Thursday, March 3, 2022

Clive Bibby: Appeasement always ends in tears

Students of history will learn the first principle when dealing with tyrants is that appeasement is never the right option - no matter what the circumstances, particularly if the aggressor is looking for signs of weakness in his or her opponent. 

Consequently, it is more than a little bit alarming to witness the leaders of the Free World, particularly the current US administration talking tough in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine while at the same time trying to avoid getting involved in the defence of a sovereign nation that is being crushed as they look on from the sidelines. 

Unfortunately, even a late decision to do what they promised Ukraine they would do may now be too little too late. It is clear that Putin has already decided that NATO is not going to commit any ground or even airforces that would make a difference to the end result of this war. 

Lesson number two should be the acceptance of reality when dealing with these maniacs who unsurprisingly always act according to a formula they know that works.

They make calculated decisions based on the perceived strength of those who oppose their plans for expansion.

The only thing they respect is a meaningful show of force that is backed by more than idle threats.

In that context, it is no surprise that the US President who kept the dictatorships of China, North Korea, Iran and Russia within their territorial boundaries during the entire 4 yrs of his presidency was Donald Trump.

He achieved that notable milestone while being mercilessly attacked as a threat to democracy by most of those who are now failing to show spine in the face of Putin's aggression. 

It could have and should have been so different. Unfortunately, even a first year History student could have seen this coming. All you need to do is read the record of the Obama years. 

Putin showed then what he would do in the face of appeasement by contemptuously brushing aside Obama's pathetic attempts to do a deal that wouldn't interfere with his re-election. He didn't have to wait long for the consequences of that miscalculation to come back to haunt him. 

Putin simply waited until the time was right and then proceeded to annex Crimea, with not so much as a "tut,tut" from the man who had the power to prevent it. 

Emboldened by his success with that move, Vlad waited until Obama's deputy became President then repeated the process with similar takeovers of the two Eastern States on the Ukrainian/ Russian border.  The rest they say was inevitable. 

We now watch as the brave Ukranians try to defend their nation against overwhelming odds, no doubt regretting they had agreed to giving up the one thing that would have kept Putin on his side of the fence - their arsenal of nuclear weapons in exchange for a commitment to include Ukraine under NATO's defense umbrella.

It has been a shameful betrayal of what the West used to promote as being the "moral high ground."

So much for enemies when you have this lot as so called friends. 

I am ashamed. 

So should all those pathetic leaders within the NATO pact. 

China must be licking its lips in anticipation of the same sort of opposition when it's their turn.

Hope I'm wrong. 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 


Ewan McGregor said...

“I said here’s the problem with NATO: it’s obsolete.”
– Donald Trump, April 2016, campaigning in Wisconsin
“NATO, in particular, is one of the best investments America has ever made.”
– Hillary Clinton, March 2016, Stanford University

Simon Cohen said...

I am afraid that you are obviously an apologist for Donald Trump who was the biggest appeaser that Putin could ever hope for.

Anonymous said...

. America has derided Russia’s attempts at dialogue, diplomacy, appeasement and red lines. The last straws were:

(1) The American attempt at regime change in Kazakhstan.

(2) Plans to install American MK-41 rockets, with Tomahawk missiles and B61 nuclear warheads in Karkhov province.

(3) The Ukrainian army shelling rebel towns and villages (hundreds of shells a day), and the massing of Ukrainian army and SS battalions on the front line in the rebel provinces of Donesk and Lugansk.

This is essentially a war between America and Russia. America provides the strategy, weapons, money, intelligence, black ops, psych ops, etc. Ukraine provides the blood.

Alan Davidson

Sven said...

The west has tried to screw an empire, that empire is now fighting back, can one blame them.

KP said...

"Students of history will learn the first principle when dealing with tyrants is that appeasement is never the right option -"

..and Putin knows that well! He has been pushed into a corner by the Yanks using Ukraine as their patsy, right from when they managed the revolution that threw out the elected Govt of Ukraine in 2014.
Then came the missiles onto Russia's boundaries, the biolab research labs in Ukraine, the promise to help Ukraine process Chenoble's waste fuel for the weapons-grade plutonium and having NATO on the borders.

That was too much for Putin, he said he would act & he has. We have seen the fastest, smoothest pivot in the endless Govt propaganda from the loads of rubbish about Covid to the loads of rubbish about Putin. If nothing else, this should teach people around the world to never believe a word a Govt says.

America will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian!

Sven said...

Like it or not we now have a great television war happening right in front of our screens, on youtub and other devices, reality tv at its bests, with real people what more could we ask for after been locked down for 2 years, I must admit I am batting for Putin and Russia, I just hope he awakens some of those western wokes up, but for that to happen lots of innocent people need to die on both sides, we are still the same people that were around 500, 1000 years ago, just with modern devices, those devices are our pocket priests they are the source of all truth? along with the Red Queen on her golden podium.