Monday, June 20, 2022

Peter Williams: "Stop Three Waters" Speech

Full speech given by former radio and TV broadcaster Peter Williams around the proposed 3 waters reform. What it will mean to everyday Kiwi's and why he feels it needs to be stopped.

Peter Williams is a journalist,commentator and currently a board member for the Taxpayer's Union.


DeeM said...

Peter is a great public speaker and has a nice dry sense of humour at just the right times. A consummate media professional.
For anyone who can't understand 3 Waters or see the terrible consequences of adopting it, this video is the perfect delivery tool.

Doug Longmire said...

Magnificent, Peter.
you have described it so clearly !!
Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

This speech has very much the tone of a white colonial man feeling very threatened at losing control over a valuable asset that he wrested from iwi, then polluted with his urbanisation, lack of respect and arrogance … I think he has proved that he is not worthy or capable of being a good guardian of this taonga so return the Water to the responsible hands of iwi …

Anonymous said...

Nobody “owns” the water who “owned” the water before the Maori migration why do we avoid the fact that Maori also migrated to NewZealand Aotearoa?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said Maori migrated to NZ. What he didn't say was that people already existed in NZ. (Ranginui Walker). Where are those people today. What happened to the birds. Who brought the rat to NZ that was here when the Polynesian aka Maori arrived. Whose remains are under two layers of volcanic ash.
We really need to sort out NZ true history

linn g Koevoet said...

very well and concisely put. Thanks for the insight which hasnt been debated in the media.

I was against the three waters project but now I am totally opposed to it .

Please find out where your local government candidates stand on this issue and vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Great news tonight on TV1 -
“The number of people suffering financial hardship has been reduced by 3 per cent”

Anonymous said...

So with 3 water, there are 4 entities, 12 regional representatives, independent selection panels board of directors and a sub regional advisory panel. So in this flow chart of bureaucracy, how many actual heads will administer this system?
And how many will be more qualified than the council to meet
all of ew Zealanders need for