Monday, June 27, 2022

Denis Hall: Renaming New Zealand's modern cities

The modern cities of Auckland - - Hamilton and Wellington - Christchurch and Dunedin - and the smaller ones of - Napier Hastings - New Plymouth - Palmerston North - Nelson - do not owe their existence in any way to Maori or Maori culture.

They - like so many smaller towns in New Zealand are representative of - and at the most fundamental level - entirely the product of the European culture and enterprise and investment and work ethic and technology and tradition and plain hard work - that took more than - in some places - two hundred years to build.

European culture, hard work and enterprise created them - with no cultural help from anywhere.

Those places are part of the Great, Global, European, Culture and Civilisation. End - of – story!

“Gifting” them a Maori name and changing their names will never make them Maori cities - it will just cause confusion and resentment on a massive scale. These cities and towns - to any person in the world who sees or visits them - or lives in them - are fundamentally European in nature, construction, style and tradition.

Changing their names to maori names - is a flat out insult - to the European History, culture, enterprise and civilisation that created them.

For God sake see this for what it is. It is a slap in the face for the European culture that sustains each and every one of us.

They are not Maori villages - they are all European Cities - and we live in them - and we have a right to be heard.

The idea that Maori would want to hang a Maori name on European cities - At enormous expense - is in a way flattering - but in the end - if Auckland became Tamaki Makaurau - the capital of the nation of Aotearoa - we would all just slot nicely in the minds of billons around the world - into similar status as Mombasa Kenya, Lagos Nigeria, or Accra (Capital of) Ghana. And note - Lagos is no longer the Capital of Nigeria - they moved it to Abuja.

Who would ever have known that without that other amazing product of European expertise and invention - The Internet?

Tamaki Makaurau? Tell that to an Australian - or an American - or anyone from Europe for that matter - or China or Japan. One sniff of that and they would know we had slipped over the edge of reason.

Just would. Even the Black regime in South Africa didn’t change the names of Cape Town and Durban. They had the sense to know that the names branded them as international cities - and the monetary value of that is incalculable.

What’s the Maori word for incalculable?

Imagine the logistics of trying to teach the whole world all our new names - in a language the world is not familiar with and doesn’t care about any more than they care about the Inuit language. Only an idiot would suggest that - but we have at least sixty of them in the Parliament these days. (At least!)

At least sixty - maybe more. Let’s have a poll.

Time for a clean out. We need to have the job description written done in stone.

Lets just start again with a bunch of people with degrees in Common Sense. Make them pass a common sense certificate in a crowded public park before they can be nominated for election - before they ban elections.

You think I’m showing contempt? Threatening to change the name of Auckland is showing utter contempt for most of the population. It is an extremely contemptuous and toxic thing to suggest.

Then there’s this:

Giving compulsory Maori language lessons to the populations of traders and tourists and ordinary people all over the world who might visit these sad and insecure islands - or trade with us - would be a futile exercise. They would just see us as eccentric ding-a-lings - who have no recognition of the values of tradition and history and reality and the comfort zone of the population - not to mention the billions of maps and books in the hands of libraries, schools and private homes and business’ and tour companies and branding agencies everywhere on the planet - which for the record - is anywhere that is not pathetic little head-in-the-sand New Zealand - a Nation that is now so unsure of itself it is no longer sure of who or what it is - or even what its name is.

Give me a break!

If New Zealand was a person - it would be in a controlled environment in the care of nappy changers and the mental health people.

Time to wake up New Zealand! You - are about to go down the gurgler - because aside from the imminent recession that we will surely suffer with the rest of the World - we are already past the first forays of a full on - billion-dollar assault on our language and popular culture - that YOU - yes YOU - are paying for with your hard earned taxes - and that while we are loosing money hand over fist internationally - we seem to be ready to let this nonsense eat up ever more billions of the much needed dollars that could be keeping us solvent.

The first thing these idiots did was shut down our Oil Industry. Talk about counter intuitive.

Sorry - I digress. Keeping your tank full I hope.

They are trying to change our language from within - our English Language that is one of the most important languages on the planet - and is in fact the most spoken language on the planet - being taught at every school in China - while we want to teach - another different language.

The language of industry and commerce and science and literature - and everything else as well - is English.


Now if you are a person who could read to here and not lose your rag or throw a tantrum - you will know I’m right - but maybe you wouldn’t have seen this written down before in such blunt terms - and that is because you now live in a country where the Marxist Government has taken over the News Media …..

(No ifs buts or maybes - they have taken over the news media! - not trying to hide it.)

……. and the politicos who now run the NewsRooms around the country - will be deciding what you can and cannot hear or see - and they have banned any mention of anything that does not support the Labour/Green/Taliban Party Line - just like in North Korea and Afghanistan other places where news is centrally controlled by the Ministry of Propaganda.

Well yeah - Ministry of Propaganda - sad but true - but what else would we call a centrally controlled News Media?

And who can look at TV One News or listen to RNZ and not know it is in fact - centrally controlled?

Someone with their head in a clamp? Perhaps?

But - be warned - all the rest of the people will get it soon - because before Christmas this government is going to start policing and shutting down your only source of free speech.

Social Media.

Taliban Jacinda has flagged that in a speech overseas - and your last vestiges of freedom of speech are about to be removed.

YES! In late May - she stood on the rostrum - before the World - at Harvard University - the birthplace of Facebook - and the most important bastion of Woke in the World - and called on Facebook to police political speak on their platform - and that was just her first move.

What is it that we soon to be not New Zealanders - don’t understand about that?

Bugger - the alarm is going to go off any minute - and I’m hiding under the blankets again.

I hate having to do this. I have a half finished book I need to be working on.

I have posted a lot of pictures with this - and here are the reasons. Obviously the picture of Auckland at night shows a modern European city - made with Entirely European Technology and expertise. The lights illustrate the fact of Electricity - and that also came from Europe.

There is one of Twitchy Witchy dressed up for her Harvard speech where she foreshadowed action against Social Media and free speech. Note the level of smug. She does smug like no other "leader" in the world. She just cannot hide it.

There is an impression or a model of a fortified Maori Village cut into a volcanic cone somewhere in Auckland before Auckland was Auckland - and this effort of construction would have been the height of Maori achievement. We have to consider that pre European construction like this was done without metal tools - so no picks and shovels and axes - so that is quite and achievement - but it is a far cry from a modern western city.
We have to note - that there were no wild animals here in New Zealand - so the fortifications were to protect them from what?

Oh I know - Tribal Wars and attacks by other Maori.

Another is an ariel view of one of the Auckland cones - that show the marks of those fortified villages in case you think that is nonsense.

Another is a painting of a village - so it will be fanciful - but it is fortified - But fanciful because it would have been done by a European artist to illustrate Maori life - and we should note the Blankets in evidence in the painting - and the fact that it is a painting - that shows it is post the arrival of Europeans.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you and so sick of our culture and history being replaced with Maori bullshit. My wife and I attended the Taxpayer's Union meeting at Rolleston but was very disappointed with the low number of people. We have to unite and take back our heritage. Kiwialan.

Anonymous said...

Denis, if I could pay to duplicate you and your guts for standing up for what is right, I would a thousand times. Am I supposed to ignore my 90% European heritage? Actually,now,it is all I do acknowledge. Shame really.

Anonymous said...

You think renaming place names is a joke; We're at a mad tipping point that'll prioritise paryer meetings fashionable over the haka. Can you imagine - the All Blacks!? If it's happening in Govt Depts then why not on the field. It's already creeping in at post match level. Where does the buck stop & where does that leave Sunny Bill Williams you wonder? He must be bemused when his team mates bow to the heavens different to him - as seen on TV. I'm as glum faced as anyone watching as a result from grog.

Anonymous said...

... and if the All Blacks loose someone will summon a wailing committee.

Doug Longmire said...

Totally agree with you.
I recall the closing down of our Oil and Gas industry was said to be a "captain's call" by Comrade Ardern.
No, it was not a captain's call - it was a Putin or Kim Jong-Un style dictator's call.
The Child Poviddy Minister's track record is dismal now.
3.9 Billion dollars to look at ways to tackle "climate change" (Give me a break) That money could have done wonders for our broken health care system, our child poverty, our housing crisis, our looming electricity crisis, etc, etc.

Doug Longmire said...

I see that the Govt has produced this gem "The National Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism" which of course is code for government censorship of any view or utterings that disagree with or criticise the current Marxist destruction of our once proud and free democracy.

Graeme Arlidge said...

I can't believe what's happening in my beloved New Zealand. My ancestors came here in the 1850's. They worked hard and still had little to show for it, due to historic tax rates and death duties. I'm completely over the absolute nonsense that's spoken about colonialism. It was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to Maori. The Treaty of Waitangi ended decades of cyclic tribal murder and revenge, not to mention the horror of cannabilism and slavery. The Maori had no concept of apology. They never said sorry for anything and there was much they should apologise for. History is constantly re-written - the events at Parihaka being one case in point. The renaming of Von Tempsky Street in Hamilton fills me with anger. Probably one of the the most colourful, noble and interesting people of his time which is why his death warranted a street being named after him.

Anonymous said...

it would be great to see if as a majority shareholder, govt would like to rename 'air new zealand' to 'hau aotearoa'. once the impact on international bookings is established, let's see if 'go woke go broke' is simply a myth or not :)

Anonymous said...

Maori are only 17% of NZ population, Europeans are 70% of the population. Changing the names to satisfy a minority group is really stupid. The citizens of any city they want to change the name need to vote if they want that or not. Jacinda cant do this without consulting us !!

Anonymous said...

In terms of Maori and apology, I recall Khylee Quince, an associate law professor at AUT in one of her many Maori centric opinion pieces published in the Dominion Post, she informed (12/12/20 to be precise) there was no equivalent term in te reo for "I'm sorry." There are apparently expressions of "ownership of the wrong" but not for "regret for its commission." Like they never did anything that was wrong (and there were undoubtedly many} and that is surely an indictment of their culture. Yet (of we who live today, and like them, who had nothing whatsoever to do with these long since past events) all we ever hear is of their unsated expectations via constant grievance and demands, but never, ever an acknowledgement that things are rather better now for Maori than they ever were pre 1840. And despite all the apologies and the many billions and all the policy directed their way, when have you ever heard an ounce of gratitude or even the utterance of a simple "thank you?" There comes a time when enough is enough and, if the minority of a minority continue to push it, then there surely can be no surprise at the eventual outcome.