Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dr Hylton Le Grice: I am simply a New Zealand citizen

The position in New Zealand is really quite simple.

‘Māori’ are said to be 16% of the population, but this is entirely incorrect because, most of those people who say they are ‘Māori’ have less than 50% Māori genetic background. However, let’s be generous here and say that perhaps one eighth of these people have more 50% or more Māori genes in their makeup.

That means that only 2% of our population, about 100,000, have the technical right to call themselves Māori. The other 14% illogically deny the majority of their genetic background. This is simply irrational and could not stand up in a balanced debate.

Why do these people then deny the majority of their genes? I am 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 English, and say 1/16th French — but I do not call myself French, Scottish or English. I am simply a New Zealand citizen who has one vote, in what until very recently was one of the great democracies in the world — and a country where females were first given the vote.

There can be only one reason for that 14% of the population who dishonestly call themselves Māori in having less than a preponderance of Māori genes — and that is that they wish to part of a society that for some dishonest reason gives them advantages that the vast majority of New Zealanders do not have:

• Their group get special seats in Parliament — where the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform which introduced MMP voting, said should be abolished

• Their so called ‘Māori’ businesses and property get privileged Tax and Rates reductions — often they pay Nothing!

• They get privileged entry to University where in a competitive situation, the % marks gained in entrance examinations are set at an unjust lower level. For instance a set number of people with much less than 50% Māori generic background (as low as 1% if established) can gain entry to Medical School with 70% marks! Compare this where recently a third generation non-Māori who wanted to follow his Father & Grandfather as a surgeon, was denied entry to the Medical School with marks of not 70% — but in excess of 94%!

• In a disgraceful situation where English is often the Official International Language (to pilot an aircraft landing in Croatia you can’t talk Croatian, you must speak fluent English) we have unbelievably in NZ 50% (perhaps more) of school leavers who have inadequate abilities in spoken or written English — and yet this present Government intends laughably to make the teaching of Te Reo Māori, a compulsory subject, and are spending many millions of taxpayer money on this project. This is so irresponsible and irrational, but the presently ‘woke’ National Party as the Government’s official ‘opposition’ seemingly does not to ever want to dispute this situation. The only way for people to progress in the world and to benefit NZ is to be able to speak, write, and read English — to a high standard.

• At the present time this corrupt Government is creating a Health Service where ‘so called’ Māori will get preferential treatment ahead of all other New Zealand citizens. This is immoral, irrational, ‘racist’, and against all the principles of Hippocrates.

And so the list goes on — where supposedly disadvantaged ‘Māori’ with as little as as 1% of Māori genetic background become one of the most privileged group of people in the world.

How could any average, honest, hard working, New Zealander possibly tolerate a situation, that has neo-Marxist connotations to it. Perhaps this is understandable with our Prime Minister previously having been the President of the Marxist Socialist Youth International.

What we have is unacceptable racist outrage — where it must be understood that no racist society in the world has ever survived.

Dr LeGrice has had a long and distinguished career as an eye surgeon, university teacher, healthcare administrator, company director, board member and chair of public and private institutions. This article was first published HERE


Janine said...

Thanks so much Dr Le Grice for speaking up. I am one New Zealander who greatly appreciates it. As I said on another blog...some of us are astounded at what is happening in our country.Others are just ho..humm! It will be a different story when it affects them personally as it has done to many Kiwis I have read about in the last two years.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article. I was thinking about this nonsense the other day, Maori, at least 80 percent are half-breeds and the rest is hangers on, claiming to be maori of some sort. I am 100% Dutch, I make no claims, I don't even care about my heritage, who gives a rats ass. What gets me is the incredible nonsense that is going around about a pitiful minority that loves to call themselves maori. If history serves me right, were they not the head-hunters of the pacific not so long ago? Perhaps the Moriori can tell us about that.

Robert Arthur said...

A very able teacher colleague spends considerabel time on students with English as a second lnguage. Some of these are now NZers who have had the handicap of total immersion kura inflicted upon them. A totally avoidable handicap to start a life routinely claimed to be burdend with other handicaps less avoidable. Whilst frittering time and effort on these students, other mainstream students lag behind the world in English, "maths", and science.

Rob Beechey said...

Well said Dr Le Grice.

Anonymous said...

Dr Grice’s premise, that to be a Maori one needs to have 50% more of Maori genes, is incorrect. I don’t know the basis for his definition, but the Māori Land Act and numerous other statutes define Māori as “a person of the Māori race and includes any descendant”. By identifying as Maori does automatically mean it excludes claiming French, Scottish or any other ancestry and you can be both Maori and a New Zealander. While Dr Grice is primarily descended from European ancestry he willingly denies the majority of his genetic background and calls himself a New Zealander but disparages Maori who “illogically deny the majority of their genetic background.”

Of more concern is his racist claim that ‘Māori’ businesses and property get privileged Tax and Rates reductions. Where businesses qualify as Charitable Trusts, all expenditure and operations are assessed to ensure they are ‘charitable’ as defined by law. For businesses with taxable income, applicable income tax is paid on this income. Why is he singling out Maori businesses for adhering to the tax regulations rather than all social, religious or other not for profit organisations or the NZ tax system.

In another example of a half the truth racist statement, he highlights the Māori sub-category as an example of privileged entry into medical school, completely ignoring the New Zealand Resident Indigenous Pacific Origins, the Socioeconomic Equity and the Refugee sub-category entry applications.

Next Dr Grice lays the blame of the 50% of school leavers who have inadequate abilities in spoken or written English (really?), to the governments promotion of Te Reo. Legislation (The Maori Language Act 2016) requires the Crown to develop Māori language strategies to support the revitalisation of the Māori language, including by promoting an increase in the number of people speaking the Māori language and improving their fluency in that language.

Unacceptable racist outrage?

Anonymous said...

The govt wants us all put into boxes. Woke boxes, like we are slaves, or characters in the book 1984 by george orwell. The best thing we can do as a society is to ignore this nonsense and vote them out.

gregd said...

Brilliant article from Dr Le Grice.He has captured the lot in one article ,that should be published on more sites, in print, and verbally.This is what the majority of the population think including, our new New Zealanders.The writer has not had to write under anonymous,

Anonymous said...

So if I'm reading correctly, we all fail the litmus test??

R Kendrick said...

Brilliant Dr Grice. The question as to who identifies as Maori has long gone unanswered,until now! The whole New Zealand psyche is driven by ideological politicians in the main the Maori caucus!
This is evidenced by the racially driven 3 Waters & He PuaPua fiascos.
Now the Health Dept is being dismantled in favour of race based control!
New Zealand needs to wake up & fight for unity!
We are sick of the country being called by another unofficial name & the insertion of ‘random’ Maori words by media of all forms to be supposedly PC !!!
“Anonymous” comments to your blog are not worth reading!

Doug Longmire said...

Interesting to see that "anonymous" does not have the courage of his/her convictions to be identified.

Dennis Batty said...

A great article. Living overseas with many other New Zealanders it's great to get an article which absolutely nails it. Alot of Anonymous writers hide behind the word racist which is a favourite word on most NZ sites. Thanks again. Getting Books " Our Savage Maori Past" & " The Horrid Practice " to Scottish bookshops. Talked for a longtime to owner of the biggest in Edinburgh and wants more Pre European books. Thanks for the inspiration Dr Hylton.

Anonymous said...

If you're a sacred cow then so am I. Is that fair?

Anonymous said...

I am a kiwi made up of Maori , English, Irish, Scottish and probably a few more in the mix ,but Im here and dont buy into all this racist hypnosis the media/ government corperations push down our throat 24/7.It is dividing our country, we all have the right to live on gods earth no one can lay claim to it. I guess I could qualify for the subsidised health care but Im not buying into it because every man woman and child should have exactly the same opportunity to recieve medical help when they need it. The colour of a mans skin should be of no more significance than the colour of his eyes..Amen Bob 😊

Anonymous said...

Racism occurs where a group of people with an ethnocentric membership base creates or colonises a system to afford themselves separate, different, or superior rights on the basis of group membership.

Brown supremacist part-Maori who have raised up one set of ancestors while turning another set into a toilet bowl to identify monoculturally as ‘Maori’ have no interest in getting rid of racism.

They just want to place it under new management.


Florence said...

Well said, Dr Le Grice. How appropriate in this ‘woke’ culture that someone has the ability to analyse the ridiculousness of those who claim to be Maori and only have a fraction of Maori blood in them. How much Maori has the head of Ngai Tahu got?

Chrysta said...

When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the definition of a 'Maori gene'? No, not possible. There is no even vaguely scientific DEFINITION of -- let alone test for -- Maoriness. So what response to the current situation would be appropriate? Well, apparently one can now 'identify as' any gender one likes, despite the fact that there actually IS a scientific definition of gender (you either have two X chromosomes, or you have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome -- can't change that). There is no such biological test for 'Maoriness'. So if TPTB choose to make it easier for Maori to get into Med School, the rational response would be for all med school applicants to avow that they 'identify as' Maori. Perhaps even form a new iwi -- Ngati Rongoa? (ALTERNATIVELY of course, the government could acknowledge that we presently have to import most of our medical workforce from elsewhere in the world and actually open a new medical school, so that we can train as many doctors as the country actually NEEDS -- and then treat them well enough so that they don't all leave for better pay and conditions elsewhere).

No, racism of any variety is just plain WRONG. It has no plaace in a democracy. I had two ribs broken by a Red Squad long baton during the 1981 Springbok tour, protesting against apartheid in South Africa. I've never even been to South Africa. So I'm blowed if I'm going to accept this shameless increase in institutional racism in my own country.

Anonymous said...

I watched a documentary on Goebels propaganda machine. It was the same as what we are getting

Don said...

My first Passport said firmly on the cover: English Subject
New Zealand Citizen
That was 1950 and I am still proud to be just that.
My present Passport has some incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo on it that does not apply to me. Indeed I am embarrassed to present it.
Maori are an important part of our country and those who wish to identify as Maori and use the language have my support. However I strongly object to having the language forced on me and to seeing our children indoctrinated with fake history. The Treaty has become a kind of Holy Writ in spite of much of the interpretation of it being outright lies. What a mess we are in.

Les W said...

Perhaps someone could persuade Dr Le Grice to stand for parliament and get elected we may then have a chance of a fairer society tha what LABOUR plan

Allan said...

Strange that in 1877 over 300 Maori petitioned parliament to ban the speaking of Maori in schools as it was considered to be a language to be used at home and the marae and not passed on to non Maori. Adults were not allowed to speak it on school grounds. Being fluent in English was considered to be important if anyone wanted to be successful in the world of the late 19th century. How about a referendum to make English an official language in NZ before it gets banned.( the Govt, ethnic communities web site list Maori and NZ sign as our official languages).