Thursday, February 3, 2022

John Porter: Anocracy, How Civil Wars Start

News Headline: Circuses are struggling to fill vacancies for clowns. Suitable candidates have all taken up politics!

Humorous, but, sadly, containing a certain degree of fact.

Another adage is – We get the politicians we deserve. That is probably true, so how did we end up with this bunch of inept socialists’/communists’ hell bent on turning New Zealand’s democracy into a co-governance model with power-sharing and right of veto, based on ethnicity.

The answer is simple; Covid19!

Ardern won the 2020 election simply because there was a predominant belief that “Jacinda has saved us from Covid.” Couple that with so many voters believing whatever and everything that was articulated from the “Pulpit of Truth.” Scarily, the belief “Jacinda saved us” is still held by a large number of New Zealanders. This, “Jacinda saved us” belief will be an important factor, that will be exploited by Ardern’s spin doctors, in the lead up to the 2023 election.

Under the cloak of Covid fear that Ardern’s government have created around the pandemic they have found a reckless ability to print and squander money. Money is being thrown around like confetti. Fiscal responsibility was never a consideration!

Just as Robertson is revelling in the reckless ability to print and squander money, he seems to be totally oblivious to the downside effect that is inflation. We have now reached the highest level of inflation, 5.9%, in 31 years!

Given the ability to govern unchallenged we have seen some of the most divisive legislation this country has ever seen, being passed into law.

The separatist and divisive legislation stems from the He Puapua document.

Some of the ideas in He Puapua are extremely ambitious and  contentious - establishing an upper house of parliament, for example, or establishing separate Māori courts, separate Maori health system, the compulsory teaching of te reo Māori in schools.

The authors of He PuaPua report state, “We consider Aotearoa has reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake a transformation to restructure governance to realise Rangatiratanga Maori (Maori self-determination).

The central plank of the Maori Elite driving the implementation of He Puapua is that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed as a partnership.

Claims of a partnership have no legal foundation, the Treaty of Waitangi was never signed as a Partnership. It is constitutionally impossible for the Crown to enter into a partnership.

This has not stopped those pushing the Maori Sovereignty agenda from misrepresenting the situation and continuing to use the lie to justify their claims for power.

There has been a host of separatist legislation pressed onto the country along with a multitude of “Maori Preferentialismprogrammes.

Unilaterally imposing Maori wards on local body councils was one of the first steps.

There is the proposed 3 Waters legislation that if implemented, as desired by Nanaia Mahuta, would see Maori having the right of veto over water management. It is obvious that 3 Waters is a Maori power grab – it has nothing to do with the efficient management or quality of the water.

The same applies to Pae Ora, (Healthy Futures) the new reformed health system that is supposedly a system that brings together the voice of all communities, a system that offers more equitable, convenient and integrated access to services for all New Zealanders. If that is the aspired outcome, why is the new system designed with the Maori Health Authority able to veto any change the “other system” required?

Last December, the Government announced new funding of about $1.8m  for Papa Kainga housing (Maori retirement homes) in Ngaruawahia. This is Tainui country.  They have assets of more than $1bn (as at 2018) so why is the taxpayer paying for these premises.

This Government has arbitrarily changed the names of familiar government organisations as part of the “anti-colonisation” drive.

From October last year the Government was to fund the expansion and development of a tourist centre at Dolomite Point in Punakaiki. Upon completion it will be given to Ngai Tahu.  DoC will then lease from the tribe. Why is the taxpayer paying for this when Ngai Tahu have assets worth over $1bn and have other substantial assets which are conducted through a trust for the express purpose of avoiding paying income tax.

August last year Carmel Sepuloni announced two schemes designed to help young people into work. The Maori Trades and Training fund will get $18.5m for Maori only.  A separate fund of $5.6m will go to a general fund seemingly for all youth, - including Maori.

In July last year; The Govt recently announced a $14.9m “Jobs for nature” scheme in Gisborne area. It is expected to create only four projects and 165 jobs over three years.  All of the projects were awarded to Maori.

The Government provides a Performance Based Research Fund for tertiary institutions.  It was worth over $315m last year. Research into Maori knowledge has recently been given priority when it comes to funding.  

There seemed no end to the amount of money that was pitched at Maori under the guise increasing Maori vaccination rates.

Then there is the installation of renewable technology, announced in August 2020, such as solar panels and batteries, on public and Māori housing that is supported with a $28 million fund that will run over four years.

The Public Services Commission has produced a new booklet to for public servants to use when assessing applicants for a job. Factor Four of the categories refers to “Te Ao Maori skills”.

Finally, Maori have assets in excess of $70bn including $20bn in trusts that don’t attract income tax. Isn’t it time that they started to contribute a significant amount to these and many other initiatives?

PARTNERSHIP??? What partnership!

The list could go on and on and these are only highlighting some of the “Maori Preferentialism ” programmes that are made public.

Further enhancing this government’s ability to disenfranchise more and more citizens is the ineffectual performance of the National party. Judith Collins tried to shed some light on the surge of separatist legislature, drafted or passed mainly under urgency, but behind the cloak of fear that is Covid 19. Calling it “separatism by stealth”.

But as is normal these days, out swarmed the “Speech Police” hurling their beloved RACIST taunt and effectively closed down any discussion opportunity.

Christopher Luxon has been alarmingly docile regarding any condemnation of Ardern’s separatist agenda. So just as the disenfranchised are seeking a “lightning rod” or representative that is required for the coalescence of voters' discontent and disillusionment, Luxon remains passive.

There is a significant degree of apathy and almost total lack of comprehension and knowledge around the subversion of democracy and promotion of Maori exclusivity that is very, very scary.

The overarching concern is that, based on ethnicity, a minority section of the population is being given an absolute right to control the rest of the population without, it appears, any limits on their power or any route for appeal.

This promotion of “separatism by stealth” has created an extensive section of society that are now not only disenchanted but effectively disenfranchised by a near authoritarian government. Not disfranchisement in the literal sense of preventing a person exercising the right to vote but by enacting laws or implementing initiatives explicitly designed to minimise or even eliminate the input and influence of the majority in favour of the minority.

When near authoritarian governments depower the majority, ignore their protestations (protests are principally about hope… It’s when protests fail to effect change, hope diminishes and violence is the lever within easy reach) and provoke hostility through ethnicity, what do the disenchanted and disenfranchised do next?  

When governments are clearly undemocratic and lean towards an authoritarian persona, the once-dominant groups in society are prone to losing political status and power and as such, when there is no obvious political solution, it is fertile ground for a state of Anocracy to evolve.

Anocracy is a form of government where there is still a semblance of democracy but it embraces authoritarian characteristics. Anocracy blends democratic with autocratic features.

Anocracies differ from autocracies and democracies through their power and ability to maintain authority, manage tense political dynamics, and push their provocative policy agendas.

The disenfranchised and excluded groups in anocracies, those that are dominated by a government that promotes ethnic or religious favouritism, tend to be the genesis of social unrest and turmoil. The marginalised majority will accept discrimination, powerlessness and exclusion for only so long. Then the loss of hope and direction becomes the tipping point. That is when the disenfranchised group looks into the future and sees nothing but continuing frustration due to the exclusion from the democratic process and the endorsement of minority interests, that they start to see violence as their only path to the correction of wrongs.

Once this point is reached, we are then likely to see the emergence of hard line, nationalistic politicians all too ready to exploit the pent-up anger, resentment and disillusionment, so then the risks of civil disobedience escalating into insurrection increase exponentially. 

Much as Ernest Hemingway described bankruptcy, civil wars tend to happen “gradually, then suddenly.”

So, we have to ask the questions; Could this happen in New Zealand? Is this what we want for New Zealand?

Is this what Ardern, Mahuta and the contingent of “Maori Elite” want for New Zealand?

Because it is a recognised pathway as overseas insurrections have proven!

The “Maori Elite” are driving the separatism agenda, not for the benefit of all Maori, it is purely for their own personal gain!

They have the taste for power on their tongue, they can see the levers of control are within reach, and desire the ensuing wealth that could be accumulated.

This has all been achieved with the collusion of Ardern and her government as Ardern, herself, partaking in a strategy of Socialist Self Aggrandisement, on the road to the lofty heights of the top floor of the United Nations, has overseen the dismantling of our democratic process, the elevation of a minority to a position of ultimate power and the financial ruin of the country.

The governance of New Zealand is nearing or is at, one of its most important crossroads.

Should this government continue with the destruction of democracy, ethnic favouritism leading to co-governance with the right of veto; Anocracy and the subsequent, terrible pathway it can lead to, could, with no major stretch of the imagination, tear the fabric of our wonderful country so far apart recovery would be a long and torturous process.

Is this the future you want for New Zealand? 

John Porter is deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government. 



Anna Mouse said...

Totally agree and it is creating a large amount of disonance among the population.

But you forget that we got JA and her team due to the intolerable stupidity of WP because he was having a tantrum with National. If, in fact he had seen the He Puapua report he may have packed his tantrum up and used his common sense. This is why it was hidden from him and the public.

WP is the cause, Covid 19 is the comfort blanket that Labour are using to sneak the seperation of democracy from its citizens through fear, control and distraction.

This government is not open nor transparent they are in fact reprehensible.

Janine said...

We need to have a few "Canadian Truckers" on board here.

Apparently the rules were so draconian for the truckers. Rules regarding, teabreak stops, comfort stops and isolation rules after traversing the country that these people had to finally take a stand! They didn't even have all the "Three Waters" and " He Puapua" nonsense to contend with. They weren't even locked out of their country. Just shows what a soft lot live in New Zealand today.

Maybe Kiwis will reach that point some day ...if these rules continue. Will they though?

Luxon seems to have his own Maori( woman) advisor from what I read. So I cross Luxon off the list. We need a change of direction.

What a disappointment National is.Luxon-Light a bit like Trudeau, running away from the protesters. Maybe a couple of the young articulate guys in National could defect?

Of course we have all been programmed to accept this separatism over the years.

MC said...

Totally agree. Case in point. Friend of mine opined that about only 20% of New Zealander's are aware of these issues, and only about 5% realise what the hell is actually going on. Most cannot accept the Ditz with the Teeth has a bad bone in her body. Part Maori radicals are laughing into the beer that the taxpayer paid for. Preferential treatment for Part Maori everywhere you look. Challenge one of them and all you'll get is refusal to discuss the issues, followed by anger and aggression.
It follows that there will inevitably be conflict between nationalistic New Zealander's and Part Maori Radical ideologues. How can there not be? The former toil to pay taxes, only to be taunted by preferential treatments begat by assuming victim status. The common belief that we're all New Zealander's first, with ethnicity second has been exposed as idealistic myth. A showdown is iminent. Bring it on.

Terry Morrissey said...

Fifty-one years ago, I, proud to be a regular force soldier in the NZ Army, was coming to the end of my attachment to an Australian unit in Vietnam supporting troops which were engaged in actions that were intended to prevent the spread of communism.
Now, fifty-one years later I am disgusted to see that NZ Army, along with the Navy, Airforce, and Police Service, supporting a demented communist dictator as head of our government. Helping to remove freedom, impose mandates, taking away employment from even some of their own members, vaccinate young people with an experimental drug with known harmful, and even fatal, side effects, pass legislation which introduces apartheid and removes democracy, and sets our country on the slippery slope to becoming another Zimabwe.
I am not entirely convinced that the PM and her sychophantic government have the required intellect to plan all that they are implementing. They have, after all, failed at every project that they threatened to complete.
Who is pulling her strings?
Is she not an acolyte of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, along with Trudeau, Macron, Johnson and co.?
Strange that they all have been hard-line on mandates and control.
This PM is also The Minister for National Security and Intelligence and not too many years ago was president of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Not really the sort of person I would choose as Minister of SIS. Have they checked her out?

KenM said...

I just listened to David Seymour's 'State of the nation' speech. He spends a considerable amount of time explaining the need push back and roll back on the ideas of an 'ethno state'.
Off all the current government failings and mis-management, it's the handing over power to tribal rule that I have concerns about.
They key, I think is for is for Maori who can see that tribal rule benefits the few is to push back.
The journey from tribal leader to warlord isn't a huge one.

Ken said...

Well said John.Keep the messages coming. We have been abandoned by main stream media to the extent that the majority of New Zealanders are completely unaware of how our democracy is being dismantled by this labour Government led by a small group of Maori activists. The only real opposition is being led by Act. Luxon is too busy being the nice guy.

George said...

It is so scarey! In 1972 when the Waitangi Tribunal was established with fanfare, I commented
to some close friends "This could lead to Civil War". My comment today "Is it now inevitable?"
The aggressiveness and bullying tactics would indicate little possibility of negotiation. The
current rationale of appeasement is doomed to lead to heightened aggression, and further
outrageous improbable demands, as has been proved so many times over the centuries.
To simply state today, loud and long, "A New Zealand citizen will be determined ONLY by
birth, or naturalisation, in New Zealand, " This is our equitable and only peaceful future.

Lesley Stephenson said...

For democracy to work people have to be actively interested in what is going down in Parliament. Sadly not many people are interested. I think it's partly due to their obsession with the trivia of social media and the lack of integrity and honesty from all politicians.perhaps democracy has outlived it's day...if you don't know what's going what's the point in being able to vote?

Greengrass said...

Well said John. You have covered all the critical points.
Your warning is well founded.
I had hopes that David Seymour would rise to a point of prominence well above Chris Luxon, as the new messiah, but this has yet to happen. Recent news reports indicate that Luxon is just another John Key, who is pursuing the Maori vote. Both Luxon and Ardern are held in the palm of the hand of Maori Separatists. Luxon and Ardern are both 'WOKE FOLK'.

Unless National clean up their house and toss Luxon aside, I do not like their chances at the next election. This brings us to the realization that if Labour, Greens and Maori retain power at the next election, then we have reached the tipping point. Once the talking, voting and legitimate protest have failed to produce a responsible government, then the disgruntled sectors will turn to alternative means to restore equality and fairness.

The emergence of underground movements is quite likely.
They will not play by any rules.
Imagine the existence of an IRA style movement in New Zealand, who employ violence to bring their enemies to the conference table, and establish a rapport with those who would oppress them.

The next election is critical.
Chris Luxon, I hope you read this.

Sven said...

I am a triple one ( 111) one country, one law, one people, does that make me an right wing nationalist or a good loyal New Zealander, we are afraid of our own democracy, is that because we have had it to good, just maybe a conflict will awaken us up.

Anonymous said...

When they come for your guns you will know its too late.