Saturday, April 27, 2024

Richard Treadgold: Defeat is Near - when will we roar?

We are an unhappy people. Years of intellectual darkness gathering across the country have been followed by Labour’s unequivocal socialist-inspired vandalism.

They bent the law’s neutrality out of shape with widespread racist meddling, fiddled with our institutions, granted political power to anti-democratic tribal leaders, appointed racially selected representatives to elected bodies and turned a blind eye as tribal and socialist activists saturated universities, civil service and judiciary.

The 2023 election was a miracle that gladdened hearts with a promise of freedom. The first 100 days were heartening, but now the pace slows. While the Coalition knows what is broken and what we want, the Prime Minister already forgets his promises.

The rebels demand governance, but their dismal aim of smashing two centuries of civilised development and infrastructure reveal the sad truth that they just don’t care about community, or even Maori, welfare, only their personal fortunes.

The British colonisers (welcomed at the time) are now vilified, yet they created a nation, gave us peace, law, church, university, school, military, civil institution, police, road and bridge. Also writing, footwear and the wheel. Oh, and firearms.

Still, the rebels roar their hatred of the colonisers, and leave no doubt they will loot the national treasury for their private paradise. They must not rule. To prevent the slow-moving insurrection, we too must roar.

The activists, the unapologetically left-wing media and, sadly, even Christopher Luxon in the heart of the Coalition support the removal of democracy as if it somehow prejudices Maoris. Yet the chiefs were always and remain harshly dictatorial.

Ordinary Maoris have never had a voice.

Democracy is no tyranny—it is the only road to prosperity.

Richard Treadgold, a proofreader for over 40 years, started the Climate Conversation Group website about 20 years ago to champion climate realism and in 2021 founded the conservative think tank Free New Zealand to fight for democracy.


Anonymous said...

A pertinent question.

A roar should come over the 2011 MACA Law - unless amended rapidly.

And certainly, over Seymour's Treaty Bill and referendum - which evil forces are already trying to prevent.

If not, it's all over.....He Puapua is sure.

Erica said...

It is an attack on everything that we value in the West. This is actually an attack on Christianity and Christian values which were the foundation of Western Civilization. Marxism Progressiovism, and Maori radical tribalism all conspire to produce the downfall of the West.

As other contributors have stated this is a religious war We have just had ANZAC day and there have been the usual lofty speeches on fighting evil and honouring people who sacrificed themselves in wars to give us the freedom which are now being taken away from us. The battle is not in some faraway land but right inside our own country.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell Richard, but the apathy of the nation and lack of political will at the top doesn’t bode well.

Anonymous said...

Richard, well said. I feel the anti left backlash is here. The left are now being held to account and they don't like it. Awesome.

Rob Allen said...

Brilliant reading,i hpoe theres going to be BIG change for the better and soon.

Allan said...

An excellent article. The comment from ERICA is right on the button when she suggests "This is all about destroying Western democracy". Time to stop watching or reading M.S.M, & start researching The World Economic Forum, with its plan for the great reset. Yes the National Party had a representative there at the last A.G.M, along with representatives from the 'Left'.

Richard said...

This Treadgold guy is seriously disorientated. He is in an organisation that supports democracy but this article shows it's only the kind of democracy that he agrees with. Mr Treadgold doesn't seem to understand that a system where only one viewpoint is allowed isn't called a democracy. It's called a dictatorship.

PS Mr Treadgold, could you give some references for the "many US studies" that show MAGA people are kind and helpful to others?

Anonymous said...

Great reading.
Democracy of course allows free speech.
Bias is of course a difficult and often non-negotiable stance to have.
However, it is obvious to any thinking people that the labour left, Greens and Te Pati have a serious bias.
That bias is untenable as it simply doesn't recognise social/societal equity and grossly condemns 'Joe Citizen' to an unheard vacant voice.

Alan said...

We are at war with Maori tribes and corporation we the majority of New Zealanders are not aware of this yet.The takeover of N.Z. is well and truely under way.Lakes and rivers under their control and now foreshore and seabed with Judges already granting claimants to date. already being handed over to self serving maori tribes and maori business corporations. Aussie here we come.