon.

papashangel said...

statistics dont lie! you can ban publishing this and stop the radio saying that ,you can legislate social media from engaging all manner of theories and thoughts ,but statistics do not lie and that is all we should be focusing on .Wellington has never been so unsafe as it is now and the make up of who is causing all of the violent problems can easily be obtained through cctv footage and police and court records ,the stats will not lie nor will the cameras wake the $ up NZ before we lose everything we value

Anonymous said...

Ray says: "[W]ho are these people that are the PC brigade"?

Marxist National Question racial/cultural identity politics attracts three groups of people like flies to a turd.

- A numerically small group of hardcore Communists who derive a sense of superiority out of knowing they are manipulating the situation by dividing society into "oppressor" and "victim" groups. They want power and aim to get it via the divide-and-conquer principle.

- The liberal 'Pinks' whom Lenin once referred to as 'useful idiots' due to how readily they can be co-opted to serve Communist agendas. These West-hating socialist traitors want moral preening and public virtue-signaling opportunities. The Communists provide these by telling the useful idiots they can earn brownie [sic] points by crossing the floor and going in to bat for the "oppressed."

Since the highest status in our society goes to anyone who can claim membership of a Marxist-designated “victim” group, so much the better if one has a remote Maori ancestor and can switch sides altogether. One is now an ancestor-denier and an indigenous pretender.

Outside one’s kin group, such an individual is actually a Pakeha with a touch of the tar brush, not a “Maori.” This self-delusion needs to be pointed out loudly and often, not pandered to.

- The more “Maori” [part-] Maori who want utu for being brown in a white man's world. Their agenda is to shove everyone else’s nose in the racial turd as payback. We are back under the house again aged four, boobing uncontrollably the first time we realised the brown wouldn’t scrub off our skin, and our appearance made us "Maori" without the option. As Commie race-monger, Frantz Fanon reminds us: "The native is an oppressed [sic] person whose constant dream is to become the persecutor."

Eric Hoffer said this, which applies to Treatyist [part-] Maori in spades: "The less able a man is to claim excellence for his own self, the more he will claim it for his race, for his religion, for his holy cause." These are people whose individual significance in their own eyes (and more importantly in the eyes of the world) is small. The only way they can feel powerful and validated is by being part of a mob.