Saturday, March 19, 2022

John Franklin: “We are now One People”

The current Labour government is purposely ceding control of New Zealand’s assets and infrastructure to the Iwi elite because they represent the indigenous people of NZ in line with the unworkable suggestions of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

This is not a theory; it’s a provable fact, there is evidence that it is part of a deliberate agenda, there is also the evidence of what they have already achieved to date, the evidence is there to see.

He Puapua is the name of the driving body set up by the current Labour government to push this agenda. Meet the team behind He Puapua below, there is only ever going to be one beneficiary from this group, the Iwi elite.

This agenda is visible in the 3 waters reform where the government has mandated that 50% of the controlling board must be Iwi so they can veto anything they don’t like and just one vote from the remainder gives them full decision-making control. You have the same process happening in the tertiary education system with Te Pukenga which I have first-hand experience with. First the government disbands the current regionally controlled entity under the guise of efficiency or better services and then gives full control to a central government-controlled entity, then they give control of that entity to Iwi.

The creation of a separate Māori Health Board is an example of the racially based separatist agenda that Labour under Ardern is also pursuing in conjunction with the handover of national assets and infrastructure. The establishment of Māori Wards in Local Government is yet another recent example and was that forced under protest on the councils and the general public.

Again, this is not a theory, don’t let some fool mock you as a conspiracy theorist, these are real events and organisations and real people pushing this agenda but unless you are in a role that allows you to see it first hand, it’s largely concealed from the general public’s view and most people aren’t even aware that this agenda is being advanced today. I get that, as it’s hard to believe that it’s possible to even conceive of a race based agenda like He Puapua in this day and age, never mind hide it from the general public and force it on them without a mandate.

Refer to Tremain’s cartoon which sums up this situation quite well.

All New Zealanders own these assets and infrastructure, not just the Iwi elite and ceding control to them is wrong on many levels.

It’s wrong because this government has not been given a mandate by Kiwis to pursue this agenda, it’s been deliberately concealed from the public. By not publicly declaring this hugely significant agenda, as part of their campaign, they have effectively lied to New Zealand. And even worse, they did that because they knew that most of the 85% of New Zealanders that these policies degrade to 2nd class citizens, would not support it. That’s a total betrayal of New Zealanders as the government has an obligation to ensure the public understand their intentions - they are supposed to work for us, not against us. However, if you voted for Labour and are feeling betrayed, spare a thought for poor old Winston who put them in power whilst they hid this agenda from him, and when he found out and kicked up a fuss, they denied it.

It’s wrong because its racist - these race-based policies elevate one race above all the others, there is no other way to see that. It’s racist and all the justifications of why this particular racism is ok are lame. If people genuinely need extra government support, it should be needs based, not race based.

It’s wrong because it doesn’t represent the majority of Kiwis, just a minority group that’s only 15% of the current population - how is that democracy in action? Will that minority put their interests above the majority? Of course, they will.

It is wrong because it will cause huge division in NZ between Māori and Non-Māori. It will create a toxic, racially tense environment where radicals from both sides will become prominent and that’s a disaster. I have good Māori friends and the thought that we could be at odds because of these Māori supremacists and a foolish government is distressing. The radical haters on both sides need to stay in their holes, not become influential. We need policies to unite, not divide - we need to be “One People”. Aren’t we supposed to be the team of 5 million or are there two teams now, an A team of 750 thousand and a B team of 4 ¼ million.

It’s wrong because it’s a bad idea. It’s pure folly as it will not fix the past, it will just wreck the future. Separatism and race-based agendas are not a medicine for bad history, they are a poison for the future. And do you think for one minute that this agenda from Māori supremacist of raising Māori above other New Zealanders will stop the grievances? And do you think that once their rights are elevated high above everyone else’s that they will be satisfied? And do you think the Iwi businesses profiting from this privilege will ever have enough money or advantage? If you don’t know those answers, there’s no helping you.

It is wrong because it is not in line with the intended purpose of the Treaty of Waitangi. Whilst there is debate about the interpretation differences between the Te Reo version and the English version, there can be no debate about the intention of the Treaty because as each Chief signed (put their mark) on the Treaty of Waitangi, Hobson said to them, "He iwi tahi tātou", meaning "We are [now] One People”. This means that Hobson’s deliberate and repeatedly spoken words at the moment of signing would have been understood as summarising the most significant outcome of the treaty. This is critical to understand as it cuts through all the debate about the true intention of the Treaty - based on the interpretation of a few words - and demonstrates the clear intent that the treaty was designed to unite both Māori and Non-Māori as “One People” which is completely at odds with the intent of those behind Te Puapua.

We could go on about how this Labour government’s agenda is wrong on many levels, but needless to say, believing it is wrong and standing against it is a very morally defendable position that we can be proud of.

It’s a stand for what is best for all New Zealanders, it’s a stand for honouring the true intention of the Treaty, it’s a stand for unity instead of division, it’s a stand against racism. So don’t tolerate anyone telling you that this stand is racist when they are the ones dividing us into racial groups and giving preference to one race over another. We have seen them play that card every time someone opposes their racist agendas, and it is an insult to our intelligence so don’t put up with that nonsense.

I am going to add information on this topic on a regular basis, and in particular the Te Pukenga facet of this agenda as I am in that environment and witnessing it first-hand. Today, in this first blog I am also introducing myself and explaining why I am taking a stance so it’s a bit longer than the ensuing blogs will be - I apologise for that. In subsequent blogs we will discuss the Treaty in a bit more depth, the inequity vs equality deception that is fully employed in these agendas and other relative subjects as well as first-hand accounts of how Te Pukenga is currently playing out in the tertiary education sector. Refer to the letter from the minister of education here: NZIST-Letter-of-Expectations.pdf - spelling out what is expected from Te Pukenga. It’s not about improving services; it’s about handing control over to Iwi and that’s exactly what I am witnessing and also what we have been told by Te Pukenga spokes people - they have told us repeatedly that Te Pukenga’s sole purpose is to benefit Māori.

My name is not John Franklin, it’s a pseudonym as revealing my name will get me sacked from my job in the tertiary education sector as the supremacist takeover is well under way there under the Te Pukenga umbrella which has recently been given complete control of all the polytechnics in NZ. They have a saying on campus, “either get in the waka or leave” and staff have been actively hounded till they quit for speaking against the recent changes and live in fear their natural aversion to this racist agenda will be discovered. We are talking about salary freezes, deliberate overloading, public belittling, attacks from HR Pitbull’s and other forms of harassment - and the staff turnover of non-Māori is growing. It’s a horrible environment for non-Māori and there is almost an atmosphere of revenge about it – you’re white, the colonialists were white, so you are them and now it is your turn to feel the humiliation of being controlled and marginalised. Like most Kiwis I have no link to the greedy companies who caused all the angst 200 years ago; the elite Māori supremacists pushing this racist agenda have more in common with them that I ever will.

Do not be naive and trust that if successful these Māori supremacist will be benign rulers and better stewards of our assets because that’s not learning from the world’s countless examples of what people do when they get control of other races. Based on what I am currently seeing, they already aren’t benign, and it will get much worse.

On campus everything Māori is being rammed down our throats with increasingly rigor. I am not Māori but as a Kiwi I should have the right to be myself, I don’t want to be forced to become a white Māori at the threat of persecution. Imagine the uproar if this was about gender inequality or sexual preference or institutional discrimination against a coloured person, are they the only groups that have rights?

Nearly every day we are forced to pray to Māori gods via Karakias regardless of our faith or lack of it and there are many more similar examples that I will share on another day, but it is shocking to think that in this day and age, that this clear bias to a racially defined group is being driven by the government.

To know that your job will cease as soon as the powers that be find a browner replacement for you, and that you have a tangible glass ceiling almost touching your head just because you’re not Māori is disturbing.

To be 100% clear, I do not like racists or haters of any kind and have no doubt that racists come in every colour and form including my own but its equally wrong no matter who does it. I am sure many good hardworking Māori, of who I know many, will find this racist agenda pushed by a few Māori supremacist as disturbing as I do, and I hope they stand up and demand that all Kiwi’s move forward as equals. Obviously most non-Māori will be feeling diminished and under racial attack, if not now, they soon will be when they get the first-hand experience as I have.

Instead of this racist agenda, we need to address any special needs of New Zealanders on a need’s basis rather than a race basis and work to complete the treaty grievance process so we can all move ahead as “One People” as was the stated intent of the Treaty. The Treaty grievance process must have an end, as a process without an end goal cannot by its very nature be successful. This agenda has already stopped the Treaty grievance process and it has probably set it back decades as already. Māori activists are now publicly stating that the Treaty process will never end which is not acting in good faith. Iwi have already received assets and other financial compensations worth billions of dollars for what the crown did or allowed to happen 200 years ago. I’m happy to say that Iwi are now amongst the wealthiest groups in NZ, and maybe instead of pushing a racist agenda at the expense of innocent New Zealanders, they should focus on completing the grievance process and sharing some of that money with their whanau.

So, I am an average Kiwi, doing an average job who has witnessed these racist policies first hand in my workplace and then with a bit of research found some credible reporting on this subject and shockingly learnt that its part of a concealed agenda from this government in cahoots with Māori supremacists. It’s hard to fathom how this could have gone under my radar for so long, but it did, which is testament to the level of deceit from this government and the uselessness of the mainstream media - and probably to my blind faith that this type of racist agenda could never happen in this enlightened age.

Despite my ordinary status, I have decided to try to do whatever I can before it wrecks my country, as just like Māori, I am a New Zealander and I have no other home to call my own. What this foolish government is doing with the elitist Māori supremacists who are either driven by greed or revenge or just want a magical unwinding of time is destructive, and neatly summed up again by Tremain.

As a wise man once said. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”.

John Franklin - a person who can only do a little.


Anna Mouse said...

Thank you for the insightful summation of what a number of reasoned thinkers can see.

This is a clusterf__k of social engineering and one does not have to look far to see it is action.

Visit any public/government website and it is writ large with the overthrow of english as the used language.

When 98% of the population do not speak or use Te Reo one can only see that it is indeed a coup d'etat.

Keep up your brave fight back.

Doug Longmire said...

Thank you, John for a very comprehensive, clearly written and extremely accurate article !!
Like you I have watched the apartheid, racist, iwi elite destruction of our democracy with mounting concern. As I am recently retired, I am a spectator to this, but I fully understand your situation, where you are in the very epicenter of this racist takeover and you would be personally attacked if you were identified.
I used to find it amazing that many of my acquaintances are blithely unaware of this situation, or somehow dismiss it as being alt-right conspiracy theory.
I say "No. Look around you. It is happening right now".
The reason for this ignorance is mainly due to the mainstream media having been purchased by the government for $105million and a condition of that payment is that the media support the apartheid policies of the government. Basically mainstream media is now quite blatantly the propaganda wing of the government.
Like you, I see enormous social upheavals from this racist, separatist policy. It can and will lead to racial resentment, and the breakdown of our society, which is the very opposite of what the Treaty was intended for.
I look forward to your future blogs and I fully support your stand.

Max Ritchie said...

This column should be made available to every New Zealander. Let’s start with every MP.

Anonymous said...

Dear John, I applaud everything you have written.
Please consider a career in politics, perhaps start a new party.
I would be with you every step of the way and by the way, I am part Maori.

Terry Morrissey said...

What we need is a real investigative journalist like Ian Wishart to delve into these things and shine a little light. Naming and shaming a few of the offenders no matter their position. Unless they are made to face their culpabilty they will continue to offend and be offensive.
It is obvious that the same things are happening in pretty much every government ministry. You only need to take the speaker of the House as an example of a bully in a prominent position.
All of this sort of thing is what the media should report but because of the governments corrupt PIJF they wont have a bar of it.
Give them as much hell as you can John.

Doug Longmire said...

I recall working as a pharmacist a few years ago, and the Pharmacy Council in it's woke wisdom, decided to form a "Maori Pharmacist's Association"
At that stage there were about 10 practising Maori pharmacists out of a total of several thousand in New Zealand.
I was chatting with a fellow pharmacist about this and she, Raju, raised the question - "Why not have an Indian pharmacist's association? Or Chinese? Or Korean? Or South African? Because there are literally hundreds of these working as pharmacists."
It was a light hearted joke, but the point made was that there are many many different "ethnic groups" working in pharmacy and why single out the lowest minority?
The answer we all concluded is that "Maori" are being given priority as special people.
Reverse apartheid in action.

Dave M said...

Bravo. I applaud your clarity bravery and honesty and trust that the publication of your views does not endanger your livelihood. I have friends in the public service, where I worked myself for 50 years who are now required to learn waists and karikia as part of their performance review process. I am saddened that they make light of it but comply in fear of the type of negative repercussions you describe. It annoys me that opposition politicians who are well aware of what is going on, always stop short of speaking out about the overriding Maori dominance aspect of the policies that will affect all New Zealanders. This government must go. Unfortunately, what they have allowed to happen will take a long time to dismantle and I fear that things will get worse before they ever get better.
Best of luck to you, John. I look forward to your future insights,

Joseph said...

A great article John, and I look forward to your future thoughts on this important topic. Red Cindy shed crocodile tears over the Christchurch massacre, but is creating the possibility of a far greater risk of terrorist attacks on our Maori brothers. I too have friends employed in the public service, who inform me of the nonsense experienced regularly with karakia's and cultural learning. I get pressure from my wife when I tell my grandchildren to question the history they are now being taught and tell them to request the history books written by Maori prior to the arrival of Captain Cook.
The great tragedy of this movement by "Maori Elite" is that it is not supported by many who have some Maori in their DNA. They can see the potential outcome of these policies, which can only destroy the ability to live in harmony in a multicultural society. Mugabe must be happily spinning in his grave that his handbook is being so religiously followed here in good ole NZ by the woke brigade.
I agree with you, John, that if people need assistance, then it should be provided on the basis of need, not ethnicity.
I look forward to further posts, keep up the good work.

GRUNTER said...

Probably the most well-written blog on the topic I've read to date. I agree 100% with what you have stated.

I encourage all readers to bombard this very racist Govt with our genuine concerns. Email them constantly with new evidence of what I see as 'progressive neo-racism'. It can not go unchecked.

Also worth pushing National on why they haven't yet come out and stated that they will NOT form a Govt with the racist and un-democratic Maori Party. Only ACT have done that so far.

Lesley Stephenson said...

Thank you for publishing your experience. I hear the same from teachers I know and people who work in TV.
Tribal leaders and govt. always use the racist argument for changing our existing systems and yet they
are introducing systems that are designed to be racist at their core but they think that's good. So they are only against racism when it suits them.

Paul S said...

I Know people training in early childhood education, and one of the first things they must do is learn the Maori Language ??
Paul S

Anonymous said...

"It’s a horrible environment for non-Māori and there is almost an atmosphere of revenge about it – you’re white, the colonialists were white, so you are them and now it is your turn to feel the humiliation of being controlled and marginalised."

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, as Commie race-monger Frantz Fanon, reminds us: "The Native is an oppressed [sic] person whose constant dream is to become the persecutor."

Here we have it in a nutshell,

What is often called "the Treaty Grievance Industry" could be better-described as "the Treaty Grudge Industry."

People who are way less than half-Maori, but because the Maori phenotype predominates as a determinant of appearance, are shut out of 'whiteness' by how they look.

We are back under the house again aged four, boobing our little hearts out when we realised the brown wouldn't scrub off our skin.

And what does the 'hurt child' do?

It punishes.

These people are seeking utu from the majority culture for being brown in a white man's world.

There is no reason for public policy to validate someone's adjustment issues.

Be as 'Maori' as you like, but do it in your own time and on your own dime.

If your kin group accepts you as 'Maori' that's a private matter for those concerned.

But once you start aggressively thrusting that self-identity into the public square, demanding political and financial patronage far in excess of your actual market value as productive human beings, that's when everyone else acquires an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to tell you who THEY'RE prepared to accept as 'Maori.'

Most of us operate on the assumption that 51% of the shares are required for a controlling interest in the company. Less that half-Maori, you are NOT 'Maori.'

Regardless of how brown your skin, you are actually a Pakeha with a touch of the tar brush. An indigenous pretender.

This should be pointed out loudly and often.

"People tend to emphasise the colour of their skin when the content of their character is singularly lacking" -- Peter Hemmingson

Racism is often conflated by the Left with simple prejudice, which it is not.

"Racism occurs when a group of people with an ethnocentric membership base creates or colonises a system to afford themselves separate, different, or superior rights on the basis of group membership" -- Peter Hemmingson

Robert Arthur said...

Maori act en bloc, not in the interests of NZ as a whole but in the interest of maori. So with so many in the Labour caucus a push for race based maori favouring legislation is inevitable. But not all the Caucus is trace maori, and some are intelligent. Are they, like near all the rest of the population, totally cowered by the threat of the racist accusation and associated cancellation? Are there none with higher principles?