Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Capitalist: Check Out the Double Standards

The left have always been racist: they consider anyone non-white to be inferior and requiring ‘educated’ white liberals and left wingers like themselves to run their lives for them. It has never crossed their minds that Maori, or Islanders, or black people might be intelligent, aspirational for themselves and their families, or might have opinions. Left wingers find such notions unfathomable.

One example of this is the advertising industry, populated by ‘urban liberals’, who create advertisements for television that are hilarious. First, there is always a nuclear Maori family where no one looks feral, no one is beating their children and no one has tattoos or gang patches. Left wingers, to pretend they aren’t racist, create this fantasy world which they hope will send subliminal messages to Maori to ‘live like this’.

Then it gets into the realms of racialism (as opposed to ‘racism’, racialism means you truly think there is something ‘wrong’ with a person’s race, that not being white is some sort of genetic defect. Racism just means you don’t like them.) on a breathtaking scale; whether it is attempting to teach brown skinned people how to wash their hands, or read a pamphlet from a government department or some other fairly straightforward activity. You see the actors showing everyone else how to undertake it. Throw in some fake Maori words, dinner and music (because left wingers think Maori are only interested in boil-ups and a good sing-song) and it forms the basis of most advertising.

It really is The Birth of a Nation stuff in the sickeningly racist depictions of Maori stereotypes, or what white liberal left wingers think are stereotypes (they’d need to actually meet some Maori at some point in order to know). But they feel they’re so well meaning in wanting to overcome these deficiencies, and the worst deficiency, of course, is not being white.

As I’ve written before, my partner endured several years of this stuff while attending Scots College and later Victoria University: a tidal wave of patronising and quite disgusting racism from the Wellington left-winger set. What used to intrigue me is the lack of self-awareness – i.e., the ‘genuineness’ of these people: they truly believed what they were saying and doing. Weird.

I therefore feel it appropriate to ponder the true viewpoint of the left-winger set in response to the lunacy put forth by the Maori party. Along with pretty much everybody else, I doubt the Labour or Green party folk truly support notions such as abolishing everything that’s occurred in NZ since 1769 and returning us to a warring savage country of incest, rape and cannibalism. I doubt they truly feel such things as modern medicine or the free enterprise economic system has been a force for bad. It is probably a case of sitting around sipping chardonnay with a smoked salmon bread roll in hand and thinking ‘they don’t know any better; let’s just enjoy the entertainment’. It’s patronising, racist, insincere and continues a longstanding Labour party tradition. Afterall, it’s not like the Maori Party folk can think for themselves is it, comrades?

Capitalist is a simple country boy from the deep south who seeks nothing less than the destruction of socialism and collectivism in New Zealand. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about the tv advertising. Nobody takes any notice of them and those that do are incapable of rational thought and already live in their lefty utopia.

Anonymous said...

"the worst deficiency, of course, is not being white."

No, the worst deficiency is being Christian and not thinking like them.

Anonymous said...

Frankly the so called maori activists do nothing to jolt the lefties out of their delusions. Rather they rei force the stereotype of the angry maori who needs help.