Saturday, April 27, 2024

Cam Slater: Make Your Mind up Willie

Willie Jackson is a motor mouth with a poor memory. Just a few weeks ago he was attacking Melissa Lee and calling her ‘useless’, ‘stupid’ and ‘incompetent’, and yesterday he was waxing lyrical about her skill set after Christopher Luxon sacked her as Broadcasting Minister. Make your mind up Willie!

After spending weeks calling former broadcasting Minister Melissa Lee “useless”, “stupid” and “incompetent”, Labour’s Willie Jackson is criticising the Prime Minister for booting her out of Cabinet.

Lee was removed as Media and Communications Minister on Wednesday and booted from Cabinet. Her role was given to Paul Goldsmith in a reshuffle Christopher Luxon said was because the portfolio had become more complex.

Penny Simmonds was also taken out of the Minister for Disability Issues role in the reshuffle.

The changes come after both Simmonds and Lee faced intense criticism over their response to issues in their respective portfolios.

Lee came under particular scrutiny over her response to extreme turmoil in the media industry. In fact, Jackson has repeatedly attacked her, calling her “stupid” and suggesting she “doesn’t know what she is doing”.

But on AM on Friday Jackson hit out at Luxon for demoting her, questioning where his heart was and saying Lee was “absolutely qualified” for her portfolio.

“One thing I have learnt in politics is that you don’t dance on someone’s grave and so I might have done that [criticised Lee] but a lot of things happen in politics. You had [David] Seymour calling Winston [Peters] the most untrustworthy person in the world and two weeks later they were in Cabinet together” Jackson told AM co-host Lloyd Burr.

“It’s a sad time for her and it’s a sad time for Penny so yes I was always very clear, but it was never anything personal,” he added.

He also hit out at National accusing them of not giving Lee adequate support in the role.

“What I will say is Melissa never got any support, she was thrown out there. I can recall the last day in the House and I really went for her and she got no support…I thought they would ask me to withdraw and apologise.

“So my sympathy goes out to her because she’s been in the game a long time, she was absolutely qualified for the position but had no support and no policy. Winston and the lot absolutely overruled her,” he said.

So, what is it Willie?

Is she ‘useless’, ‘stupid’ and ‘incompetent’ or is she “absolutely qualified”?

You know what has happened here?

Labour and their lickspittles in the media tried very hard to “get” Melissa Lee, but they didn’t really want to cost her the job as Broadcasting Minister; they wanted her weakened and compliant so she would push their agenda to fund the media. They didn’t want her gone.

But they pushed her too hard and Christopher Luxon axed her. A big mistake by the opposition and media. This is why you are seeing reverse ferrets from people like Willie Jackson. They screwed up bigly.

Now they are up against Paul Goldsmith, and he is on the spectrum. He is immune to the petty bullying that people lacking intelligence – like Willie Jackson – resort to.

Christopher Luxon’s master stroke was to take Melissa Lee off the table, now they have Paul Goldsmith to deal with.

I’m quietly sniggering.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Cam, haha, I don't know what to say about these guys ( Jackson et al). Just keep fighting the good fight cam, you have all our support. Keep getting under their skin by reporting the truth...nothing drive the left crazier mate!!.

Ken S said...

My thoughts exactly Cam but at least Willie has defined the traits required to be an (un)successful member of a Labour cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Who else is getting sick and tied of this expensive "political theater' masquerading as democracy?

Robert Arthur said...

melissa seemd to contribute intelligently to Select Committees on broadcasting matters. It sees wasteful to dispose of this detail expertise becasue she has not single handed solved a new major broad political policy puzzle.

Allan said...

The headline presumes that he has a mind capable of being made up.

Ross said...

I agree with you Robert Arthur. There is a lot more to this matter than we have been told, I think. A good opportunity for an investigative journalist (are there any left !!) to have a good dig to find out what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

To all those who have read, posted a comment and may return to read any other posts, and to also those who will read and maybe create a posted comment.

Subject matter - Willie Jackson, the sometime/anytime/would be/could be - who thinks he is a capable Politician.

History - Dear Willie 'left the political arena, many moons ago', and established himself alongside John Tamihere - both worked together in radio, if anyone listened to "their monosyllabic rants & raves -well done you.

Tamihere - was "accused of finger dipping, into a Charitable Trust petty cash tin" - which I heard a 'story at a later date, had invested in a many $$$ mansion on an Auckland waterfront. His 'Kiwisaver funds must have been staggering'?

Willie - did not have his fingers far from politics, and when Jacinda suddenly became Dear Leader -Willie suddenly 're-appeared on the Labour Party doorstep" and was 'suddenly found at No 23 on The Labour MMP list' and when Dear Leader 'took the rings of power' - oh gee - Willie J is 'suddenly a Cabinet Minister' - Broadcasting being on of his functions - and the NZ MSM made 'noise over his every mutterings'.

Note Willie J is still there, does not have to contend any electoral vote, just remain on the Labour Party MMP List, ranked as high as possible, and has 'beaten all other Maori to an appointment, in power', as a result of such actions!

Also whilst contemplating the above, keep in mind that Willie comes from a Family with noted Socialist activities, from our recent past, me thinks Willie is carrying that torch onward.