Saturday, March 12, 2022

Clive Bibby: A betrayal of the worst kind

A key item of last night's TVNews put this whole horrible Ukrainian atrocity in perspective. 

It was the first time that the main protagonists have been shown in their true colours - one, the brave Ukrainians desperately calling for meaningful help from those supposed allies who have the capacity to give it in all its forms; the fair weather friends (Biden and his NATO mates) who could change the course of this war in an instant but steadfastly refuse to do so; and of course the aggressor Putin who has calculated that his plans for victory, based on his powerful opponents unwillingness to engage, will prove to be correct.

It is a sad commentary showing just how accurate Trump’s assessment of The Modern NATO really was. He is quoted some years ago saying that, in its current form, it was “obsolete”.

At the time of making that statement, he had just finished giving the NATO heads a towelling up for their craven lip service to their responsibilities as members of what was once a significant deterrent against everything the Soviets could throw at them - including nuclear weapons.

Trump admonished the leadership for failing to meet their basic obligations to the defence of Europe against a foreign threat. He bluntly told them that the days when The US could be expected to accept these freeloaders was over and they had to pay their fair share.

This direct approach was met with the expected grumbling and a reluctant acceptance that this US President did what he said he would do. The alliance returned to being fully funded.

However, this current war has proved that the real commitment of member states to the defence of Europe remains somewhat conditional - the only difference to the Pre Trump era being that the Americans are proving to be just as unreliable as all the rest.

It is clear that they have no stomach for a fight especially if it might involve an opportunity to stare down this madman when they think he is at his most vulnerable.

They talk tough about inflicting pain on the aggressor trough sanctions as if it were something that might bring him to his senses.

Sooner or later the West will have to realise that the only way the bloodshed will stop is if they are prepared to seriously negotiate about the things that Putin is concerned about. They had the chance to do that and we are witnessing a horror story as a result of their refusal to entertain the idea.

So, if their plan is to stick it out hoping the Russians will finally get bored and simply go away, they can expect to see more of the same until the whole of Ukraine is annexed.

President Zelenskyy himself said it all last night while going through his shopping list of requests for meaningful assistance that had been turned down by those who are his last hope - a request for the imposition of a no fly zone; the request to allow Poland to provide its squadrons of fighter jets that the Ukrainians can fly; both things he needs more than anything. It is clear that the javelins and other ground missile defence systems are effective but they are simply not enough on their own.

He finished by saying that in a real sense, the NATO allies have done “nothing” - preferring instead to look on from the sidelines while the innocents die in their thousands.

It could have and should have been so much different.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.

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Terry Morrissey said...

Come on Clive. The Ardern cult have sent $2 million(@44 million population =4.5 cents each)that should fix everything.
Sorry. Plus given a disgustingly hypocritical speech at the corrupt satanic UN.