Monday, February 7, 2022

Sir Bob Jones: Sanity dawns

On this site in March, 2020 when the coronavirus panic began, I predicted that when it’s all done and dusted, Sweden’s “live with it” approach will have proven the correct path to adopt. It’s not yet totally “done and dusted” globally but the developed world will reach that stage sometime this year.

Meanwhile, increasingly liberal societies have woken to the realities and are adopting the Swedish model, mindful that with widespread vaccinations, restraints are now irrational.

Of course, vaccinations regardless, there are still freakishly rare fatality exceptions, but closing down society at a massive social and economic cost, the consequences of which will be a huge economic upheaval ahead, to prevent “freakish” contingencies, is simply insanity.

Britain has now woken to that as increasingly are other nations. The latest to adopt a “live-with-it” approach is Denmark, a nation with an economy and society significantly more advanced than ours. There are no longer any covid rules there, be it mask wearing or whatever. Normal life has 100% resumed.

And as the Economist reported recently, despite some hiccups along the way, Sweden is now at or near the top on all social and economic European nations measurable success criteria.

The government-led hysteria to a lapdog New Zealand population in 2020-21, was at times mind-boggling in its idiocy.

As I pointed out back in 2020, it’s not callous to be rational. To close everything down to prevent deaths requires perspective. After all, if that’s all-important, ban motorcars and swimming.

Mind you, back in 2020 that’s precisely what did happen in the initial massively insane government response. Kiwis could only leave their homes for necessary purchasing purposes, swimming was illegal on the utterly insane grounds that if someone got into trouble they could tie up police resources. So instead we banned swimming and employed hundreds of police patrolling beaches and rivers to arrest any offenders. Madness of course, but those were but two of many examples of the government’s spell-binding incompetence.

The only happy people were the Labour politicians who history shows (the Lange and Clark governments excepted) love bossing people about.

The same goes for Australia. Just as Jacinda hogged television seemingly all day, every day, so too in Australia. The Victorian Labour Premier, one of the most boring people ever to draw breath, emulated Ardern with lengthy daily television monologues while establishing the longest lockdown anywhere in the world. Subsequent events showed it made not an iota of difference once it was finally of necessity lifted.

I make two further predictions. First, the Ardern government will be utterly decimated in a landslide defeat next year and second, that in the course of time given some perspective, it will be recorded as the most incompetent by a country mile in our post-war history.

Later this week I’ll explain both of those predictions.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

No need to explain your predictions, Bob. We already wholeheartedly agree with you!

Felicity said...

I wish I could believe those predictions so I look forward to your explanations. I had a vague hope in Luxon but I just lost that in his response to the protest - "I won't have anything to do with anti-vaxers." It isn't about anti-vax, it's about anti-mandate. If there's an extension, it's about no free speech, a MSM that refuses any dissenting view, misrepresents and ignores. I confess, I don't watch them in favour of UK, US, and AUS. If he still doesn't understand that, he's going to be just as useless, let alone not being up to date on the science involved.

NZers seem to be brain-dead or asleep, so absolutely convinced of their 'sainthood' and 'righteousness' that they don't need democracy anymore. Of course, many of them are currently deluded that they still have it - but they really don't, and neither do they care. It seems, too, that a lot of it is attributable to females between the ages of 18 and 49 - the 'feminised' society, comprised of entitled little princesses and 'devouring mothers' who must control, consume, and/or cancel the whole society depending on their extent of obedience to control. To the extent that there are males, like Luxon, it seems they just want the opportunity to assume the control rather than free everyone.

Surely there are some adults in our society, somewhere, who can behave with balanced reason and rationality, she says despairingly.

DeeM said...

I entirely agree Felicity. Well said.

Charles said...

People are still of the belief that this experimental jab is a vaccine. It isn't. It is not approved and has some pretty horrible side effects.Forcing it into kids is immoral. The chances of dying from covid is less than 2% and the average age is 80, with co comorbidities. Hardly a pandemic.This whole shambolic reaction is tragic and a testament to the utter stupidity of western governments.

5th generation Kiwi said...

I agree with one of your predictions, "this goverment will be judged the worst ever " trouble with that one is that "wish" won't be realized for some time yet and most likely far to late to save us from complete democratic destruction. Your second statement " This government will be devastated by a landslide defeat next election" is unfortunately way off the mark. First of all we need a truthfully, carasmatic opposition leader, an opposition with a real alternative not a "soft" continuation of labour / left policy's. A impartial media, and an informed general public. None of those are happening unfortunately.
As the latest opinion polls show while the "Cindy" socialist regime has taken an expected downturn it will not be enough. Once again this goverment will try and buy votes, and that's already started with yet another big rise to the minimum pay rates, before the election it will be benefits and who knows what else as she prints (borrows) even more money to buy votes. To a largely uneducated public accustomed to making decisions based on "what's in it for me" Labour and heaven forbid, Greens will be the next government, heaven help us.

Jonathan Spink said...

With 10 million people and only 16,358 Covid deaths, I accept that Sweden's approach has been unusual, bold and relatively successful.
With 5 million people and 52 deaths (and hopefully little Long Covid) I favor New Zealand's approach hitherto.