Wednesday, June 29, 2022

John Franklin: “Stand for Equal Rights”

When I consider the current political landscape, I involuntarily shake my head and ask how on earth did we get here? Some of the rhetoric coming from politicians, the government and the agencies they run is so wayward that it borders on lunacy. And I can’t escape the conclusion that much of it contradicts the foundational rights underpinning our society’s civil liberties that previous generations fought to protect.

We are seeing the introduction of several new policies that are biased towards certain ethnic groups, so we no longer have a society where all ethnicities can expect to be treated equally. We are also seeing the introduction of new gender-biased policies despite decades of work to stamp out gender prejudice, notably from the suffrage movement.

For example, consider the Green Party’s recent change to their constitution, previously they had mandated that there be a male and female co-leader. I would have understood if they had dropped the gender mandates altogether, but no, they deleted the mandate for a man but keep it for a woman and then added the ethnic mandate that one must be a Māori. How anyone can see that as a demonstration of equality is beyond me, it’s now a sexist-racist quinella and a demonstration of the lunacy I referred to above.

This is the actual photo at the announcement of the Green’s new constitution, try to guess from their faces whose ethnic-gender profile is now a double negative and whose is a double positive.

However, this is not about the looniness of the Green party, it’s about the blatant discarding of the premise that we have “Equal Rights” and hence can expect equal treatment that concerns me and should concern us all.

If we allow this latest generation of politicians to undermine our right to expect equal treatment which is the very platform that those forebearers stood on to fight for both gender and ethnic equality, we are destined to travel a full circle and ultimately achieve nothing but create a different flavour of ethnic and gender inequality. Those who would gain from their flavour being favoured might selfishly embrace that but maintaining the right to expect equal treatment is critical in maintaining our civil liberties so we cannot afford to lose it, without it we will be without guiding boundaries, much like a river without banks, which is better known as a swamp.

Whilst “Equal Rights” is foundational, we are also experiencing a significant erosion of our other human rights, the right for all citizens to be able to work and earn a living, to have democratically elected leaders, to have the freedom of speech, they are all heading for the scrap heap in this current political landscape.

The expectation of democratically elected leaders based on merit is all but gone with the advent of unelected racially selected boardrooms controlling our national assets and infrastructure such as in 3-waters where we will have 50% elected to the board on merit and 50% mandated by ethnicity, it’s both undemocratic and racist.

The right to free speech is under threat, “Hate Speech” and “Misinformation” are terms being weaponised to silence not only the very small number of dangerous haters but also those who speak against legitimate concerns. This government spends a lot on spin doctors to create their own propaganda and both they, and the mainstream media that they fund, are currently going to great pains to sell the idea that having a contrary view to theirs makes you a victim of misinformation. Between them, they have the power and inclination to define misinformation and hate speech which effectively allows them to aim the censorship weapon at targets of their choosing which is shutting down the other side of the conversation. If this Left mainstream media bias continues, we will need to add a separate Right-leaning media outlet to balance the narrative as has happened in the US. However, separate Left and Right media outlets will increase the polarisation of views as you only tune in to your flavour media and don’t receive the balance that comes from a conversation.

Unfortunately, we rely on our professional media to be our eyes and ears, to uncover the truth and then to be our mouths to broadcast it so the public is aware of current events, and they are our watchdogs employed to warn us of impending danger.

The mainstream media have failed us, they have become like the three monkeys who have been paid to see no agenda, hear no agenda and speak of no agenda. They have allowed the implementation of the unmandated co-governance agenda that the majority of the populace don’t want and wouldn’t vote for, to go largely unreported and undetected by the general public. We could argue incompetence at the lower levels, that the guards have simply fallen asleep on their watch, however, like most organisations the output from the media is controlled from the top so the concealment of the co-governance agenda must have been a directive from senior management.

You can’t expect us to believe that not a single reporter is offended by the deceitful way the co-governance agenda has been sneaked in by this government without a mandate from even their own Labour supporters. And you can’t expect us to believe that not a solitary investigative journalist has worked out that this co-governance agenda is a hugely significant change for NZ and the public needs to be informed. Ask yourself, is deliberately burying a story of national significance a form of misinformation?

With a free pass from a biased media, Ardern and her comrades have been advancing the co-governance agenda for years in full stealth mode until recently as the outworking of this agenda has become too visible to conceal. Te Pukenga, the Māori takeover of the tertiary education system was pushed through ahead of schedule and is now a reality, I have recently been forced to sign over to the new entity under threat of losing my job.

3-Waters is the most well-known facet of the co-governance agenda but is still presented to the public as solely motivated by the need for “SAFER DRINKING WATER” and not part of the deliberate co-governance agenda. The ensuing events prove that’s been an outright lie and whilst it’s getting harder to keep deceiving the public, they are still trying to keep the lid on their deception until after the election.

The new rhetoric from those driving this agenda has changed, the deceitful misdirection remains but the full denial that policies like 3-waters are part of the co-governance agenda has changed to “there is nothing to fear from co-governance” as if we should trust that they will be “good masters”.

The “nothing to fear” change, is also an admission that co-governance was always the true agenda of policies like 3-Waters and we are already starting to hear the next phrase of the deception with the. “How co-governance is already working” rhetoric. Ironically, this article was issued on April fool’s day, they have proven themselves liars and willing to abuse their office and deliberately deceive the public, but it is yet to be seen if we New Zealanders are proven to be gullible fools, they obviously think we are but I guess we will know after the 2023 election.

Also, I would contend that anyone who thinks co-governance will be harmless is not paying attention, it’s an absolute disaster for our nation that will be a bottomless pit of bad consequences including the loss of our right to equal treatment and it will ultimately wreck our country if it is allowed to be concluded. There can never be unity between Māori and non-Māori if we can’t stand as equals and increasing racism will rot NZ like cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of bad consequences.

As you can see, I have a real connection with the straight-shooting political cartoonist Garrick Tremain.

When researching online I uncovered several older articles on Māori news websites that make it clear that Māori have been aware of this co-governance agenda well before the general public who are still receiving misdirection to prevent them from fully comprehending it.

The main misdirection tool they are employing is simply lying about the true purpose of policies like 3-Waters and Te Pukenga etc as detailed above

The other go-to misdirection tool employed is to claim that the special privilege and favour given to Māori as part of the co-governance agenda is just an application of Equity because Māori are ”disadvantaged” and that their lower health and social outcomes statistics are evidence of that disadvantage.

I am yet to hear a conversation about the preferable treatment given to Māori as an ethnic group over other New Zealanders without this Equity Scam being applied to justify it.

Remember the recent example where hundreds of millions of dollars were just handed to Iwi and some Pacifica leaders for their Covid response as if it needed to be different to the rest of New Zealand’s because somehow, they are too “disadvantaged” to get to a vaccination booth or walk to the vaccination van that visited the Maraes. Yet Māori were still the last to get vaccinated and then the same government has no money to pay nurses fairly or to upgrade our hospitals.

In this picture we see the physically disabled receiving the special treatment that they need to have an equal footing with others, they need this help, and this is genuine Equity in action.

Did you notice the old ‘switch-a-roo’ in this picture where the disabled person in a wheelchair has been replaced with a child-like image of a brown person? This is not a picture of equity in action, it’s a picture to support the Equity Scam currently employed in NZ.

Pacifica are receiving some scraps from the table because of this equity Scam but that’s purely a deceitful political tactic to conceal the dishonest use of Equity to further the co-governance agenda and they will never be given anything that Māori want for themselves such as tribal rule and power in the boardrooms.

The truth is that the physically disabled are the only truly “disadvantaged” and in need of the preferential assistance that equity provides, Māori as an ethnic group are not “disadvantaged and don’t qualify for Equity, it’s a scam. And I believe that the Brown Supremacists’ claim that they do qualify is robbing the Māori people of mana, motivation and the belief that they are a very capable people fully able to take care of themselves, it is creating a harmful welfare mentality for the people while the Iwi elite get rich.

The third layer in this deception is the claim that “disadvantage” is responsible for the comparatively lower Māori health and social outcomes, however, that is just deceitful statistical manipulation as they refuse to acknowledge the real drivers of those statistics, such as genetics, lifestyle and the influence of criminal gangs.

Dr Lawrie Knight, in his report on the Māori health claims, proved emphatically that “disadvantage” isn’t to blame for Māori health outcomes, he highlighted that the life expectancy of Cook Island Māori is nearly identical to that of NZ Māori, that the Pacifica people live longer in NZ than they do in their home Islands, I encourage you to read Dr Knight's report which clearly shows that life expectancy and health outcomes are primarily about genetics and lifestyle not “disadvantage”.

The drive for a separate health system for Māori is not justified by science or facts but simply another facet of the co-governance agenda.

Likewise, the claim that poor Māori social outcomes stem from systemic racism in all government systems is also an unfounded fabrication, they present no evidence of that link and refuse to factor in the influence of lifestyles, high participation in criminal gangs and a significant secondary association with them, it is just more misdirection away from the co-governance agenda.

It’s all very well to talk about self-determination but if you aren’t going to deal with issues honestly then what’s the point, like all of us flawed human beings, Māori’s biggest problems and best solutions are only visible with a mirror.

In fact, Māori have significant advantages over other New Zealanders in education, welfare and health, i.e., special scholarships and programmes, reserved access to higher education, extra funding, extra healthcare programmes like Closing the Gaps, etc etc, the list is too long to even write here.

Ultimately this “disadvantage” and “equity” noise is just a misdirection to hide the bias given to Māori and conceal the implementation of the co-governance agenda.

This government has had an agenda since early 2019 to progress co-governance in line with the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), Jacinda obviously believes that will ingratiate herself with the UN and set her up for a UN career after quitting NZ politics.

Co-governance has been an active Government agenda for over 4 years and but knowing an informed NZ would not vote for co-governance, this agenda has been implemented by stealth to circumvent democracy which is a complete betrayal of the New Zealand people.

To further UNDRIP, the He Puapua report was commissioned and written in secret by the Brown Supremacists without consultation with Non-Māori and presented to Nanaia Mahuta in November 2019 but hidden from the public and even the acting deputy leader Winston Peters until after the 2020 election.

From the very start, this co-governance agenda has been deliberately concealed from the public and non-Māori and deviously implemented.

Deliberately misleading the public and parliament is a disgrace but not illegal so justice will only be served when we exercise our vote in the 2023 election and have them removed from office.

The application of this UNDRIP agenda is being justified because of erroneous claims that co-governance is also a part of Te Tiriti, which is the Māori interpretation of the original Treaty of Waitangi written in English. However, that’s a dubious interpretation as you don’t have to be a linguist to realise that it is illogical to use one narrow variation of the interpretation of a single word if it overrules all the other evidence to the contrary.

That co-governance interpretation doesn’t fit with any of the main contexts of the treaty. It doesn’t fit with democracy, it doesn’t fit with being a British citizen, it doesn’t fit with being a Subject of the monarchy, it doesn’t fit with what Māori already knew about British governance in New Zealand or New South Wales and it doesn’t fit with what Governor Hobson said to each Chief at the moment they signed (put their mark) on the Treaty, He said to them, "He iwi tahi tātou", meaning "We are [now] One People”.

Also, the correct application of one UN declaration wouldn’t undermine the application of arguably the most important and foundational UN declaration which is the “Declaration of Human Rights”, yet it does.

Therefore, not only does the Brown Supremacists’ application of UNDRIP contradict the Treaty, but it also contradicts a foundational UN declaration that states we must all have “Equal Rights”. Clearly, this application is flawed and twisted by racial bias to suit a racist agenda.

This government should never have engaged with the Brown Supremacists as legitimate partners as they see Pakeha and Asians as foreign invaders rather than fellow New Zealanders, how can you justify aligning with a group of people whose objectives are so myopic that they fit the definition for racism and narcissism. Unlike Labour’s idealistic socialist agenda, their agenda is very easy to understand, they want tribal rule, to sit on the throne as the rulers of NZ, they want power and control over other New Zealanders, they want more taxpayer money, more status, more privilege, more everything. They have proven to be unsatiable and their viewpoint is so narcissistically misguided that they actually believe, that what’s good for Māori is good for all Aoteroa, but how can something that destroys the civil rights of 84% of the population be good for all New Zealand?

Let’s assume that you believe what I am saying is fundamentally true, that our nation is currently being hijacked without the consent of the majority of the populace by the concealed co-governance agenda and that it will be a disaster, then obviously we need to take some action, the good news is that I believe we can and we can stop it.

Firstly, and obviously, we need to vote this government out of office, so help the public see this co-governance agenda for what it is, as they are unlikely to hear about it in the mainstream media so it is up to us and I hope this article helps. And don’t omit traditional Labour supporters as I believe that when fully informed, they will help vote this government out as this co-governance issue is so invasive and the deception and disrespect to New Zealanders is so deplorable that it will be the deciding factor.

Secondly, the new government needs to reject and undo the unmandated and disastrous co-governance agenda currently being inflicted on NZ. At this point, only ACT is showing the courage to take the full measures we need such as a referendum on co-governance and also make the necessary changes to the political landscape but I hope others step up too.

Thirdly, we need to fix the political landscape that has devolved to such a point of dysfunction that it has allowed this treachery and abuse of our civil rights to occur, we need to make sure we are never led down this disastrous path again.

I believe that NZ needs a political landscape that has the following aspects: 
  • Mainstream media that’s financial security is not subject to the incumbent government’s approval and is rebalanced to represent the full political spectrum, i.e., left to right.
  • No hidden agendas, to secretly implement hidden agendas that the people don’t want to deliberately circumvent the democracy process is a betrayal of the people and we need to strengthen the legal obligation for ministers to speak the truth and be transparent.
  • No tax-funded Spin teams, if you are doing what the people want then you don’t need to manipulate them with propaganda, especially when they are paying for it.
  • Politicians who commit to serving all demographics, not just their own, we need a group of great leaders picked on merit, not a colourful group of myopic politicians who only favour their flavour. If you are heavily biased toward a demographic at the expense of others then you are unfit to serve.
  • Democratically elected boards and leaders. NZ is a democracy, we are not communists, the people vote for leaders that represent them, and if they don’t, they don’t get re-elected, that’s the mechanism that ensures the leaders serve the people and not the other way round.
  • Our civil liberties are built on the foundational principle that all New Zealanders have “Equal Rights” and can expect to receive equal treatment, that foundation needs to be re-enforced.
This is a critical time in our nation’s history and I hope we can navigate it without a too much angst and then rebuild our nations unity as “One people”, we can’t overlook that this agenda has been sold to the Māori people by racist extremists as their indigenous right, as recompense for past wrongs. There have been a lot of lies, deceit and manipulation employed so it’s understandable that it would find some traction and that many decent Māori people will have been convinced that indigenous rights are a good thing.

All we can do is hold firm to our position that indigenous rights will prohibit “Equal Rights” for all New Zealanders and the loss of that foundational right will have many devastating consequences for our nation. That this co-governance agenda has been deviously imposed on NZ without a mandate and it is not the will of the majority so our vote is an emphatic NO. Also, those responsible for that deviousness have caused significant harm to the nation they swore to serve and should be held accountable for their treachery.

In summary, we need to flush this treacherous government; we need to undo the co-governance agenda forced on us and we need to demand change to the dysfunctional political landscape.

I believe we can achieve this by standing on the “Equal Rights”, foundation as no one can truthfully justify taking our right to equal treatment from us, not the UN, not the Brown Supremacists and not the Socialists. No matter how you spin it, the Indigenous rights and co-governance movement is built on a foundation of ethnic-based privilege and inequality that undermines the right of all citizens to equal treatment and contradicts the universally accepted declaration of human rights.

This human right means that “everyone must be treated equally under the law regardless of race, gender, colour, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other characteristics, without privilege, discrimination or bias”. It’s ironic that one of the founding Declarations of the UN drafted in 1948 is a key defence against the misguided and selfish application of a later UN agenda.

If we stand for “Equal Rights”, not only will we be defending what is right, but our position is already defended by universally accepted human rights so all we need to do is to claim it.

So today the little I would ask you to do, is to form a clear vision in your mind of a brighter future for New Zealand built on a foundation of “Equal Rights” where you can expect the right to equal treatment, where all New Zealanders can unite as equals and become “One People”.

I believe if we unite and “Stand for Equal Rights”, we will have a clear consistent voice and can achieve that vision.

As a wise man once said. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”.

John Franklin - another person who can only do a little.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. I am a woman and my office used to be about 50/50 male to female anyway. Now it has gone so far the other way that the office resembles an all girls school with all these nasty matrons in charge. To be honest, all my lovely male bosses were much easier to get along with. It is ridiculous of course and does nothing but upset society and stuff things up for everyone.

Lesley Stephenson said...

Those of us who read this are already on the same page as you John. Unfortunately many people believe the govt. propaganda and are too lazy to read and think for themselves. How to engage them is the challenge.

Stephen said...

Brilliant article thanks. The comparison with Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and New Zealand / Aotearoa is ominous. Co governance is reverse apartheid as is the use of untranslated Māori words and phrases . I have for years defined my ethnicity as “one country one people “ . Is it known that the Māori appointed to the Invercargill City Council caused the Councilers to delete all references to co governance in three waters submissions to the Government ? Sad but true and incredibly dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much John. I am hopeful for a deposing of this Government and all their treachery because people I speak to from mostly the working class are very aware of the issues that you present. Many people are sick of the pidgin lingo on MSM and things like signs at hospitals having the Maori signage in bold type and a larger size than the English words and not bold type, as at Hawke's Bay hospital. Equity much? And that is the minor stuff so it is encouraging to read your essay and have it as a resource to share.
Regards, Marg

Anonymous said...

I feel this has been an agenda for a lot longer than just a few years. I worked in the last 20 years for a Regional Council and the Maori agenda was infiltrated there many years ago with an unelected Maori committee of the same number as the councillors and on a generous payroll. Also Maori art being inserted into all council building public spaces and other expensive works were removed.
A teacher I know says that all the songs sung at her primary school are in Maori only. NO songs are sung in English!
We know the Kingitanga movement is alive and kicking and Nanaia Mahuta is closely related to the Maori king. She and her grifter family truly are royal treasures.

Ross Baker, said...

John, you say, "When I consider the current political landscape, I involuntarily shake my head and ask how on earth did we get here"? Well it's very simple John, 85% of New Zealanders have sat on their bums and let it happen!
They have accepted the Treaty as our founding document and Maori as indigenous to New Zealand when both are a lie. The Treaty is not our founding document as it founded nothing except made Maori British Subjects with the same right as the people of England and government does not even have a definition on who are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Even when the 500 chiefs signed the Treaty they agreed they were tangata maori and not tangata whenua.
Until the people of New Zealand wake up that the document that founded New Zealand, Queen Victoria's 1840 Royal Charter/Letters Patent as a British Colony under one law and one flag, irrespective of race, colour or creed, you will continue to shake your head until it falls off your shoulders.