Sunday, March 6, 2022

Henry Armstrong: Democracy? What Democracy? Who Is The Biggest Hypocrite Of Them All?

The Western world has been quick to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine, one of the former “buffer” states of Russia under the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), and claimed to be historically, culturally and spiritually part of Russia.

I too condemn any invasion of a sovereign territory by a stronger power using (in this instance) military force. Most of the current generation of New Zealanders have no understanding or experience of wars, be they big or small. That is a blessing. But there are still many of us who have experienced the trauma, devastation, loss of life and futility of armed conflict - and it is very unpleasant indeed.

Major international conflicts usually involve multiple countries. But most 21st century conflicts involve either very few or are internal conflicts where local dissidents, unreceptive or angry about their particular government’s policies and mandates, decide enough is enough and commence protests, demonstrations, insurrection and ultimately, armed insurgency. Many civil wars follow this process of escalation.

Look around the world today and you will find armed conflicts of varying degrees of intensity occurring in most continents, ranging from terrorist attacks through military domination and occupation, to outright heavy warfare.

Do these ring a bell? Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Timor, Solomon Islands, Myanmar, Yemen, Kuwait, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Palestine, Syria, Algeria, Oman? There are heaps of others, all destinations where New Zealand Defence Force personnel have deployed since WWII.

So where is this article going?

In one direction only, and that is that people go to war willingly for reasons which they believe are so important that they will sacrifice their own lives to achieve a result. But, they have to be convinced in the first instance that a) the cause is just and reasonable, or, b) they accept orders to participate by their respective governments, with dire consequences if they desist.

In the “Western” world in the 20th and 21st centuries, the major reason for going to war has been the defence of “democracy” - you know, one person, one vote, majority rules? Freedom of speech and expression? Basic human rights? Freedom from oppression, authoritarianism and political bullying? Yes?


Not any more.  Majoritarian democracy and it’s defence as described above, is no longer acceptable in most “western” countries such as New Zealand, where one’s political identity - gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, etc - is far more important than the wishes or intentions of the majority. New Zealand adopted a fringe type of “democracy” from Germany in 1993. It is called Mixed Member Proportional or MMP.

This type of political representation is an affront to the traditional concept of democracy and prescribes two utterly non-democratic principles:

- 50% of all Parliamentary candidates are appointed by their political parties, and are not voted for by their electorate. The electorate has no knowledge of nor input regarding 50% of our MPs!

- A tiny minority of ultra-focused parties, if they attract just 5% of the popular vote(not 95%), can exercise  a political balance of power when there is a rough equivalent between two major parties.

To ensure differences between people are emphasised and recognised, rather than similarities, ie “we are all one people” or, in New Zealand’s case, “we are a team of five million”, political structures, policies and systems have been changed to encourage and promote representation of all manner of minorities, so that minorities now dominate our political landscape. Those of us who have foolishly believed in the basic rights and freedoms of majoritarian democracy have been totally sidelined and misled or conned by a government which has consigned democratic principles to the (s)crapheap - just like Putin.

In Putin’s case, according to Professor Robert Patman of Otago University, the invasion of Ukraine has three motives - the annexation of a country which identifies ethnically, culturally and spiritually as “Russian”; the re-establishment of a former USSR “buffer” state between Russia and an aggressive NATO Alliance whose nuclear missiles ring Russia’s western borders; and strengthening Putin’s authoritarian regime at home, by distracting the Russian public’s attention elsewhere - in this case Ukraine.

Notice any similarity here between Putin’s Russia and 21st century New Zealand under Ardern? No? Then let me illustrate some similarities for you:

- We must re-identify New Zealand  culturally, ethnically and spiritually as a Maori country which is based upon the Te Ao Maori “world view” and which embraces Tapu, Mana and Makutu; where the use of Te Reo Maori must be accorded parity of useage with English and other (Pacific) languages (but excluding Asian languages of course) ; where indigenous “knowledge” has parity with world science; and where political power (co-governance) is to be shared between the Maori minority (16% of the population) and the remaining 84% consisting of over 120 various cultures and ethnicities. And of course the name of our country is to change too - to Aotearoa.  We are officially “bicultural”, that is, only two official cultures! How democratic is that?

- The new New Zealand must ascribe to the requirements of the United Nations Charter regarding Indigenous Peoples (even though Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand, having migrated from Eastern Polynesia in the 13th century) and the acceptance of refugees, regardless of their political orientation and past history.

- The introduction of a raft of racist and neo-Marxist policies (set out below), which the Ardern regime is actively promoting with NO consultation or involvement of the New Zealand public

In an erudite post in Breaking Views 27th February, entitled “Coming Apart”, former MP and law expert Barry Brill  lists these racist and Marxist policies which the Ardern government of New Zealand is busily implementing, whilst the country’s attention is focused on other (external) major issues - Covid19 and climate change, just like Putin focusing the Russian public’s attention on Ukraine.

They include:

- The acceptance of new residents but the subsequent deportation of their disabled children, even after living in New Zealand for more than eight years, paying taxes and contributing to the country. How discriminatory is that?

- Fundamental constitutional change (He Puapua and Matike Mai Aotearoa) leading to co-governance of a race-based state, but being discussed only with Maori. No public discussion.

- A separate, race-based health system for Maori, with the right of veto over HealthNZ for Non-Maori, including the disestablishment of all New Zealand District health boards. No public discussion.

- Government seizure under Three Waters Reform of all water resources and assets currently owned by local authorities, such resources to be co-governed by four Maori/non-Maori “entities”. Maori claim ownership of ALL water in New Zealand. No public discussion.

- Tribal takeover of the Conservation estate; Hauraki Gulf Marine Park; and much of New Zealand’s seabed and foreshore. No public discussion.

- The undemocratic appointment of unelected and unaccountable Maori  to local and regional authorities, along with every government body. NO discussion or consultation with the New Zealand public

- The acceptance of illegal roadblocks by northern iwi during the Covid pandemic.No legal action taken.

- The multi-million dollar government funding of criminal gangs (which dominate the illicit drugs trade and engage in revolting practices including female slavery) ostensibly to “encourage” gang-dominated communities and towns to get vaccinated

- The implementation of rigid vaccination mandates accompanied by the vilification and outright condemnation of anyone who is not vaccinated - excepting of course, Maori, who still have the lowest vaccination rates in New Zealand.” “No jab, no job” was the phrase repeatedly used by Prime Minister Ardern during the pandemic. (Note: A High Court ruling 1st March has overturned the vaccination mandate for unvaccinated Police and Defence Force personnel). No public discussion.

In this case, substantial protests are currently taking place throughout New Zealand, with Ardern government ministers calling the protesters “Rivers of Filth”.

- Total reform of Local Government arrangements - with NO public discussion or input.

- The illegal and disgraceful government seizure at the border of privately-sourced and bought RAT kits owned by business organisations to protect their staff.

- The reorganisation of the Government Department for Children (CYFS) into an entirely Maori-operated public service, Oranga Tamariki.(Some 30-40% of at risk children are non-Maori).This includes the removal of Maori children happily placed and settled with non-Maori foster parents. No public discussion

- The centralisation of all regional Polytechnics into one co-governed entity. No public discussion.

- The introduction of an ideological version of New Zealand’s history to be taught in schools which will focus on local oral tribal histories and  which omits entire sections of New Zealand’s history: the deforestation of most lowland forests; the Musket Wars of the 1830s; the invasion of the Chatham Islands resulting in the genocide and enslavement of the Moriori people; multiple massacres, many sickening, by the Maori terrorist Te Kooti, ad nauseam. Over 5000 submissions made, resulting in NO CHANGES.

- The politicisation of New Zealand’s universities including compulsory inverse acculturation of staff and the inclusion of Te Ao Maori world views including spirituality into most academic courses. No public discussion.

- The almost complete politicisation of the mainstream media in New Zealand, bought by a $55 million government provided “Public Interest Journalism Fund”. No discussion.

- Police surveillance of journalists and media commentators who dare to write highly-provocative articles critical of the Ardern government

- The continual use of untruthful and dishonest claims regarding the Treaty of Waitangi being a “partnership” between the Crown and Maori, despite a host of legal and constitutional experts rejecting such claims. Public discussion is over-ridden by these “argumenta ad nauseam”.

Ardern is about to embark upon a world tour, including delivering the graduating address at Harvard University promoting “democracy” and New Zealand’s commitment to it.

We all know Putin is a deranged communist dictator who must be contained. I wonder if the world press will even bother to look into Ardern’s claims that “we are a team of five million” and “I govern for all New Zealanders” and “we are all in this together” when she is heading, according to Christopher Luxon, Opposition Leader, “..the most divisive government in recent memory”.

Now, who do YOU think is the biggest and most dangerous hypocrite?

Henry Armstrong is retired, follows politics, and writes. 


gjsharpe57 said...

Time to drop MMP and move to Supplementary Member system with 80 electorate and 40 list MPs. This would drastically reduce the influence of small parties and better allow majoritorian Parliament to function.

Ross said...

Great article Henry and brilliant summary of what has happened.

Totally agree with you gjsharp57. I have always been a strong advocate of SM. The change required is not great --just changing how the party vote is used to divvy up the seats. The system restores the importance of Electorate seats which MMP has removed.

Denis McCarthy said...

Great article Henry and a lot of food for thought.
While MMP has its critics it does provide a more democratic dimension than FPP. Older readers may remember that Social Credit and the New Zealand Party achieved high voter support in some elections but in the case of NZP received no seats in Parliament.
If only the good old politicians would choose men and women of proven character and competence to accept a Party List seat.
I am thinking of experts in health, economics and education and other areas who are not your usual politician but would take on the job for three years only as a form of community service.
In any case surely the crux of the problems you outline is the brutal reality that we elect politicians to govern and then we have no ability to control them.
Tough luck for us when they try to impose policies and programs which were not mentioned in the election campaign.
Yes, we can protest but how much good does that do? Those who have the power are jolly well going to use it.
I suggest that there are two ways to change the situation if only the citizens have the gumption to bring them about.
1. Minimize central control and give power back to the local provinces and communities.
2. Bring in Swiss Style Direct Democracy which allows citizens under certain conditions to block government legislation and to initiate binding referenda.
As I write Ukrainian citizens are fighting and dying to protect their democracy. Are New Zealand citizens prepared to make the necessary effort to force political reform and to achieve a nation which governs for all of its people with the consent of at least most of them. Or is it all just too hard for the so called team of five million?

Terry Morrissey said...

I dont have too much problem with MMP. I just wish people would stop voting for complete idiots like the greens and the labour cult. All they achieve is disruption, fearmongering, control, corruption and more poverty.
We must have change to introduce Binding Citizens Initiated Referrenda to put the brakes on authoritarian governments like the present bunch of incompetents.Or a system for recall where the voters can call for a new election or dismiss elected politicians by referrenda. Even a Governor General with the courage to intervene on behalf of the Sovereign when the government is dismantling democracy would be a help. Maybe Governors General should be selected by the people to avoid political toadies being installed. Maybe they should be given more wide ranging powers to dismiss incompetent governments.