Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Mike's Minute: More money for Pharmac or better self-health management?

I read an article yesterday about how we need to play in dirt more.

It's good for your health, that’s why you should “ground” yourself. Get your feet in the earth every day, it's good for your health.

That’s why we love growing our own veggies. 1. They’re fresh and good for your health, 2. your hands are in the dirt.

And 3. increasingly it is assessed that it’s the grains and greens that is the best thing you can do for your gut, and your gut is pretty much the key to everything.

It's also a lot easier than finding $1.7 billion over 4 years, which is what David Seymour has had to do for Pharmac.

Pharmac is modern medicine, and modern medicine is an expensive business, and that’s because we don’t take our health seriously enough and end up with the mess we have in health care.

We have never been more unwell. In a world where some anyway have never been more well, while at the same time living in an age where new information, life extending, lifesaving information has never been more accessible.

At the same time Seymour was offering $1.7 billion, another bloke was blowing up at the Health Minister, having been told he needs to wait a year for an op.

All this is the end of the line stuff. And before you complain too loudly, no, some people don't get a choice. Medical carnage besets them through no fault of their own.

But for most of us that isn't the case, it is generally the culmination and accumulation of lifestyle. A lifestyle of a western world that knows full well what it is doing to itself and yet would rather debate a Phamac budget, because that easier than changing the way we eat or live.

Pharmac’s budget is now over $6 billion a year and the money announced yesterday, which is another 400 plus million every year over 4 years, is merely to top up the underfunding which Labour left behind. This doesn’t improve things; it holds the line. It avoids the cuts.

And it doesn’t include all the stuff Pharamc and the various pressure and lobby groups around the country will tell you we should be funding but don’t, because we don’t have enough money.

But then how much is enough? In a country of 5 million, when there are more cost-effective answers than big pharma, how much is enough?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Rockefeller’s ‘safe and effective’ Big Pharma Industrial Complex?

This message brought to you by PFIZER.

Anna Mouse said...

Get with the program Mike. The WEF have told us that growing our own veg is causing climate change.....

Anonymous said...

There will never be enough. All of their pharmaceutical are only designed to mask symptoms, not treat the root of the problem. It isn't medicine which by definition restores normal functioning.

All that GPs are trained to do is prescribe pharmaceuticals. Few have any training in nutrition and most of those have been trained in programmes sponsored by big food, just like the nutritionists. The entire system from education through to treatment is rotten.

Taxpayers shouldn't continue supporting a medical system founded industry-backed propaganda that has little basis in real science. Daniel Roytas' book "Can you catch a cold?" looked at more than 200 published scientific papers for influenza and cold contagion and found the modal rate of transmission was zero and where apparent transmission took place there were other explanations for the results. Yet we've just ruined our economy and children on something founded in cultural-belief: not objective evidence.

People should keep their money in their pocket to fund the healthcare interventions they want, like organic food, clean fluoride-free water and supplements that work. The only public health interventions that are any good are garbage collection, wasterwater treatment systems and sewerage systems. The water system is mixed in its results because of antiquated technology when it comes to treatment and filtering.