Saturday, October 29, 2022

Breaking Views Update: Week of 23.10.22

Saturday October 29, 2022 

Professor Rangi Mātāmua appointed as Government's chief advisor on Matariki

Professor Rangi Mātāmua is a Māori has a new role - chief advisor to the government on Matariki, the Māori New Year.

The newly created role sees Mātāmua ensuring authenticity in all the Government's Matariki initiatives, and assisting its promotion through funding, events, resources, and knowledge.

The commercialisation of Matariki has been an area of concern for Mātāmua since the Government first signalled a move to celebrate Matariki officially and as a nation.....
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Māori need seats at the aerospace industry growth table
As consultation wraps up this month on New Zealand's space policy and the New Zealand Aerospace Strategy, a leading Māori astrophysicist, says more time is needed for Māori to be fully involved.

But Harris said there hadn’t been enough time for Māori to consider and understand issues with space, the potential of space and what should be allowed to be sent into space.

Harris believes Te Tiriti o Waitangi is fundamental in terms of te ao Māori principles for interaction with space.....
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Police culture making changes with help from Māori-led research programe
It was established in March 2021, and police are using the kaupapa Māori approach to hear from marginalised communities.

Tā Kim Workman (Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa) who established the programme and is chair of the independent panel, said the goal was to establish a relationship with the police based on an equal partnership.

The panel, which also features Lady Tureiti Moxon, Rahui Papa and Professor Paul Spoonley, aims to have a relationship with the police based on equal partnership where they would listen. "We have the mandate to question the research and to commission research to seek information......
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Toitū Builtsmart to deliver homes and jobs to Tairāwhiti
The facility to become a training site for Toitū Tairāwhiti Māori trades training

Delivering over 50 homes, creating 18 full-time jobs, while providing a site for Toitū Tairāwhiti Māori cadetships is proof that iwi and Crown partnerships work.

Toitū Tairāwhiti secured up to $4 million in funding from Kānoa Regional Economic Development & Investment Unit (RDU)’s Regional Strategic Partnership Fund to assist with the construction of the site. Toitū Tairāwhiti also co-funded the remaining $4 million to bring the project to life.....
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Public outcry over Taranaki Cathedral whare shocks Dean
An outcry over the contemporary Māori design of the new Te Whare Hononga at the Taranaki Cathedral site in New Plymouth has shocked its Dean.

The building has come under fire for being out of sync with St Mary's - New Zealand's oldest stone church built in 1846 - and the recently-restored colonial-era vicarage.

Construction of Te Whare Hononga was a condition of the Government's $5 million contribution towards the $20m earthquake strengthening project at the cathedral.....
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More focus on Te Tiriti O Waitangi as national health plan released
The first-ever national health plan has been released by government agencies, aiming for a a huge shake up of the system over the next two years.

It's big on ideas such as changing the way the sector gets workers and with more focus on Te Tiriti O Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi).....
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Heather du Plessis-Allan: The unfolding Tuhoe case is an example of why co-governance doesn't work 

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Friday October 28, 2022 

Iwi representatives appointed to Council committees 
Ngā Iwi o Taranaki have confirmed four of their six representatives for appointment to Taranaki Regional Council’s two main standing committees.

Iwi representatives first joined the standing committees in 2016, as part of the region’s Treaty of Waitangi settlements.

“We have seen just how valuable that iwi perspective is to ensure robust discussions and effective, collaborative decision-making......
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Calls grow for more Māori, Pasifika anaesthetic technicians
To fix this blockage - partly due to too few anaesthetic technicians - the newly formed organisation Pasifika Anaesthetists in Aotearoa (PAiA) is proposing an increase in the number of local trainees with an emphasis on more Māori and Pasifika technicians in programmes.

"Having a technician that can speak to that patient in their own native language was just a beautiful outcome for that patient," she said.....
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John Porter: They Don’t Care about Non-Maori Farmers

The real life documentary 'No Māori Allowed' strikes a raw nerve for some in our society

What Māori retirement looks like: Only one in 1000 Māori reaching 90

Racism gets in the way of all our good health

Why Aotearoa should push past commemorating to understanding the NZ Wars 

Thursday October 27, 2022 

New history series starts with highlighting He Whakaputanga 
Friday the 28th of October will mark the 187th-anniversary of the signing of The Declaration of Independence of New Zealand.

This document was drafted and used as a foundational document 5 years before the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in 1840.

He Whakaputanga O Te Rangtatiratanga O Nu Tīreni will be taught in schools as a part of New Zealand's colonial history.....
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Hundreds gather in Tūhoe country to protest 'desecration' of back country huts
Hundreds of people – led by Tūhoe kaumātua – gathered in Tāneatua on Wednesday to protest against the “desecration” of back-country huts in Te Urewera.

A spokesperson for the group, kaumātua Paki Nikora, said: “We are here because of the desecration of all our huts that have all had a historical connection to Tūhoe, and also all the hunters and trampers that frequented Te Urewera over 50 years plus.

He said TUT did not represent all Tūhoe and the fact that more than 8000 people had signed a petition calling for the removals to stop, “speaks volumes”......
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Wednesday October 26, 2022 

Petition to reinstate Aotearoa as official name of New Zealand, accepted by select committee 
The Māori Affairs select committee will debate the official changing of the country’s name to Aotearoa.

A 70,000 strong petition from Te Pāti Māori went to parliament in June, gaining attention at home and internationally.

The National party has called for a referendum on anything official, while ACT leader David Seymour (Ngāpuhi) said such a referendum shouldn’t be a priority, when questioned by reporters during its submission.

"I believe in free speech. People choose to call it New Zealand, people choose to call it Aotearoa; Aotearoa is on the currency, on the passports, put there by the previous National Government," he said......
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A dispute, a fire and a $100k bill
(Excerpts, NZ Herald paywall)
Nearly $100,000 of ratepayers’ money has been spent removing a family from a make-shift “shantytown” on a public reserve north of Katikati.

Charles Hill and his family had occupied Tahawai Reserve at Tanners’ Point since at least 2019. He claimed it was the whanau’s ancestral right to be there but Western Bay of Plenty District Council, local hapu Ngati Te Wai and, eventually, the courts disagreed.....
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How racism impacts on education systems in Aotearoa
An education symposium hosted by iwi in Whakatū Nelson last week aimed to inspire leaders to look at education with a Māori lens.

The event, called Kia wetewetea, ko Māui ahau! - which translates to 'loosen me, for I am Māui' - was held at the Trafalgar Centre in Nelson on Friday.
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New Wairarapa council code nods to Treaty of Waitangi
Of Wairarapa's three district councils, only one is set to immediately adopt a refreshed Code of Conduct with mention of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Carterton District Council [CDC] will adopt Local Government New Zealand's [LGNZ] 2022 Code of Conduct Template today, which includes a commitment to recognise and respect the significance of the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Its northern neighbours in Masterton have been recommended to adopt the previous council's 2021 Code of Conduct, "and undertake a review of the Code in the first half of 2023"......
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Māori education forum draws more than 1000 people
More than 1000 people attended an education symposium hosted by iwi in Whakatū Nelson which aimed to inspire leaders to look at education with a Māori lens.....
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Tuesday October 25, 2022 

Auckland iwi take the helm of fisheries enforcement 
A North Auckland iwi is taking the helm of fisheries enforcement in the Hauraki Gulf in a first of its kind pilot programme.

Warkworth’s Ngāti Manuhiri has bought three, 450-horsepower former police boats which it will use to patrol the gulf to protect it from overfishing.

The intention is to have three crews of fisheries officers on the water by Christmas.....
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Ngāti Hāua and Crown sign agreement
Ngāti Hāua and the Crown have signed an Agreement in Principle at Ngāpūwaiwaha Marae at Taumarunui today, marking a significant milestone towards the settlement of Ngāti Hāua’s historical Treaty of Waitangi claim

The Agreement in Principle also outlines a broad settlement package including:

* Commercial and financial redress of $19 million

* A range of cultural and commercial redress including the return of a number of sites of cultural significance across the rohe of Ngāti Hāua

* A cultural fund of $1.4million, and relationship agreements with a number of Crown agencies aimed at supporting the social transformation aspirations of Ngāti Hāua

It will also recognise Te Pou Tikanga, the values of Ngāti Hāua, that affirm and align with the pou that traditionally have marked the Ngāti Hāua rohe......
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Chris Trotter: Jackson's Trap. 

Monday October 24, 2022

Removal of Te Urewera huts sparks outrage from locals

Nikora is one of 8000 people who've signed a petition calling for it to stop. He's been using the huts since the 1960s for hunting and tramping and said there's been no proper communication with the community on the matter.

"These huts were put in by the Department of Conservation (DoC) and the way we see it, it's all owned by the public of New Zealand," Nikora said.

So far 15 huts have been dismantled with another 33 set to be destroyed by December.

It's part of the Tūhoe governance entity Te Uru Taumatua's plan to remove the old huts.

"We are redesigning Te Urewera, we are not copying what DoC has done over the last 60 years. This is no longer a national park," Kruger said......
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Govt pushing on with NCEA changes as only a third pass writing standard
The Government has set new literacy, numeracy, Te Reo Matatini (Māori language literacy), and pāngarau (Māori language numeracy) standards that will need to be taken alongside NCEA.

The results showed just 64 per cent passed the reading standard, 34 per cent writing and 56 per cent numeracy, Te Reo Matatini (Māori language literacy) at 24 per cent and Pāngarau (Māori language numeracy) at just 18 per cent.

Ryan said among the wider review of NCEA teachers wanted the focus to be on Mana ōrite mō te mātauranga Māori, cultural responsiveness, literacy and numeracy and localised curriculum.....
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Frank Newman: Straight talk - Mahuta and Three Waters racism, PM says no to joint press conference, and not all quiet on the Western front.

Time to ‘take stock’ and admit tikanga its rightful role in NZ

Marae can be our courthouses 

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*** said...

NZ is now an apartheid State with the most racist policies in the world at its core.

In NZ today, there is:
1. Legislated discrimination on the basis of race
2. Legislated elevation of one race above all others – creating a superior race with super privileges to make decisions for other races
3. Job reservation for the superior race – powerful public positions with decision making authority over all races are restricted to members of the superior race
4. An oft-used mechanism for handing over significant portions of public cash to the superior race only

The first 3 of these NZ measures mirror those during the darkest days of 1970s apartheid South Africa. But not the 4th measure - not even the apartheid Afrikaner government handed over significant portions of public cash to their superior race.

Officially, in NZ, the language of the superior race is given priority over others, and the mythology of the superior race (allegedly handed down through generations by word of mouth) is given parity status to Western science.

The rationale given for elevating the superior race is the claim that they have special abilities (all unspecified and unevidenced) that other races do not possess. Yet less than 200 years ago, NZ’s superior race had not progressed beyond the Stone Age, and today are at the wrong end of all public statistics that matter (education, health, crime). While New Zealanders have been either asleep or too preoccupied watching the sports channel, they have become victims by stealth of the biggest con job that is going to have serious negative repercussions for generations to come.

Doug Longmire said...

Well said ***
You have summed it up superbly.
Welcome to New Zimbabwe !!

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 24th the relevance of maori lingo literacy and maori lingo numeracy is not clear. Are these taken as alternatives or were all student tested under all 5 categories? If presented with all I would instruct to strike out the maori lingo questions and write not applicable to post stone age world across the page.

robert Arthur said...

re 25th. Curious to know more about the fisheries enforcement arrangement. Surely 3 boats and crews not to be employed full time. Judging by the tv programme about fisheries enforcement (which although great and informative tv would definitely not qualify for PIJFunding), the crews will have to turn a Nelsonian eye to many activities or invoke intra/inter whanua, hapu, iwi strife. I suspect the former the most likely course. Modern maori will be in their element lording it over colonist descendants on their luxury launches. A foretaste of now imminent maori controlled NZ.

Ray S said...

Maori fisheries officers with high speed boats.
One can see where this is heading.
Will they have quazi authority to seize and apprehend? If so, then this is another case of the government ceding authority to Maori.

If not, then confrontation is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

At my work of approx 100 staff, none of whom are maori or even part maori, we have been told we will all receive workshops on cultural awareness and compulsary te reo lessons. A prayer room will be made available and any person with maori descent has been asked to identify themselves for promotion. I wonder how many other companies are doing this. Stuff is sure getting real.

Anonymous said...

Petition to reinstate Aotearoa - what a joke. To 'reinstate' suggests it was once in common usage. Well that's a lie right from the get go. And it's about as sensible as rebranding Coke or Coca-Cola. We've spent over a century building a brand that's world recognised. But maybe it would be more appropriate to call ourselves 'Woke Central' or 'WC' for short - as we do seem to now be headed in that direction.

Robert Arthur said...

re the 26th, I wonder if the TAB offered odds on the chance of the Select committee NOT accepting the petition.1000:1, 1000,000:1?

Robert Arthur said...

re the 27th would be interesting to know the real motivation for removal of the Waikaremoana huts. Is it to reduce amateur tramping and make way for a commercial enterprise (so that, like Milford, service helicopters can ruin the ambience), reduce hunters and leave more taonga pigs for the locals, or is it just a manifestation of the spite the colonists instinct apparent with the Te Maunga Authorty and with the effective ongong rahui in the Waitakeres?

Robert Arthur said...

Re 27th, presumably the declaration of Independance will only be taught at the most advanced level. There is a hell of a lot to be learned about the development of NZ before dwelling on that minor very localised event.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 28th, with the blatant antagonism so many maori at all levels display toward colonists (ie anyone not maori) the prospect of maori medical practitioners terrifies me. That consideration quite apart from unease about the easy going te ao tikanga attitude toward matters requiring diligent, competent, concerted application.

Robert Arthur said...

If Tinetti's answers had formed some official release I would run it past the Plain Language commissioner. Modern reaching is riddled with code words ie contextualise. To give her her dues, she did avoid pedagogy now included in all statements about education. Perhaps 5% know what it means.