Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Frank Newman: "Inside the mind of Trevor Mallard"

Political Reporter, Audrey Young, has penned a piece in this morning's NZ Herald called "Inside the mind of Trevor Mallard".

One could be forgiven for assuming that would be a short article. It isn't. It's well worth a read, simply because it exposes the mentality of the man who holds one of the highest and most respected positions in our Parliament. Regrettably, while many respect the position of Speaker, few respect the man who holds the position.

Here are some extracts from Audrey Young's article. It is behind a paywall; hence I have quoted extracts rather than the whole article.

When asked about the protesters, he said “It is the biggest collection of ferals that I’ve seen.”

That seems similar to Hilary Clinton referring to Trump supporters as a "basket of deplorables”. That was before she lost the election to Trump. Her comment simply galvanised the support for Trump. Ironically it was Helen Clark who has previously described Mallard's behaviour as deplorable in 2007 after he got into a fight with Tau Henare outside Parliament's debating chamber. Young: "For the fight, Helen Clark described Mallard’s behaviour as “deplorable” and demoted him off the front bench — although by only three places."

When asked if he had any regrets about blasting loud music to the protesters he said the only regret was that some of the music "produced headaches in the police officers on duty near the loudspeakers". (As an aside, the thing I don't understand about the music selections is if they were supposedly the worst songs ever, then how come they have sold so many records?)

When asked about the wisdom of turning the sprinklers on he said, "the ground was going to get sodden with heavy rain anyway and after seeing some people urinating and defecating in the grounds on Tuesday night, he had no qualms about his actions. 'Diluting a bit of the s*** and urine was not a major issue for me.'"

While Trevor thinks this protest is a basket of ferals, he has quite a history of protests himself. Young reports, "He has been arrested so many times himself, he has lost count, and he has convictions for obscene language and obstructing a footpath."

It seems, protesting against the establishment was OK when Trevor was not part of the establishment, but not OK when he is.

The article concludes with the comment from Trevor: “It’s more important for me to do the right thing than be popular.”

I guess the wisdom of hindsight will judge whether water sprinklers and loud music was the right thing to do, or whether his appointment as Speaker will be judged to be yet another mistake of the Ardern administration. The latter is the odds-on bet at the moment. Frank Newman, a writer and investment analyst, is a former local body councillor.


Terry Morrissey said...

“It’s more important for me to do the right thing than be popular.”
Exactly. That is why a resignation would be the most appropriate. And take your leader with you.

Janine said...

Frank, have you seen the Adam Jackson video on Chantelle Bakers page? A young, very well qualified ex-military guy who specialized, amongst other things, in the training of various interrogation tactics and psychological warfare. I was quite moved by his address, he seems very sincere. He was absolutely horrified by Mallard and his antics. Well worth the watch.

DeeM said...

"Inside the mind of Trevor Mallard" - Hello! Anyone
Jeez, it really echoes. Like a huge empty cave. Smells a bit stale too. Must be one of Trev's ideas - slowly decaying and fading away.
Watch out for the pop-up sprinklers!
Are those speakers on the wall? Oh no, please. It's Barry "bloody" Manilow. Quick, run for your lives.

Terry Morrissey said...

Well said Clive.
If this suicidal government pulled their heads out of wherever they have them at the present moment, they would be aware that they are the problem. Giving billions of dollars to a corrupt UNCCC for a problem that does not exist.
Loading everything up with carbon taxes.
Paying to grow trees on high productive land, only helps to increase costs of production.
Spraying money around to assist in their propaganda strategy.
Putting the country into successive lockdowns and imposing mandates kills the tourist industry. Passing legislation that introduces separatism and apartheid breeds distrust in the government which, in this case, is well founded.
The present labour cult’s arrogant attitude of “we know best” is obviously wrong.
There has been far more unrest and discontent with this government than any other that I can remember.
They will lose the next election, so why do they not resign NOW.
We need a Governor General that will enact The Reserve Powers, dismiss this corrupt government and call a general election.

Phil said...

I also recall a defamation court case in 2011 because Mallard and 2 other Labour MPs destroyed the reputation of a woman and employee in the Ministry of the Environment. That brave woman took Mallard to court.

Robert Mann said...

Mallard was a consistent bovver boy in Parlt; appointing him Speaker was a mischievous choice by Te Empress.
BTW I'm reliably informed he has taken shelter under the roof of the Lessener political humourist.

Anonymous said...

He is probably the only aspie in politricks

Auntie Podes said...

As Robert so rightly observed, Quackers Mallard has always been a bovver boy, a typical trade union type "fixer" waiting to punch the head of any detractor. A cowardly bully - I bet he was always the dirtiest player on the field when he played rugby. He is perhaps the worst example of "the exception that proves the rule" when it come to the honour of The Speaker. Violence comes naturally to him.

Anonymous said...

What a wank cannon Trevor Mallard is!

Undoubtedly the fastest hand in Parliament.