Saturday, June 18, 2022

Clive Bibby: Taking Our Country Back

A recent racially charged outburst from one of our local Maori councillors has provoked a reaction that l wouldn’t have thought possible given the support for the woke movements that have become entrenched in our society as well as in other leading democracies throughout the world.

I had almost given up hope that we would ever return to a situation where people were elected based on merit rather than adherence to an ideological preference.

In the United States in particular we have seen a dramatic decline in opportunities for free speech and an increase in an environment that encourages division based on a distorted view of human rights. It has created a society where freedom of expression is controlled by those in government and supported by a main stream media that has given up any pretence of reporting the truth.

Governments have focused on demonising those who protest this erosion of democracy and the nation literally burns as the historical safeguards against this anarchy are nowhere to be seen. The “Black Lives Matter” movement in the US operates undeterred whenever it feels the urge, creating mayhem, destroying lives and property at will while the governing party focuses on a partisan witch-hunt aimed at prosecuting those who attended a largely peaceful rally on Parliament grounds to express their anger.

The similarities with the New Zealand protest against the lockdowns and the reaction from the authorities could not have been more revealing. The issues may have been different but the ordinary people are demonstrating that they are keen to take their country back.

That is why l was so pleasantly surprised to see evidence that the voting public of both countries appear to be in revolt against those who are opposed to the tried and proven process of reconciliation and compensation within the law that has stood the test of time.

Knowing and respecting the councillor concerned in our local skirmish, l would lay bets that she too would be horrified to realise her misguided efforts on behalf of those who identify with racial identity politics may have run its course. She may be forced to resign which would reduce her effectiveness in a forum that has provided her maximum media coverage in the past. Whatever, her authority is clearly damaged, possibly beyond repair. I say that, because of the number of who could be described as her traditional supporters who criticised her outburst.

Would it be too much to hope that the bulk of the voters from all persuasions have finally realised that the pendulum is swinging back towards the centre where it is more likely to reflect the opinions of a bulk of society. If so, the radical left should look forward to a spell, licking their wounds in opposition.

Their experiment appears to have failed.

Wouldn’t it be great if other countries in the free world could look to New Zealand again for guidance in how they too can return their endangered democracies to where it can operate effectively for all constituents.

In the event, my guess is that it will not be a “showboating” PM on their “Late Night talk show” who provides the answers they are seeking - more likely our heritage of electing governments of the people, for the people.

We are simply reverting to type. Hurrah!

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Robert Arthur said...

With appropriate comment from the right peole I am sure current attitudes could be turned around. But all except a few independent retirees are too afraid of the racist accusation and cancellation to comment. And the msm would ignore anyway. Whatever the incident alluded to, it does not seem to have penetrated the msm. Where can I read about it?

Clive Bibby said...

Reference: Gisborne Herald “Gisborne Mayor given chains because she fits the stereotype: councillor”
Hope this helps.

Mike L. said...

Thanks, Robert Arthur, for that encouragement for this independent retiree - you obviously feel that people like me are helping to return our wonderful country to the democracy which it formerly enjoyed. A democratic tradition for all residents, regardless of ethnicity and regardless of whether they like to think of themselves as indigenous.

Helen Swan said...

Clive, I do not think we have the time to wait for the people to cast their vote for the removal of the gangsters in power.
If a Vote of No Confidence was possible in the UK, then it is possible here and NOW.
Where are the howls of protest to begin the process?

Robert Arthur said...

I found the reference. From the associated comments it would seem that the complaining councilor and wannabe mayor fulfills all the characteristics which make so many voters wary of the type ie; a persecution complex, a single agenda, a desire to impose a stone age derived culture, a modest and selective application of effort, limited understanding of or application to wider issues etc. The energy, drive, ability and commitment of the mayor, characteristic of many of the colonists who made this country, seems to irk the wannabe.

Rpbert Arthur said...

Hi Mike
Sadly I dont think we are having much effect. if we were not shunned by the pro govt and PIJF acquired msm we might.

Empathic said...

Our Communist regime today announced that a couple of groups in the US including 'The Proud Boys' have been designated 'terrorist' groups making it illegal for any of us to support them in any way. The designation relies heavily if not entirely on The Proud Boys' role in last year's storming of the US Capitol Building. There's no evidence that was a terrorist act designed to create fear in the population; it was a reaction against the government. There seems to be little or no evidence that The Proud Boys have been responsible for any terrorist acts anywhere. On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter movement has been responsible for numerous violent rampages through the streets, businesses and houses of innocent civilians. These rampages serve, and were likely designed, to terrorize both politicians and the public against disagreeing with Black Lives Matter beliefs and demands. The term 'terrorist group' applies much more accurately to them than to The Proud Boys but we don't see Black Lives Matter on the terrorist list. The designation process appears to be based on political views disapproved of by Comrade Ardern's politburo rather than on any realistic definition of terrorist.